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11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon

11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon

What’s the Best Makeup Organizer?

People always want to know what’s the best makeup organizer for their collection. I’m sharing the 11 best makeup organizers that I’ve found on Amazon. This is how I organize my makeup.

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11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon

Lipstick Storage Towers

1. Zahra Spinning Lipstick Tower
The Zahra Spinning Lipstick Tower is a wonderful makeup organizer. It holds 81 lipsticks of normal sizes. You can stick oddly shaped ones in the top. I love this so much!

Gothic Black Tree Wall Mount Nail Polish Organizer

2. Tree Silhouette Nail Polish Rack Holder
I have two Tree Silhouette Nail Polish Racks. They’re a great way to make use of a small space and help with organizing your nail polish.

Ikea Alex 9 Drawer

3. Ikea Alex 9 Drawer
The Ikea Alex 9 Drawer is perfect for organizing a very large makeup collection. I have two of these.

Ikea Alex Vanity Desk

4. Ikea Alex Vanity / Desk
I put together an Ikea Alex Vanity with two 5-drawer units for the legs of the desk.

 InterDesign 3 Drawer Makeup Organizer

5. InterDesign 3 Drawer Makeup Organizer
I have several of these clear 3 Drawer items as they are an excellent makeup organizer for my indie lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer

6. Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer
The Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer is perfect for storing my Colour Pop collection. You could also use it for indie eyeshadows. It’s the most affordable acrylic makeup storage option I’ve found to date.

Jerrybox 360 Degree Makeup Organizer

7. Jerrybox 360 Degree Makeup Organizer
The Jerrybox 360 Degree Makeup Organizer is perfect for holding a ton of skincare, makeup brushes, nail polish and perfumes. Plus it comes in 4 different designs. I think I need one of these for my bathroom!

Songmics Black Makeup Organizer

8. Songmics Black Makeup Organizer
I swear everything looks better in black. The Songmics Black Makeup Organizer can be used for makeup or jewelry. I keep thinking I need to pick it up to put on top of my dresser in my master bedroom for jewelry organization.

10 Drawer Organizer

9. 10 Drawer Organizer
When I was first starting with makeup I picked up 3 of these 10 Drawer Organizers to organize my makeup. I’ve given 2 away and I’m down to just 1 because I vastly prefer my Ikea Alex for storage. This is more budget friendly than the Ikea Alex.

3 Slot Brush Holder

10. 3 Slot Brush Holder
These 3 Slot Makeup Brush Holders are sleek and black and cost a fraction of what I paid for my black coffin brush holders. See my brush holders.

Purple Letter Sorter

11. Purple Letter Sorter
If I didn’t already have my black coffin makeup palette organizer, I would absolutely buy this awesome purple letter sorter for makeup organization. It’s available in black, dark teal, hot pink, green and white.

11 Best Makeup Organizers to Buy on Amazon - Looking for the best way to organize your makeup? I share how I organize my makeup, the best storage solutions and include affordable options for all budgets!

What’s your current favorite makeup organizer?

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  • I love your table with organization! I’m so jealous! The master bathroom I have to use has a counter about 26″ wide, *including the sink*, so I can barely fit my Sonicare on the edge. I need to use a train case, so I can balance it over the sink and then put it away. :/ (and I need a new train case…)

  • The Jerrybox 360 caddy looks like a great storage unit. It has better use of space than the oft-recommended kitchen tool spinner. How did you find it? I wouldn’t get it though, as visually exposing the products would drive me bonkers. I prefer to keep my bathroom counter clear. All my girly stuff goes in a small drawer and most of my skin care hides in the medicine cabinet.

    • I went searching for lazy susan / spinning organizers. I actually think it would be best inside a bathroom cabinet, not exposed. I like things hidden as opposed to out.

  • I have the 3 drawer InterDEsign organizer. I love it !! It fits all my makeup + all my skin care. I wish I had enough makeup to fill up a lipstick tower though! Those look so nice on display !!

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