Cordelia Frost

Hi, I’m Cordelia! I love talking about bright and colorful alternative indie beauty, gothic fashion, mental health and lifestyle. You’ll see lots of indie beauty, hooded eye makeup tutorials, gothic fashion and alternative lifestyle on my blog and YouTube @Phyrra. My 3 main series for 2023 are – Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorials, Oracle Card Inspired Makeup, Duping the Vibes & Indie Brand Reviews.

I have very fair skin and my best foundation matches are in neutral to muted cool yellow shades. My skin concerns are dryness, sensitivity, rosacea and anti-aging. My eyes are blue-green and I always dye my hair in rainbow hues.

Nyx and Amaya are my two awesome standard poodles. Nyx is black, and Amaya is the parti-poodle (white and brown). I drove 2100 miles to rescue Amaya. I’m located in Tampa, Florida.

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When I write a sponsored article or shoot a sponsored video, I’m receiving payment for the work and time I put into testing the product, writing the article, editing the content, and the time spent cultivating an audience over the past 15+ years. I am NOT receiving payment for a favorable review. I always share my honest thoughts and experiences.

I do not work on commission only. Do not contact me about commission-only opportunities. I do not push sales on my audience. I focus on raising brand awareness for the brands I believe in. A person needs to see a brand mentioned a minimum of 7 times before they will see make a purchase. If you contact me about a commission-only ‘partnership’ I will now mark your message as spam.

I always disclose per USA FTC guidelines. I do not offer text links that are against Google’s Terms of Service.

If you want to advertise on or my other platforms, please email me at ask.phyrra [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss. is run exclusively by me. There is no team. It’s a one-woman show.

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I only allow guest posts from people I know on a personal level. This means you need to use my name when you contact me, the topics I’m comfortable talking about on my blog, and how your guest post will add value for my audience. If you have a collaboration idea, please email Cordelia (me) at ask.phyrra [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss.

My review rules

  • I don’t guarantee a specific time frame for a review unless it is a sponsored post. It could be 3 days or 3 months; I work full-time outside of my blog & I prioritize what pays my bills. I can’t pay my electricity bill with samples or exposure.
  • If you’re contacting me about beauty, it must be cruelty free. This means not tested on animals anywhere in the world. See my cruelty free list.
  • Not every sample that I receive will be featured. I only accept things I think I will like, but if I don’t like something, I probably will not feature it.
  • I always share my honest opinions and experiences with a product. I try to find positive and negative things to say about every review. My audience trusts me and expects this.

You can read more in my FTC Disclosure page.

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  • I started blogging in May 2008.
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