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Jagua Temporary Tattoos

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos Have you ever wanted henna tattoos? I always wanted to try one. When I was recently on my Key West Vacation with…

Melt Space Queen, Saucebox Meadow and Lime Crime Dragon eyeshadows

Melt Space Queen Look

Melt Space Queen Look I wanted to share this Melt Space Queen Look with you months ago. I’d filmed a cruelty-free makeup tutorial video…

The View from the Lookout Tower at the Shipwreck Museum

Key West Vacation

Key West Vacation Recently I took an impromptu Key West Vacation with my parents and had an amazing time. We drove down from Tampa…

Rainbow Poodle Tattoo

Rainbow Poodle Tattoo

Rainbow Poodle Tattoo On Valentine’s Day this year I finally got my rainbow poodle tattoo. I’ve been planning a watercolor poodle tattoo for years…


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