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Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

I get asked all the time about my home and decor, so today I’m taking the opportunity to share my modern romantic gothic bedroom with you! I know that my master bedroom started to feel like my sanctuary when I painted it a light grey with blue-violet undertone, so never underestimate the power of paint to change your mood or room and make it better! It will come as no surprise to any of you who know me well that most of my bedroom was put together with the power of Amazon Prime and Etsy.

Everything purchased by me.

You’ll love my how to shop goth at department stores video! I share what elements I look for when shopping, plus the best places to shop on a budget!

Gothic Tufted King Bed

Gothic Tufted King Bed

Dave & I designed my bed and then found Harris Mark Home on Etsy to bring the bed to life. I picked out every detail of the bed from the purple duochrome fabric to the AB gems in the tufted headboard, foot board and side rails. Susie can bring any design you have in mind to life. She makes gorgeous modern romantic gothic furniture. I highly recommend her. I had my bed made in 2015 and in 2019 it’s still going strong. It’s an extremely well-made piece of furniture and I love it. It’s the statement piece of my bedroom.

I just recently bought the Sin in Linen Elysian Fields Purple Sheet Set because I thought the pattern might make for a nice accent against my bed. This pattern is really the epitome of a modern romantic gothic bedroom! I tend to only use tonal (purple on purple or black on black) in my bedroom so nothing competes with the bed, which is the focal point. The purple Elysian Fields design looks great with the other items on my bed. These Elysian Fields Purple sheets are only 300 count cotton, and not soft enough for me to use as sheets.

If you love the Elysian Fields pattern, it was originally a wallpaper! You can still buy the Elysian Fields wallpaper pattern in a variety of colors.

The CaliTime Moon & Stars Throw Pillow case in Deep Purple is a tonal purple design and I love it. However, it’s available in like 10 different colors, including black, red, grey and teal, just to name a few. Obviously I love the purple the best.

I bought my Deflated Mouse Galaxy Bat Pillow on etsy. I love the unique touch of whimsy it adds to the room.

Sin in Linen Elysian Fields Purple Sheets

The sheets I use on my bed are actually the Purple King Size Bed Sheets in Purple. I bought 2 sets so I can always have one on the bed while I wash the other set. These are the softest sheets I’ve ever owned. They’re also incredibly durable. I haven’t snagged them with my claws yet!

I just bought a new mattress for my bed because my old mattress was 10+ years old and ready to go. I bought the Purple All-New Purple Mattress King Size in Medium 3. It’s soft enough for Ray but firm enough for me. It’s also comfortable for Dave. Every bed in our home is a Purple. We love them and highly recommend them.

I switched from a Chezmoi Micromink Sherpa Reversible Black King Blanket (winter comforter) to a lightweight summer blanket for our bed. This is the Bedsure Purple King Size Blanket. It’s so soft and lightweight that it’s perfect for us at night. I loved how it felt so much that I bought a matching purple throw!

‎Jasmine Becket-Griffith Art

Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

‎Jasmine Becket-Griffith Art

I had to share this photo because of the crazy expression I caught on Nyx’s face.

Art is very personal, so you should embrace what you love. I love Jasmine Becket-Griffith art! I have two pieces above my bed and they’re my favorites from her.

One is Loup-Garou: Blanche Neige, or as I call her, Werewolf Snow White. The other is Sweet Dreamers, which makes me think of Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat, about to feed her head. Ray says both of these pieces of art remind him of me. And I keep saying one day, maybe, I’ll cosplay as Werewolf Snow White, my alter ego. I had my pieces of art framed at Michael’s, and I always choose that dark grey frame.

I’d love to add more of Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s art to my home. And I will!

Modern Romantic Gothic Nightstands & Lamps

Gothic Night Stand and Lamp

I bought two of the Giclee Modern Gloss Black Base Table Lamps and then found Stacy Garcia Posh Lavender Giclee Pattern lamp shades (discontinued_ to coordinate with the bed. I can’t find the lamp shade anymore, but this luxe light purple lamp shade is one I would buy! It has rhinestone accents that would work with my bed.

I wanted tufted bejeweled nightstands and ottoman to match my bed, but not take away from it. I LOVE my Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Nightstands, as they’re perfect! They don’t hold a ton, but I use the bottom drawer to  hold toys, while the top drawer holds medication and notebooks. I have a photo of me, Ray and Dave on my nightstand, along with my current favorite perfume, Kilian’s Princess.

Modern Gothic Chandelier Light & Ceiling Fan

Modern Gothic Chandelier Light & Ceiling Fan

I installed this Parrot Uncle Modern Crystal Chandelier Fan in my bedroom because I wanted a fancier fan and better bedroom lighting. The fan blades are retractable, so it normally looks like a gorgeous crystal chandelier light. The lights are super bright LED lights, which is what I wanted.

Modern Gothic Bedroom


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How cute is this? I finally got the silver curtains hung behind my bed and put the cute handmade bats I picked up at @dragoncon onto the curtain rod. Love it so much! I also got my triple moon shelves hung on the wall, which are so cool. Swipe right to see more. Love it? Let me know! . . shop this room at . . #ihavethisthingforbats #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #PhyrrasFault #GothicBlogger #lipstickismyvice #gothvibes #ModernGoth #GothBabe #StreetGoth #NuGoth #gothwitch #gothfashion #gothicbeauty #WitchyFashion #WitchesOfInstagram #WitchyStyle #GothicStyle #InstaGoth #LifestyleBlogger #kvdlook #TampaMakeup #TampaBlogger #TampaBayBlogger #FloridaBlogger #gothichomemaking

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If a custom bed like the one I designed isn’t in your budget, I highly recommend the Meridian Velvet Tufted Bed. I bought this bed in black for my office, so you see it just about every time I film a video. It was extremely easy to put together and looks great. I have a black Queen with the original Purple mattress on it. The bed frame also comes in Grey, Navy, Green, and Cream. In retrospect I wish I had purchased the grey since it would be easier to film with, but the black looks crisp and gorgeous in person.

