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Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review #alternativefashion #gothicstyle #witchy
Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

Today I’m sharing my Amazon Prime Wardrobe review with you. For those of you who don’t know, Amazon Prime Wardrobe just officially launched to all Amazon Prime Members a few days ago. It’s really cool! Yes, it’s a free service if you already have an Amazon Prime Membership.

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How Amazon Prime Wardrobe Works

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

You pick out up to 8 different clothing items to try on. Amazon ships you the box in a few days (it doesn’t come in 2 days). Once the box arrives, you have 7 days to try on everything and decide what to keep or send back.

Open the box that Amazon sends you carefully! It has a tab to allow you to reseal it to send back the items that you don’t want.

Dansko Sophie Slides in Black Drizzle Size 39

I ordered a bunch of black sandals in different sizes. I typically wear 7.5 to 8 depending on the shoes. Out of all the shoes I ordered I only liked how one pair fit me. So I boxed everything else up to send back.

I kept my Dansko Sophie Slide in Black Drizzle Suede size 39. I picked these out because it looks like a black on black spiderweb pattern.

Prepaid label

Amazon makes sure to include a pre-paid shipping label for mailing back what you don’t want in the same box that it arrived in.



How Amazon Prime Wardrobe Works

Once you decide what you’re going to keep and you’ve mailed off the items you’re sending back, you need to log onto Amazon’s site and choose which items to keep or send back, then click on Complete Purchase.


Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review


After you’ve completed purchase, when you check your order history you’ll see that a return has been started for the rejected items.

Then you just need to drop the box at a UPS location to mail back.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

My first time using Amazon Prime Wardrobe was fantastic. I was able to quickly try on and compare the different shoes, decide if I liked any of them, and then send back the rest.

I buy a LOT of staple clothing items on Amazon, so I can see myself using Amazon Prime Wardrobe again. It’s so easy to use.

If you’re someone who is nervous about shopping online, I think you’ll love Amazon Prime Wardrobe. You can literally try it before you buy it for 7 days, then return it. There’s no hidden fees. Amazon makes it easy to do. I highly recommend this service!

I just wish Amazon Prime Wardrobe was offered for all the clothing items on the site. PattyBoutik is one of the brands that I shop the most for black tops on Amazon. I buy CowCow Dresses there, too.  I recently found Rekucci, who makes the best fit and flare skirt ever! I have one in Burgundy, Black and Deep Plum.

Will you be giving Amazon Prime Wardrobe a try?

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  • Amazon has been in the news for closing people’s accounts (even Prime) for what they consider “excessive” returns. Nobody knows how many returns are needed to trigger it — some customers say less than 10% of total purchases was enough to do it for them. I really worry that this kind of service will end up triggering that sort of thing. I generally won’t buy clothing on Amazon b/c of the likelihood of returns for fit. The news about them freezing people out for making returns pretty much killed any purchasing of items for me that need to fit correctly.

    • Yeah I’ve seen those articles. I think specifically Prime Wardrobe will help with that issue because these shouldn’t be flagged as returns. They’re a ‘try before you buy’ thing.

      I order SO MUCH on amazon every week, but I rarely return things, so I’ve never had an issue.

      I’ve had a few orders just not show up, which sucks.

  • Thanks Courtney, we’ve had Amazon Prime forever, I’m excited to try this Yay!!

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