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Vegan Beauty at The Makeup Show Orlando

Vegan Beauty at The Makeup Show Orlando

Vegan Beauty at The Makeup Show Orlando

Today I wanted to talk to you about the vegan beauty brands that you’ll find at the Makeup Show Orlando. You can absolutely put together a 100% vegan makeup artist kit from the brands attending the show this year. Everything from vegan makeup brushes to foundation will be available.

The Makeup Show Orlando 2017

The Makeup Show Orlando is Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19 from 9 am to 5pm at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive. For information on tickets visit the Makeup Show.

Kat Von D Beauty

As you know, I love Kat Von D Beauty. Their eyeshadow formula is killer for me. The Kat Von D brand is currently formulating all of their products to be vegan, which is amazing!

Whether you’re a makeup artist looking to create a vegan kit, or a makeup enthusiast wanting great products, Kat Von D doesn’t disappoint. The list of vegan products is long!

I do hope that Kat Von D considers getting Leaping Bunny certification. I’d be thrilled to see that happen. Find out how easy it is to get Leaping Bunny Certified.

Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools is a professional brush brand that makes anti-bacterial, eco-friendly vegan makeup brushes. They have pink, purple, green and yellow vegan brush sets. See my review of the Purple Sultry Eyes Set.


Blinc, whose name is inspired by the eyes, is the creator of tubing mascara. They have a ton of vegan products including the following:

  • Eyeshadow Primer – which I need to try! I’m still searching for the perfect vegan eyeshadow primer that can last on my oily, hooded eyelids.
  • Eyebrow Mousse – they have 9 shades available, including Auburn and Black
  • Mascara – which comes in purple, green, blue, medium brown, dark brown, and black. I love that they offer colored mascara!
  • Eyeliner
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner
  • Long Lash
  • Shadow Fusion Palette
  • Black Lash Primer
  • Mascara Amplified

I could never get the hang of applying tubing mascara, but I have a few friends who swear by it.

Blot Beauty

Blot Beauty is a new to me brand. Their Luxe Lips matte liquid lipstick line is vegan and comes in 15 different colors.


Graftobian is a professional makeup line with a ton of cool special FX makeup. They have vegan makeup brushes, which look really nice. They also make fantastic HD creme foundation. See my review.

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics

I learned about Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics at the Makeup Show NYC last year when I went with Brittany. I love their products. Their Matte Liquid Lipsticks are vegan. I featured Glamorous Chicks in my BOMB makeup challenge.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I was so disappointed to learn that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics wouldn’t be at the Makeup Show Orlando this year. However, Alcone will be carrying their line. They’re 100% vegan.

They have some of the best lip pencils that I’ve ever tried. Their RTW lipsticks are great. A little goes a long way. They’re easy to mix, which makes them ideal for a makeup artist kit. Their Loose Colour Concentrates are so pretty, too. See swatches of my Loose Colour Concentrates.

Gleam by Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills Hollywood is a professional line created by celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills. It’s cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, gluten free and 100% vegan. They’re even Leaping Bunny Certified! Gleam by Melanie Mills has a variety of products to help you get your glow on.

Bethany Townes Speaks About Vegan Beauty

Bethany Townes is the Educator for the Makeup Show. She wanted to share her insight into vegan beauty.

“Most people immediately think of the challenge of changing their diet or their wardrobe when they are taking those first steps into going vegan but actually makeup used to be one of the tougher things to transition. As of late there are so many amazing vegan products available in an array of options to everyone. It’s much easier to go vegan these days. (See my Easy Way to go Cruelty Free.)

Here are my two favorites:

I am a die hard fan of OCC Lip Tar/ Ready To Wear Liquid Lipstick which is 100% Vegan and Cruelty free and will be sold at the Alcone booth.

Vegan brushes are my new favs. With synthetic bristles and bamboo handles bdellium tools eco friendly set of brushes come in a variety of colors, without loosing any of the quality of a natural haired brush. These brushes are easily cleaned, hypoallergenic bristles and 100% cruelty free as well.”

James Vincent Speaks About Vegan Beauty

My favorite makeup artist James Vincent  shared some words of wisdom when it comes to a makeup artist’s kit. He talks about vegan makeup products from a makeup artist’s perspective.

