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Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon

Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon

Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon

Amazon is probably the number one place to shop on the internet these days. If you’re like me, you’re an Amazon Prime member and taking advantage of 2-day shipping as often as possible. Today I’m sharing the highly-requested cruelty-free beauty brands on Amazon list with you. It’s important to note that Amazon adds and removes brands daily, so there may be more cruelty-free brands than the ones listed here. For my most up to date cruelty-free list visit my cruelty-free makeup brands list.

Now, it’s critical when you’re shopping on Amazon to check who is selling you the items. Look for the items being sold directly by the brand so that you are getting legit items and not counterfeit products. Amazon is also a big place for diversion (selling of unauthorized beauty products), so it’s important to be a savvy shopper. I use FakeSpot when shopping on Amazon to help me determine if I should purchase a product or not. Also, branded shopping pages are something that Amazon has created to help you determine if there’s a brand storefront.

Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon List

Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon List

There are 534 Cruelty-free Beauty Brands on Amazon on this list when this article was first created on May 4, 2019. Amazon is adding new brands daily, so I’m sure there will be more options available soon. But think about it. Over 500 brands are already cruelty-free on Amazon! That’s amazing!

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  • Holy cow! So much information here! Thank you for all the hard work and time you put in for us!

  • Thank you! My stars! This is an incredibly extensive list and I am excited by how easy it is to shop CF on Amazon!

  • Thank you for compiling this list. It must have taken forever!

    I like lists like this as a way to discover new to me brands.

  • Thanks for that list! I am so hesitant about ANY brand for any thing honestly. Its great that some love it tho! Makes things easy and usually less expensive. I’ve just had to many flop orders, or order coming with empty product. Ugh!

  • Whoa, that is quite a list! I have to admit I worry about the authenticity of some of the more expensive brands when it comes to shopping on Amazon.

    • That’s one of the reasons that Amazon’s Luxury Beauty section is great – it’s items sold directly by the brands. I always check to see who is selling the item (as I mentioned above) to determine whether or not they’re safe to buy from.

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