13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs
13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Today I’ve got the 13 best Halloween costumes for dogs to share with you. You know I’m Halloween obsessed, so I had to do it! You can find all of these costumes on Amazon. If you’re a cat lover, you’ll want to check out my 13 best Halloween Costumes for Cats.


Dracula never looked so dashing as when played by your pup! This detailed Dracula costume will have him feeling like the classic vampire that he’s fantasized about.


Does your dog’s bark sound more like a ribbit? If so, he may be the perfect candidate for this awesome frog costume.



Arrg Matey! Dress your canine in this pirate outfit but don’t be surprised if he starts digging for buried treasure.


Giant Spider

Transform your canine into a giant plush and creepy spider.


Bat Costume

This 2-piece bat costume would look stunning on a black dog like Nyx, but equally amazing on any breed. I had a similar gargoyle costume for our pug Max.

Dog Skeleton Glow Bones Costume

Your pup will stand out in this spooky glow in the dark 2-piece skeleton bones costume. This is probably my favorite one of the bunch! It’s also one of the easiest costumes for a dog to wear, making it one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs.


Allow your pet to express their witchy side with this purple and black witch costume, complete with pointy hat and dress. I’ve had witch costumes for my cat Quasar and for Phaedra.

Iridescent Mermaid Costume

If your dog loves the water and loves to swim, she will love this iridescent mermaid costume! She will feel positively magical wearing it. I really want to get this for Phaedra!

Dinosaur Costume

Your dog will love this comfy fleece dinosaur costume, not only for Halloween, but for any cold-weather outdoor activity.

Pink Unicorn

Your pup will adore indulging in his secret fantasy of being a unicorn. This Pink Unicorn mane and horn one piece costume works well for dogs of any size – comes in 3 convenient sizes.



Complete with neck “bolts”, this Frankenstein costume will bring out the little monster in your pup!

Pixie / Fairy

Frilly dress, wings, and a headband complete this adorable pixie / fairy costume.


This adorable shark outfit will work well for Halloween as well as for staying comfy and warm during cold weather, making it one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs who live in colder climates.

What do you think of the 13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs on Amazon? Will you be dressing up your pets this year?


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