Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul

Hello beautiful people! Today’s blog post and video are on my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul. For those of you who don’t know, Lethal Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty-free and 100% vegan indie beauty brand. They’re located in Berlin, Germany. Lethal is a brand who responsibly buys their mica from child-labor free sources and under the supervision of independent auditors. Learn more about what makes an indie brand indie!

Where to Buy
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I do want to mention that Lethal Cosmetics ships fast, in my experience. They charged me $15 to ship via Fedex and it was here in 2 to 4 days. I was impressed by their shipping! And yes, everything purchased by me, all opinions are my own, as always.

Indie Makeup Haul Video

Watch the Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul on YouTube with Closed Captioning in English!

Lethal Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow Swatches

I swatched these eyeshadows for my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul on bare skin using my fingers. My skin tone is very fair neutral to cool yellow undertone. I find my best foundation matches are very fair neutrals or cool yellows. My best matches currently are Milk Makeup Flex Stick Foundation in Porcelain, Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in .1, Nyx Born to Glow Radiant Foundation in Pale, and Juvia’s Place Shade Stick in Tokyo.

Lethal Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows are $6 to $7 in price for .056 oz.

Eyeshadows are probably my favorite makeup product, despite being told that my hooded eyes are ugly and I should never wear eyeshadow. I ignore people who spout that kind of negativity these days. That’s why the majority of my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul is eyeshadow!

Do you have hooded eyes? Find out here!

Pinks and Purples

Lethal Cosmetics Purple Eyeshadow Swatches


  • Synth – lavender teal duochrome with blue reflections and glittery metallic finish
  • Enigma – fuchsia blue duochrome metallic
  • Mainframe – cranberry pink duochrome with blue reflections and glittery metallic finish
  • Rebirth – berry-mauve metallic
  • Spirit – ultra violet metallic with blue to purple shift
  • Stargaze – slate grey/blue duochrome with violet reflections and a glittery metallic finish
  • Nocturnal – charred wood matte

Out of this set, Spirit, Enigma, Synth, Mainframe and Nocturnal are my favorites.


  • Sequence – pastel lavender matte
  • Release – dusty lavender matte
  • Nightcall – purple matte
  • Unity – deep grape matte
  • Unearthed – beige with grey undertones matte
  • Calcination – beige with pink undertones matte
  • Numb – steel grey matte

My favorites from this set are Sequence, Nighcall, Unearthed and Numb.

Oranges and Reds

Lethal Cosmetics Peach and Red Eyeshadow Swatches


  • Celestial – Sheer white with green reflections and a pearlescent finish
  • Arsenic – sheer white with pink reflections and a pearlescent finish
  • Arcade – light peach/gold duochrome with green reflections and a glittery metallic finish
  • Echo – coral with pink highlights metallic
  • Remission – pastel peach matte
  • Quicksave – coral matte
  • Fahrenheit – the reddest vegan red
  • Frantic – oxblood matte

I love Celestial, Arsenic, Arcade, Remission, and Quicksave from this set.


Lethal Cosmetics Green Eyeshadow Swatches


  • Vertex – lime green metallic
  • Relapse – acid yellow matte
  • Void – spring green matte
  • Replica – lime green matte
  • Recluse – olive matte
  • Habitat – moss green matte
  • Eden – ivy green matte

Vertex, Relapse, Replica, Recluse, Habitat and Eden are my favorites from this set.


Lethal Cosmetics Teal Blue Eyeshadow Swatches

  • Nymph – ivory with silver highlights metallic
  • Lucid – emerald green gold duochrome with light green reflections and glittery metallic finish
  • Equilibrium – petrol blue metallic
  • Yonder – medium toned turquoise matte
  • Proxy – mint matte
  • Remedy – intense aqua blue matte
  • Petrichor – teal matte

Nymph, Lucid, Equilibrium, Proxy and Petrichor are my favorites in this grouping. Nymph is a million times prettier in person than I expected.

More Single Shadow Swatches

I swatched the below colors on Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. It’s my favorite eyeshadow primer and the perfect way to showcase my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul.

Lethal Single Eyeshadow Swatches

The top left orangey paw, from left to right Arsenic, Arcade, Remission, Quicksave, and the pad is Echo. The top right berry paw, from left to right is Farhenheit, Frantic, Unity, Nocturnal and the pad is Mainframe.

The next left shimmery purple paw, from left to right is Enigma, Rebirth, Spirit, Stargaze and the pad of the paw is Synth. The purple matte paw to the right is Sequence, Release, Unearthed, Calcination, and the pad is Nightcall.

