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Devinah Paralucia Tutorial

Devinah Paralucia Tutorial

Devinah Paralucia Tutorial

Hello fam! Today I’ve got another fun multichrome makeup Devinah Paralucia tutorial to share with you. This hooded eye makeup tutorial is with Huda Beauty Nude Light palette, Devinah Paralucia, and Seduced. This is basically a 3 eyeshadow look, though I do also use a skintone shade to blend out the edges. And yes, I use brown eyeshadow. Brown! Can you believe it? I can’t either, but the sort of peachy rosy undertones in this brown make it look amazing with Paralucia.

Devinah Paralucia Tutorial Video

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Generic Color Descriptions for Devinah Paralucia Tutorial

  • Nude Light 9 – brown with coral undertones matte
  • Nude Light 5 – creamy vanilla matte (skintone shade for my fair skin)
  • Paralucia – gold to green to copper to rose gold to red to bronze
  • Seduced – a perfect blend of dark brown with a red/gray undertone
  • Balm Springs – earthy rose blush
  • C.R.E.A.M.Lipstick – Neutral Pink Peach (the one I’m wearing most of the video)
  • Eternal Lipstick –  a blackened rose gold with hues of gold, pink, and baby purple reflective pearls for intense, multi-dimensional, and stunning shine

Multichrome Makeup Look

Devinah Paralucia Tutorial Duochrome Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Multichrome Makeup Look

Devinah Paralucia Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Multichrome Makeup Look Courtney is wearing Black Moon Eternal Liquid Lipstick Devinah Paralucia Tutorial Devinah Paralucia Tutorial Duochrome Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Danessa Myricks ColorFix in Nude 1 — lid and lower lid
Cozzette Beauty Essential Powder in C1
Huda Nude Light #9 & #5
Glam Goth Diamond Primer
Devinah Paralucia
Devinah Seduced
Makeup Revolution Pro Powder in Luminescence
Milani After Dark pencil
Milk Makeup Kush Lash primer
Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
Marc Jacobs In the Buff pencil
Lime Crime Smokey Brow Pen
Milk Cypher Brow Gel

Milk Hydro Grip Primer
Nudestix Tinted Cover 1 mixed with
Danessa Myricks Prism FX Hydrating Lotion
Life’s Entropy Contour Stick in Alpha
Nyx Sweet Cheeks Blush in So Taupe contour
TheBalm Balm Springs blush
Black Moon Centipede highlighter
Makeup Revolution Pro Powder in Luminescence

Black Moon Eternal Liquid Lipstick

Makeup Musings

I’m not really a neutrals kind of gal, nor am I into wearing browns, but when it comes to makeup duochromes really do it for me. Devinah Paralucia is such a stunning eyeshadow! I see it change from gold to red to green to rose gold to bronze to copper. It’s got so much going on, so complex!

Duochrome eyeshadows are easy to work with, in my humble opinion. You just pick one of the colors they shift to for your crease color and you’re good to go. It will look amazing! In my case I picked Huda Beauty Nude Light #9, a brown with earthy peachy rose undertones. I coordinated my blush to match that as closely as I could with theBalm Balm Springs blush. Black Moon Eternal lipstick coordinates beautifully with Paralucia and Balm Springs.

Overall, my Devinah Paralucia Tutorial gives me Earth Druid Vibes. Very fitting for me, as I like to joke I’m a swamp witch. I’ve lived near marsh or swamp land for the past 21 years.

While I used Devinah Seduced to deepen the outer corner of this look, you could easily skip that step if you didn’t like it. You could really make this just a two eyeshadow look by choosing a brown similar to the Huda Beauty #9 and Devinah Paralucia, and just use a skintone shade to blend out the edges. I honestly feel like this combo would be acceptable at some conservative offices. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that places are not as strict now as when I worked in a very conservative government office, but when I was there I had to put clear retainers in my facial piercings and could only wear subtle earth tone makeup, no makeup, or classic red lips.

The Huda Beauty Nude Light palette is truly suited to fair skin like mine. The soft peach and pink hues are very flattering, while the duochrome shimmery shades give nice pops of shine. I filmed a demo on all the eyeshadows so now I need to film a review of it for you.

What do you think of this sort of neutral duochrome look with Devinah Paralucia? Would you wear it?