13 Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

13 Best Halloween Costumes For Cats13 Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

Today I’ve got the 13 best Halloween costumes for cats to share with you. You know I’m Halloween obsessed, so I had to do it! You can find all of these costumes on Amazon.

Kitty Mermaid

Let your cat delight in the glitz and glitter of a sparkling mermaid tail. Kitty of the sea, indeed.


Witch With Hat And Cloak

Bring out your cat’s witchy side with this classic black pointy hat and cloak witch’s costume.


Peacock Headdress and Cape

Help your kitty display more plumage than ever with this peacock headdress and cape with an extravagant fan of blue and green “feathers.”

Spider Collar

This adjustable spider collar will give off creepy vibes as your cat slinks around under the full moon.

Dinosaur Costume

Let your cat transform into one of its nine lives in this plush pink dinosaur costume.


The best thing about cats acting out their fantasy of being a vampire? They come with built in fangs.Just add this elegant cape and allow your kitty to transform into an elegant, if not aloof, Dracula.

Bat Wings

These black bat wings will look stunning on your cat; particularly striking when on a black cat.

Long Pink Hair Wig

Your kitty will be ready for any occasion with this awesome long-haired pink wig. Perfect on it’s own, or pair it with another outfit for a truly spectacular fashion statement.

Lion’s Mane

Transform your feline from house cat to king of the jungle with this awesome lion’s mane.

Yoda Headwear

Help your cat radiate his wisdom from another galaxy in these green Yoda ears.

Unicorn Headband

Transform your kitty into a unicorn with this non-toxic and easy to wear headband.



Lightweight shark costume for kitty is waterproof and doubles as a raincoat. Also suitable for small dogs.


Perfect for grumpy cats, this pirate outfit will really compliment his or her demeanor. Arrg!

The side eyes and shade thrown by these cats and their expressions is hilarious! When I still had Quasar (may she rest in peace), we dressed her up as a witch one year. She was extremely tolerant and wore it long enough for some cute photos.

What do you think of the 13 Best Halloween Costumes For Cats on Amazon? Will you be dressing up your pet this year?


  1. I really really want to dress my 20 lb black cat as a skunk. He would hate me though lmao

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