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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Ulta

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Ulta

You guys asked for it, so here it is! My Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Ulta Beauty shopping guide. As you probably know, I really love Ulta’s reward system for shopping. You get actual cash back for the points you earn, which you can save up to spend at Ulta. What I really like about Ulta (in addition to their great rewards program) is that they offer you items for every budget -- from drugstore to prestige.

Last Updated: Oct. 7, 2016

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Ulta

Why Aren't All Cruelty Free Makeup Brands Lists The Same? Plus Cruelty Free Fatigue @phyrra

I hope you find the Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Ulta beauty list helpful! You can easily access this list through the Phyrra app on your android or iphone device. Take it shopping with you! And don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest!

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  • This is a great resource– thank you so much!

    By the way, It Cosmetics was recently purchased by L’Oreal, so while they say they’re committed to remaining cruelty-free, their parent company is not.

  • Hello,

    Do you have any back up proof to show Ulta brand is cruelty free? I’ve been trying to search, but can’t find anything. Thanks!

    • Their FAQ basically has a cop out answer:

      At Soap & Glory, we absolutely do not test our formulations on animals, however we can’t say that each and every ingredient that goes into them has not, at some point historically, been cleared for human use, by animal testing. We hope this answers your question. If you need any more information about animal testing, we’d suggest you contact Colipa, the European Cosmetics Directive association, via

      Yes, at some point in time every single ingredient, INCLUDING WATER, was tested on animals. That doesn’t mean that brands need to be testing on animals now.

      I’ll try emailing to see if they check with their suppliers, but my guess is that they don’t check / don’t care.

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