Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic

Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic

Hello beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing some multichrome eyeshadow magic with you.ย  For those of you who might be new here, duochromes and multichromes are my eyeshadow obsession! I love to make them the star of my makeup looks. They’re perfect for one and done makeup, too. If you’re looking for a single eyeshadow to make the most impact when wearing a mask, you need a multichrome!

In case it needs to be said, all of these were purchased by me. All opinions, as always, are my own.

The Indie Mood

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to the Indie Mood and everyone here who has supported me over the past 13 years. I was thrilled to Phyrra.net named as one of the two best beauty blogs of 2020, with the other blog being Temptalia. Please check out the Indie Mood’s 2020 awards and give them a follow on Instagram. They always share new indie releases and I follow them!

Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic Swatches

Below are my multichrome eyeshadow magic swatches. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as the base for swatches.

Duochrome eyeshadow swatches Multichrome eyeshadow swatches Multichrome swatches

  • Fyrinnae Northwest Night (v) – metallic navy blue with golden green to vivid turquoise shimmer
  • Fyr Flawless (v) – bright moss green shifts to kelly green to turquoise to sapphire to blue-violet and rainbow sparkle
  • Fyrinnae Prismatic Thunderstorm (v) – burgundy wine matte with lime green to blue to deep pink shimmer
  • Fyr Edge of Space (v) – striking sky blue sparkle on a deep blackberry hue base with hints of silver turns vivid magenta then coral-pink
  • Fyrinnae Osiris & Orion (v) – icy blue shimmer with hints of turquoise on a pale grey-blue sheer base tint, the shimmer turns violet, to pink, to golden, then light green
  • Fyr Idolize (v) – dark violet turns magenta to copper to gold to lime
  • Fyrinnae Alpenglow (v) – vivid cool pink with lime green to hot pink shimmer
  • Baby Bat Beauty Amulet (v) – multichrome that shifts from purple to blue to pink
  • BBB Lucid (v) – multichrome that shifts from purpley-pink to gold to green
  • Baby Bat Beauty Druid (v) – pressed glitter that shifts from green to blue to orange and red
  • Devinah Morphinae (dc) – metallic with blue, purple and red shifts
  • D Parthenos (dc) – metallic green with green and blue shifts
  • Devinah Paralucia (dc) – metallic peach neutral with green, gold and red shifts
  • D Menelaus (dc) – metallic with blue, green and purple shifts
  • JD Glow See Weed (v) – green multichrome that shifts to grass green, lime green, teal blue, and dark teal blue
  • Sydney Grace Chamellionaire (v) – green multichrome that shifts to hunter green to vibrant yellow gold to dark sky blue
  • Terra Moon Zero Gravity (v) – iridescent white with glowing violet blue purple and pink shift
  • TM Cinnamon Sugar (v)- champagne pink base with gold and green shift
  • Terra Moon Interstellar (v) – burgundy wine base with pink, blue and purple shimmer
  • Kristen Leigh Sorcery (v) – metallic cool toned brown with purple to pink to blue shift

V denotes vegan
DC denotes discontinued

See these swatches in action in my video on Instagram.

What to Pair with Multichromes

If you don’t want to use a duochrome or multichrome eyeshadow for a one and done eyeshadow look, I suggest using them with mattes. As a hooded eye gal, I have a lot of great mattes from my Viseart Editorial Brights, Cool Mattes 1 and Cool Mattes 2 palettes, as well as my Natasha Denona and Melt Cosmetics. Wondering if you have hooded eyes? Find out in myย Do I have hooded eyes feature.

Looking for help picking out mattes to go with your multichrome eyeshadows? See my Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette Review or my Lethal Cosmetics Makeup Haul.

Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic Inspiration

Craving more magic? See my eye swatches of Kristen Leigh Glimmer Gels, which can be layered on top of any eyeshadow to create duochrome and multichrome eyeshadow magic!

Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic Thoughts

Multichrome Eyeshadow Magic

The world of indie cosmetics got me addicted to multichrome eyeshadow magic. While I’ve given away most of my loose eyeshadow collection, I’ve held onto my pressed eyeshadows. I find pressed eyeshadow easier to store and travel with, not that I’ve done any traveling over the past year.

The most similar colors I own are the greens – See Weed, Chamellionaire, Flawless and Paralucia. My favorite from among all the greens is JD Glow See Weed, followed by Fyrinnae Flawless. These two have the best pigmentation and formula for my oily hooded eyelids.ย See my JD Glow Liquid Multichromes Review.

Menelaus and Sorcery are both very similar, as they have a cool-toned brown base with strong blue shift. Between the two I prefer the formula of Menelaus.

Prismatic Thunderstorm and Interstellar are very similar. Between the two I prefer the formula of Prismatic Thunderstorm, as I feel you see the color shift more intensely.

Cinnamon Sugar and Parthenos are my two favorite neutrals with a twist. I prefer Cinnamon Sugar between the two because it has this magical quality that makes my eyes look bigger when worn on the lid.

What do you think of multichrome eyeshadow magic? What’s your favorite type of eyeshadow to wear?