The shimmery green paw on the left, from left to right is Relapse, Void, Replica, Recluse and Vertex for the pad. The light blue paw next to it is Yonder, Proxy, Remedy, Petrichor and the pad is Lucid.

The bottom left paw is Nymph, Habitat, Eden, and Numb, with Equilibirum for the pad. The bottom right paw is Nightcall with Arsenic on top, Unity with Arsenic on top, Frantic with Arsenic on top, and Frantic with Synth on top. The pad has Synth on top of Nightcall on the left and Unity on the right.

Lethal Cosmetics Velvet Dusk Palette Swatches

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul

Lethal Cosmetics Velvet Dusk Palette Swatches


  • Limbo – champagne with gold and copper reflects glittery metallic
  • Covet – copper red gold trichrome glittery metallic
  • Runaway – midtone olive green matte
  • Deceit – ink blue matte
  • Hollow – midtone neutral brown matte
  • Inertia – ultramarine green matte
  • Esteem – turmeric matte
  • Revolve – purple blue red trichrome glittery metallic
  • Lithium – metallic high-shine taupe
  • Cryptic – olive green gold duochrome metallic
  • Undone – midtone warm purple matte
  • Corrosion – deep brown with red undertones matte

I’m so glad I snagged the Velvet Dusk Palette as part of my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul. Deceit, Revolve, Covet, Limbo, Cryptic, Lithium, Undone, and Inertia are all shades I’m loving. I’ve used Deceit in a ton of looks as a great way to deepen teals and purples without using black. Love Deceit so much!

Lethal Cosmetics Blushes Swatches

Lethal Cosmetics Blushes Swatches


  • Scatter – icy lavender with blue highlights
  • Hybrid – lavender blush
  • Nectar – peach blush
  • Neophyte – honey yellow blush
  • Quartz – beige bronzer with cool undertones
  • Subzero – lilac high-shine gloss with blue green duochrome glitter lip gloss
  • Phase – deep berry matte gel liner

This section of my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul isn’t all Lethal Blushes, but it is mostly blushes. I also included the highlighter, bronzer, lip gloss and gel liner in this group.

Lethal has several great looking gel liner colors to choose from. On my wish list is Buffer (white matte), Redux (black matte), and Bitcrush (neon pink matte). Gel liners are $15.50.

I wanted to try their Flux highlighter, but it only comes in a premade palette called Boreal. I already own the blush shade Nectar in that palette, and I’m not sure the bronzer shade, Atlas, would work for me, as it looks like it could pull orange on very fair skin like mine. Highlighters are $18.50 each and the palette I mentioned is $37.

The Lethal Blushes are absolutely gorgeous and I love the ones I own. Sanguine (true red), Tendril (ginger), and Morphology (berry) are on my wish list. I really adore this blush formula as it’s very easy to blend out. Blushes are $14 each.

Quartz is a fantastic ‘bronzer’ for contouring thanks to its beautiful cool undertones. Bronzers are $14 each.

Makeup Inspiration

Here’s some makeup inspiration with products from my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul.

Monochromatic Purple Makeup Look

For the above look I used Lethal Cosmetics Sequence, Spirit, Synth, Deceit, and Scatter to create the look, along with Danessa Myricks Amour on the eyes. I used Lethal Scatter, Quartz, and Hybrid on my cheeks and Lethal Subzero on my lips. See the full details of this Monochromatic Purple Makeup Look. I will be shooting a tutorial on this eye look.

Smokey Eyes Purple

I used Lethal Quartz and Hybrid on my cheeks in this look. See the full details at Black Moon Cosmetics Urban Myth Tutorial.

Numb vs. Circadian

Lethal Numb vs. Circadian swatched on very fair skin

Here’s a quick swatch comparison of Lethal Numb vs. Lethal Circadian. Numb is described as steel grey matte. Circadian is a grey with blue undertone matte. Circadian is nearly the same as my wall color in my primary bedroom. I love greys with a blue-violet undertone.

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul Final Thoughts

Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul

I’m very impressed with everything I’ve picked up in my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul. Lethal is my pick for my favorite new brand of 2020. I’m so happy I gave them a try! If you’re looking for a new indie brand, I recommend Lethal Cosmetics. Don’t be put off by the fact that they’re outside of the USA. Their shipping time is lightning fast.

What do you think of my Lethal Cosmetics Indie Makeup Haul? Have you tried Lethal Cosmetics?


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