“For the professional artist having an understanding of the ingredients that make up your makeup product and the personal preferences of your client is essential to providing great service. As an artist working with many high profile vegan clients including Joan Jett, Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone I have to always be aware of my clients comfort. I always work with cruelty free companies and will use an entirely vegan kit for my clients who live that lifestyle. Here are a few of my favorites and how I use them:

Melanie Mills Body Radiance – With just the right amount of gleam and glow this product is perfect under foundation for a natural glow, added on top of foundation for a touch of light and lift or on the legs and anywhere on the body for a beautiful skin perfection that looks like you just stepped off the red carpet. Try Rose Gold or the new Peach Deluxe shade for a look that is on trend and timeless

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – For adding in soft definition or dramatic shapes this liquid liner allows even the most amateur of makeup wearers to get the perfect line every time. Try it in bold black or some of the beautiful color shades to bring it beyond basic. I love Kat Von D for committing to never testing on animals and this year she announced as she received an award from Farm Sanctuary that she is in the process of bringing the brand completely vegan.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar – The original liquid lipstick Lip Tar took this brand to international fame but their commitment to vegan cosmetics has been in place since they first started. Lip Tar is a highly saturated cream product that is perfect for lip and cheek. My favorite look for spring 2017 is their true red NSFW or their soft coral in Grandma. Press onto the lips with your finger for a kiss of color and then add the extra to the apple of your cheek for an easy everyday look. For more drama use a brush to apply it to full coverage and watch everyone around you react to your perfect pout.”

What do you think of the selection of vegan beauty at the Makeup Show Orlando? Will you be attending?

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  • There’s a lot of great vegan companies this year! KvD’s Alchemist palette is at the top of my list due to your video… then OCC lip tars. Looking forward to trying some of the companies I haven’t before as well, like Blinc. <3

  • I hope you come to the LA show sometime that would be so fun!, I’m definitely planning on going to the next LA show which is Nov. 2017 -it would be fun for me to go to The Makeup Show in another city too!-if I had more time to plan I would have loved to get down to Orlando and meet up with you and some of the other ladies/bloggers I know, but timing wise it’s coming up soon and I didn’t plan(I would love to for 2018 though!). Since my little cousin/sis lives in Chicago it’s possible I might go to that one too if I don’t end up visiting her sooner-thanks for this great post and info-love James Vincent, from what you’ve said about him, and seeing him and his work he is so talented, humble, open hearted(I mentioned to him when I responded to one of his post that I knew you, and he said the sweetest things!) I’ve never been to a Makeup Show or to IMATS so it would be an amazing experience! I just did a look today with Kat Von D Shadows-I am absolutely in love with the MetalMatte palette every time I use it-really awesome that her line will be all vegan and that she has the support of Farm Sanctuary-I am experimenting with both liners(eye and lip) complexion, and lip in general- so do need to finally try her Lock it Creme Concealer and the Tattoo Liner in black and different shades! I’m also planning on trying her Brightening Powder. Great to hear about Melanie Mills! RE OCC too bad they will not be there-I’d like to try more of the RTW shades, I love them as well, and try more of the pencils and the loose color concentrates. I can’t wait for your post after you attend, what an experience to be able to meet artists and get inspired and see what brands will be releasing and much more. Q-do you think the KVD Brightening Powder would be a good one for setting under the eye, and are the KVD Metal Crush Shadows the same as the Metallics in the Metal Matte Palette(love those!) I didn’t get Pastel Goth because I feel like I have the cooler shades I love in MetalMatte.

  • KVD is great for vegan stuff! I wish there was any kind of make up convention near me… I mean, Cincinnati isn’t too far off the map!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to The Makeup Show. The last time I was at IMATS I spent so much money though and I know I’d go nuts over what they have at The Makeup Show.

    • It was straight up yellow on me, changed the color of eyeshadows, was not good for me but I know many people loved it!

  • I’d love to go to a makeup show, but alas rather dowdy Boston doesn’t have one, I don’t think. Wish I had gone when I lived in NYC. Bdellium brushes and Graftobian have been on my to try list for a while.

    • They’re only at a few key cities – NYC, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas and LA. I’ve gone to NYC and Orlando.

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