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How to Transition to Cruelty Free Beauty the Easy Way

How to Transition to Cruelty Free Beauty the Easy Way

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to transition to cruelty free beauty the easy way. I’ve got several tips to share with you in this video.

How to Transition to Cruelty Free Beauty the Easy Way

Resources for Cruelty Free Brands

PETA currently maintains a list of ingredients that come from animals that are often used in cosmetics. To quote the Beauty Brains, “There are few, if any, animal derived ingredients that don’t have some suitable, plant or synthetic replacement.” Because of this, I believe it’s possible to make beauty products without harming animals. Honey, milk and lanolin can be obtained without harming animals, though these ingredients make a product not suitable for vegans. To be clear, I am not vegan nor am I vegetarian.

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Some of my favorite cruelty free brands are Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Sugarpill, Too Faced, Paula’s Choice, Makeup Geek, Fyrinnae, Darling Girl, Silk Naturals and Cover FX. I’m always happy to help you find cruelty free dupes for you favorite non-cruelty free products!

Other Helpful Cruelty Free Lists

Make sure you check out my cruelty free MAC eyeshadow dupes!

What are your current top 5 favorite cruelty free brands?

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  • Hello!
    Thank you for mentioning cruelty-free make-up brands. Do you also try and use cruelty-free household products?

    • I do! I used to use Method, but I switched to Seventh Generation. I sometimes find it hard to find locally so I have to order it online from Amazon.

      • Do you find that the Seventh Generation products perform better? Also, are the scents as nice/not overpowering? (Typical cleaning products like Windex give me headaches and make it hard for me to breathe. Method products don’t bother me.)

        • I buy the unscented Seventh Generation from Amazon. Unfortunately, my Publix (grocery store) only seems to carry the nasty lavender stuff, which gives me a headache.

  • Thanks so much for this video! I decided to go cruelty free this year and was feeling guilty about products I already had. I definitely feel better about using them since I already have them and just being more conscious about what I purchase in the future!

  • Looking for Dior’s perfume duplicate ? Switched to cruelty free products recently and loving urban decay, essence , nyx so far.

    • Hey @PrincessAleka:disqus I just came back to this post because I was going to share it and I saw your comment. I know, it can be really hard in other countries. When I go to Lebanon to visit my family, and I need to get something or I run out like deodorant etc or if I wanted to buy beauty products, the selection is so limited there anyway and not cruelty free. What could help is if you go to the Leaping Bunny site. And you go to the International section, and it allows it to put in your country, and then you can find brands. So that part of the site is linked with Cruelty Free International. <3 But you can start by going just to Hope that helps!

  • Hey Courtney Thank You So Much for Caring About the Animals & for Sharing the Products that are Cruelty Free! I Try My Best to Always Wear Those Products and the Majority of My Beauty Products are Cruelty Free and Some I am Not Quite Sure About! Despite That Though, I Truly Am a Huge Animal Lover and It Makes Me Happy to See Someone that Shares that Passion! I Wish There Were More People Like You in the World! I am So Sensitive that I Can’t Even Watch the Commercials on TV About Animal Cruelty! I Mean I Know it Exists and I Want to Help Anyway I Can but I Can’t Stomach Looking at Something So Cruel! I Just Wish I Financial Had the Means to Make a Significant Difference b/c I Really Would; If Ever I Win the Lottery That Will Be One of the Very First Things I Do! I Truly Wish I Could Save Them All but I Did Save 3 b/c I Have 1 Dog and 2 Cats that are Rescues and They are My Life! Well Thanks Again My Love & Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  • This was so timely for me! I was really dismayed to find out recently that brands that were cruelty-free a decade ago are no longer. I’ve already started making lists of potential cruelty-free dupes for my favorite MAC lipsticks.

  • I’ve been transitioning over the past five-ish years. Definitely slow wins the race. Luckily there seems to have been an explosion of more cruelty free available, so it’s getting easier by the minute. I still have a few things… it’s mainly my Aquaphor lip balm and Loreal liquid liner. PS the PC mascara is pretty awesome! Easy to remove and zero clumps.

  • so helpful i recently went vegan after two years of being a vegetarian and i love makeup so much i defiantly needed the cruelty free options and help with transitioning! Problem is i can only really afford nyx

  • I’ve never really been a fan of MAC so takingi t out of my routine, hasn’t been difficult. Luckily there’s brands like Colour Pop and MUG to fill the void.

  • Being allergic to a lot of natural ingredients im having a hard time staying away from brands like Clinique and Avene. Its just a lot of plant extracts in everything. I am doing my best to find cruelty free products that i can acually put on my face so thanks thanks for sharing

    • You definitely need to check out Paula’s Choice skincare and Cover FX foundations. They’re great for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and rosacea.

    • I’m allergic to a lot of products too but after seeing Phyrra’s posts on Paula’s Choice I made the plunge. It is a bit overwhelming at first, they have a million products, but luckily they have samples of many, especially their basics like cleansers, moisturizers etc. I had been using CeraVe exclusively for years with many many failed attempts to switch to something cruelty free. My skin seems to hate 99% of products especially sunblock. I’m only two and a half weeks into PC but so far my skin is doing fantastic! I’ve been using their Skin Recovery line for sensitive skin with a few other add ins. Honestly my skin has never looked better. Phyrra, thank you thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing this list. I actually check it out before we get anything at Sephora for my teen!

  • Great video! I hated giving MAC up as well, but I definitely think it is worth it. I’m already mostly cruelty free (except for the stuff I still own that aren’t) but for someone who’s new to it this might make a great instructions-video! 🙂

  • I tend to wear very little makeup, but I am careful to choose cruelty free products. Thanks for the list, there are a bunch on here I haven’t tried yet.

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