Every Homeowner Should Own These Basic Tools

Every Homeowner Should Own These Basic Tools

Every Homeowner Should Own These Basic Tools

Every homeowner should own these basic tools for home repair. Whether you just purchased your first home or you’ve been a homeowner for years, chances are you have a long list of home improvement projects you need to tackle. You know when I bought my new home that I had a HUGE list of fixes! Having the right tool on hand can make tackling that list a lot easier. This list of tools every homeowner should own will ensure you have the right equipment to take on basic household repair projects throughout your home.


Start your tool collection with the most basic tool every homeowner should have – a hammer. It’s actually a good idea to purchase two hammers for your home, one heavy and one lightweight. A big claw hammer is perfect for larger construction projects, while a small pin hammer is great for hammering smaller items like pins and tacks.

Screwdriver Set

If you have kids, you know the importance of a tiny screwdriver for replacing batteries on all their toys. You should opt for a larger set of screwdrivers to be sure you have the correct size and heads to tackle a variety of projects. This is definitely one of those basic tool sets that every homeowner should own.

Duct Tape

A roll of good, strong duct tape can come in handy for quick fixes around your house. It will stick to almost anything, making it the perfect option to repair a variety of household items. Duct tape is the glue that holds the universe together, I swear!


Pliers are a great option for a variety tasks around the house. Purchasing a set with a selection of types and sizes is a good idea because each type of pliers is designed for a particular job. Channel-lock pliers work on larger pipes, while small needle-nose pliers are good for crafting and home repairs in tight spaces. I’ve actually got a separate set for jewelry crafting.

Adjustable Wrenches

Whether you need to tighten a pipe or put together a swing set, chances are you’ll need an adjustable wrench at some point in your home. Choose a set with long and short handles – long handles help when you need a little extra leverage and short handles are great when working in tight spaces. These are such useful basic tools!


A lightweight, all-purpose hacksaw is a great everyday cutting tool for homeowners. This versatile tool can be used for cutting a variety of objects around the home, from plastic and metal pipes to brackets and bolts, and of course, wood. We’ve used it to cut down pipes and tree limbs.


Quite a few tools on this list would be useless without the corresponding hardware to go with them. It’s a good idea to keep a few different types of hardware on hand to ensure you have what you need when you start tackling a project. Keep a box filled with general purpose nails and screws, in addition to tacks, nuts, and bolts, as every homeowner should own these basic tools.

Tape Measure

Even if you’re not a DIY pro, a retractable tape measure is a must-have tool for homeowners. Use it measure your windows for blinds, to make sure your doorway is wide enough to move in that new refrigerator, or to hang that new piece of art you just purchased. I can’t tell you how many times we break out the tape measure when we’re trying to move a room around or when we’re looking at new furniture.

Power Drill and Bits

A battery-powered drill and driver is a great investment because it can be used for so many projects. This handy power tool also makes basic home repair tasks, like hanging a picture or repairing a piece of furniture, quick and simple. To ensure you can use this awesome tool with any project, make sure you also purchase a pack of drill bits with a wide selection of drive slotted, square-head, and Phillips-head drive bits, as well. Really, every homeowner should own these basic tools, even if you’re not handy. I’m not handy and I have them!


Whether you’re building a piece of furniture or simply hanging a picture, a level is a necessity for a homeowner. You can also try a Smart Level Phone App.

Utility Knife

A good, sharp utility knife could be a homeowner’s best friend. Whether you need to breakdown those Amazon boxes for recycling or just cut the top off that glue bottle, you’ll be happy you have one of these little tools in your home. I have a few of these utility knives.


Hope you never have to use this tool but keep a plunger on hand just in case you have a toilet issue. I’m pretty sure this is a no brainer, but just in case it’s not.

Extension Cord

Sometimes, a project you’re working on isn’t near an outlet. When you need power is an out-of-the-way space in your home, you’ll be happy you have an extension cord on hand. I’ve needed this countless times when I’ve been outside at my old home, trying to trim the tallest shrubs. It’s definitely one of those basic tools that every homeowner should own.

Stud Finder

Hanging items on your wall can be a gamble without the help of this trusty tool. Simply line up the stud finder with your wall to find the best place to hang your shelf or picture without causing damage to your dry wall. This was so useful when I hung a bunch of art a few weekends ago.


A step stool is a great choice for use on the interior of your home because it can help you get to the spots in your house that are just out of reach. For outdoor projects, opt for a larger ladder that can help you tackle tasks like cleaning your gutters or repairing siding. We love this step stool and it’s definitely something that every homeowner should own!

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Removing standing water from your home can be a big job, but the task can be accomplished a little easier with a wet/dry vacuum. In addition to cleaning up water, this great tool also offers more suction than a traditional vacuum, making it perfect for cleaning up saw dust and other construction-related messes. This has proven useful to me time and time over in our garage.

What tools do you think every homeowner should own?

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