I did switch my comforter from the one  you see in the photo to this Comfort Spaces Grey Fur comforter. It’s a gorgeous grey on grey damask print. I adore the hell out of that Sourpuss Bat Pillow.

I have super cute triple moon shelving on the wall in this room. In addition to that, I have a moon goddess word art print, and anAs I Will it, So Mote it Be art print. In the guest bathroom attached to the room I have a Be the Light art print on the wall. It makes me think of my Grandma. In fact, I bought it because of her. She always loved to tell me to be the light and then sing, This Little Light of Mine.

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Gothic Tufted Floor Mirror

Tufted Floor Mirror

I love my Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Floor Mirror so much! I do wish it was twice as wide as it is, though. It’s across the room from my nightstand and it’s what I use to share my outfits of the day on my Instagram Stories.

I’m wearing my Unique Vintage Retro Style Brown Cheetah Print Crepe Front Tie Blouse (seems to be discontinued, similar style) with Wit & Wisdom Black Skinny Ponte Pants (discontinued, similar style), Skechers Cali Wedge Sandals, Open the Cellar Door Telum Choker, Open the Cellar Door Rhiannon Earrings, Enso Mermaid Rings, La Femme En Noir Batwing Sunglasses, and my Christian Louboutin Maroon Large Loubette handbag (purchased secondhand from The Real Real.)

Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual

Hooded Eyes Makeup Inspiration

In case you’ve been living under a rock for a while (I have plenty of friends who hermit from time to time), I published a book in December 2018! It’s the Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual. If you’re looking for a book to explain what hooded eyes are, how to flatter them, a brush guide, tips, tricks and tutorials, this is it! You’ll see real, unfiltered photos from looks on me as well as two of my friends who modeled for me.

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Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

Modern Gothic Bedroom

I found the Kings Brand Black Tufted Storage Bench, which matches my nightstands and looks great flanking my bed. Since I know this will get asked, yes we do have a tv in the bedroom. It’s across from the bed and a flat screen. I keep my sheets and some extra blankets in the storage ottoman.

And yes, that’s an outdoor fireplace. Our new home has an outdoor fireplace, which we’ve used exactly 3 times. It’s too hot in Florida to use a fireplace inside most of the time. Take a tour of my home!

The only thing I’m not fond of in our bedroom are the light violet purple blackout curtains I chose. While they do make the room brighter, I will probably switch them out. I need to find longer length curtains, because 72″ isn’t long enough. They probably need to be another 4 or 5 inches longer. Ideally I’d also like to find a star or moon tonal print.

I also have a love hate relationship with our bamboo floors. I love that they’re bamboo, I hate that they’re so yellow. Yellow is one of the colors that I like the least. I’d rather have grey wood floors. Bamboo also scratches easily from the dogs nails, which I don’t like at all. I need to replace the flooring with some sort of grey looking wood or tile.

Modern Romantic Gothic Design Elements

The elements I look for when putting together my modern romantic gothic bedrooms are:

  • tufted furniture
  • AB gemstones or rhinestones
  • black fabric
  • purple fabric
  • Moons, stars, bats

Now, these are all things that make me happy. If these gothic design elements don’t speak to you, you can always go a more classic route with skulls.

I also highly recommend checking out my friend Aurelio Voltaire’s Gothic Homemaking show! He shows you how to make so many different and cool unique items to use to decorate your home. I’m seriously thinking of asking him for ideas on how to make my front living room cooler. I have a huge decorator niche and no idea what to fill it with. Ray and Dave and I decided on a gothic speakeasy front living room since it will then flow into the dining room and bar. I can’t wait until we have that room figured out and I can show the finished room to you!

I hope you enjoy seeing inside my modern romantic gothic bedroom! What do you do to your bedroom to make it your sanctuary?

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  • So I know this post is super old but I was recently googling gothic bedrooms and in the images I immediately recognized your bed! I read this entire page again like it was new lol… really love this room and I love what it looks like now as well!

  • I am currently redecorating our bedroom and going for a purple and black “goth elegance”. Your decorative skills are giving me a lot of inspiration.

  • Right now my bedroom is rather utilitarian though we’ve tried to separate the space since my husband uses it since he works from home. I figure once we buy a house we’ll decorate it to suit our styles

  • You have followed your dreams to make the perfect room for your esthetic. It’s easy to see how much thought and love you put into this purple paradise. Gorgeous!

  • Your purple and black bed really is a marvel! I enjoyed seeing the rest of the room that we don’t usually get to see

    • Ray is definitely more old school goth than I am! He’s happy that the 3 of us can decide on decor that suits us all. I went very romantic goth with the bedroom.

  • That Chandelier is bobm!! And the paintings….I think Jen has some from the same artist!

  • I love that you had your bed custom made! What a great way to make you room truly yours! I still have to decide how I want to do my room at the new house.

  • A very elegant bedroom! I was going to say I really liked your chandelier and then I got to part about it also was a fan……….. Have never saw any thing like it.. love love

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