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Best Cruelty-Free Men’s Skincare Brands

Best Cruelty-Free Men's Skincare Brands

Best Cruelty-Free Men’s Skincare Brands

I often get asked what are the best cruelty-free men’s skincare brands. Today I’m sharing the best men’s skincare brands on Amazon. I do feel the need to point out that skincare is unisex in my opinion. What I mean by that is that it’s for everyone, can be used by anyone and you’re better off choosing products based off your skin type (normal, dry, oily, or combo) than your gender. However, I also understand that some men don’t feel comfortable using products that are clearly branded for women, so here are the top 10 best cruelty-free men’s skincare brands on Amazon. All of the brands are cruelty-free and some are vegan or have vegan offerings.

Top 10 Best Cruelty-Free Men’s Skincare Brands

Best Cruelty-Free Men's Skincare Brands

My husband Ray is a big fan of BRÖÖ, Every Man Jack, and PC4Men by Paula’s Choice. I’ve featured BRÖÖ a ton on the blog (see all BRÖÖ articles) and Ray even helped me with our BRÖÖ review. You can find the BRÖÖ Color Craze line in all 3 bathrooms in our home as Ray, Dave & I all use it and love it. We’ve been addicted to BRÖÖ products for the past 2 years.

Ray also helped me with our PC4Men by Paula’s Choice review. He still uses the PC4Men SPF 30 daily and has since we first tried the product in 2014. Ray is very much of the mindset that if it works well, stick with it.

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I hope you find my Best Cruelty-Free Men’s Skincare Brands on Amazon shopping guide helpful!

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  • My husband has used both Jack Black and PC4Men. I was sad that Kiehl’s didn’t make the list.

  • I’ve tried BRÖÖ shampoo and liked it. My guy used to care about skincare but now he says it’s “trendy” and won’t use anything. It drives me up a wall. I keep trying to convince him that taking care of your skin is not a fashion trend. Wish me luck finally getting through to him..,

  • I’ve tried to get my husband into skincare but he just won’t do it. I hate the shampoo he uses since I think it’s so drying but nothing I say matters. He will use SPF but not on a daily basis.

  • Got any tips to get sun-loving husbands who hate “skin goop” to wear sunscreen daily? :/

    • Sit the bottle by the sink so he puts it on after he gets out of the shower. My husband is the one who got me to start wearing SPF daily at 20!

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