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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Sephora

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Sephora

You asked for it! By reader request, here’s the Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Sephora. Brands that are in bold are brands that I have tried. There are a few Leaping Bunny Approved Makeup Brands on the list. I’ve annotated the ones that I know have a non-cruelty free parent company. I’ve also put what they’re primarily known for. You can always check out my personal cruelty free philosophy & full cruelty free brand list (updated weekly) too.

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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Sephora

Updated -- Feb. 5, 2017

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands at Sephora

The Easy Way to Go Cruelty Free

If you’re new to cruelty free beauty, be sure to watch my easy way to go cruelty free video!

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What are your favorite cruelty free beauty brands at Sephora?

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  • Thanks so much for this list! When was the last time you were in contact with devacurl about their cruelty free status? I am asking, because Tashina has the brand on her brands to avoid list. I love devacurl, and I am really hoping they’re cruelty free. Thanks again!

    • Belif is not cruelty-free. I asked them about their status and this is the answer they sent me: Hello, sorry we couldn’t respond to you. Regarding your question, in Canada we do not test on animals and our products are dermatological tested but we do sell in China so it is part of the country’s regulation to. We do plan on withdrawing our brand from China in the near future so if you don’t feel comfortable using our products now, we hope you reconsider us in the future. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

      • This list hasn’t been updated since Updated – Feb. 5, 2017, as stated in the post. However, if you check my Ultimate Cruelty Free list, you’ll see Belif is not cruelty free because they’re selling in China. That list was last updated April 25, 2018 and is my most accurate list because I always tell you when it was last updated.

  • I saw on the Thierry Mugler site that they do not test on animals, that’s definitely a great suggestion for a designer scent. My favorite perfume is Angel and my husbands favorite is Alien – so I was overjoyed to find they were one of the few cruelty free perfumes. Can anyone confirm this for me?

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for this article! How did you find out that Belif are CF? Just curious as I couldn’t find any info anywhere online.

    • Well I did some research on this too- belif doesn’t sell on China’s Sephora website so I think that’s where she came to her conclusion.

      • Hi! When I met Belif at Generation Beauty LA in 2016 they stated they were cruelty free and didn’t sell in China. I later reached out to their staff on Facebook, asking the same thing, and they gave me the same answer. When I checked Sephora China, I also didn’t see them on the Sephora China site. So I do think Belif is cruelty free. But you can try reaching out to their staff on Facebook or emailing them.

        • Thanks for all your research on this brand! It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure out if it was cruelty free. Thanks again!

    • Belif is not cruelty-free. Here is what they sent me when I asked: Hello, sorry we couldn’t respond to you. Regarding your question, in Canada we do not test on animals and our products are dermatological tested but we do sell in China so it is part of the country’s regulation to. We do plan on withdrawing our brand from China in the near future so if you don’t feel comfortable using our products now, we hope you reconsider us in the future. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

  • Heylo!!
    Have you had communication w/ Living Proof that confirms their CF status. They often reply – including when I emailed them – that they don’t “ask suppliers to test ingredients” which is very different than & says nothing re: assuring that they do not test. I wrote back & haven’t gotten a reply & see the same language used as an assurance that they are cruelty-free
    but it seems a bit sketchy to me? They are also listed as iffy on mybeautybunny & logical harmony, both sites which I know you also think highly of, so I’m wondering if you have received better/ more detailed info from Living Proof? Thanks so much for any add’l info you may have, & for all you do! You are VERY much appreciated!!!

    • Hi! Since it’s been a couple of years since I contacted Living Proof, I just sent them a new email with all of the questions that are on my contact page. I’ll let you know if they respond back 🙂

  • I am a little confused. On the list provided by you, some are marked as vegan, leaping bunny cf and some parent company not. THe ones which are not marked means do test on animals?

    • None of the brands on this list test on animals. The list tells you that all brands are cruelty free, some have a non-cruelty free parent company, and some are vegan and some are Leaping Bunny certified. All of the brands on this list are cruelty free.

  • SOOOOOO happy about Coola, I saw some of their SPF products-especially the spray that can over makeup to add on, extra coverage, and the others. Love love love Paula’s Choice, my regimen, I use Skin Balancing-the Gel(nightime moisturizer is great) but the SPF, it doesn’t wear wear under any makeup, same with the Hydralight, MURAD also has that Invisblur which is a clear/and blurs pores/doubles as a primer. And I wasn’t really into Ciate before, but they have a pretty palette out now, and I see that KORRES is on the Cruelty free list now, and it wasn’t before, nice-now I will check it out.

  • I decided to buy cruelty free makeup and household products a few months ago. There are many CF brands out there to choose from. Testing products on animals is senseless and completely unnecessary. It’s the least I can do for the fur babies. ❤️

  • I thought Herbavore was also cruelty free . I says on their web site . Am I wrong ?

    • Hi! If they were added to Sephora after I wrote this post, that’s the only reason they’re not on here. I will reach out to confirm that they’re cruelty free. Their FAQ says they are but they’re a little ambiguous.

  • Thanks for this list. I had an idea of the makeup companies that were cruellty free but didn’t really know the hair companies that were cruellty free. Thanks

  • I think L’Artisan is cruelty free, as well as Tocca. I think Etat L’ibre D’orange would cruelty free, because a lot of niche perfume brands are cruelty free.

  • Hi do you know what parent company of tarte that is not cruelty free? It doesn’t list it but I didn’t know that they were affiliated with any other brand.

  • I’m not sure if these are Canada only brands, but I’m pretty sure that Herbivore and Herborist are also CF. Also, Commodity perfume.

  • Oh wow, I’m honestly shocked that some of those are CF- I had no idea! Definitely happy to hear most brands I use are apparently cruelty free, that’s awesome.

  • a lot of my faves are on this list too! I love too faced, no tarte tho 🙁 UD is great. I will save this and definitely be going back to look at it more and more 🙂

  • This is amazing! All this time I had been avoiding smash box because I thought it wasn’t crueltyfree! I have dry skin and I always used Mac fix plus before… That primer water is calling my name! I appreciate the updated list! ?

  • So glad to see belif is CF! I’ve been wanting to try a couple things but wasn’t sure on their status. Glad you mentioned essence – their mascara in the orange tube is amazing!

  • Thank you so much for this list as it makes shopping for cruelty free brands much easier. I echo Rachel R.’s comment below and wish that their own house brand was CF as well.

  • Thank you for this list. I wish their house brand was CF, but at least they carry a lot of great stuff.

      • Luckily, I only own a few of them, and all but the gel concealer are dupeable. I usually go with my e.l.f. concealer, so at least the Sephora one I have will last me a long time. Concealers are a b*tch between trying to find a color match that also won’t oxidize or melt off my oily skin. I apply over primer and foundation, and set with powder, and most of them still won’t stick. Grrrrrr….

  • That list is such a great resource! I didn’t realize that Viseart was cruelty-free! I’ll be returning to check this, I’m sure.

    • Oh you will love Viseart, it’s the premium brand in France in the film/fashion industry, they know have these Theory palettes, and they are half the price of the full palettes, these travel easel palettes, day to night shades-3 palette options, 3 mattes, 3 shimmers. And their Matte neutral full palette is to die for. You can’t go wrong. Many on my lust list lol

  • Great list! Super helpful (even though my country doesn’t even have a Sephora, sob). But I’m surprised about Coola. I thought that suncare is required to be tested in the US, which is why Lush doesn’t sell their sunscreen powder there? Or has that law changed?

    • There are many companies, including Paula’s Choice and Supergoop, that offer products with SPF. They’re all cruelty free. I think what you mean is that it’s FDA mandated / regulated?

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