Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review

Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review

Happy Saturday! Today I’m bringing you my Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I’ve got a very thorough review for you, with live swatches, indoor and outdoor lighting swatches, product value, sustainability, and more included in it! Plus, bonus swatches of most of my Lime Crime eyeshadow palettes included. I love cream eyeshadows because they are easy makeup for beginners and perfect for quick makeup looks.

Where to Buy

$14 for .04 oz

Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review Video

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Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Swatches

Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review  swatched on fair skin Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks Review swatches on pale skin

Swatches of the Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks from top to bottom.

  • XOXO – BFF
  • Whatever – Let’s Bounce
  • As If – Mega

Shade Descriptions:

  • Whatever – lavender matte
  • As If – berry matte
  • Let’s Bounce – metallic green
  • Mega – metallic yellow
  • XOXO – metallic champagne
  • BFF – light neutral brown matte

Bonus Swatches!

Lime Crime Cream Eyeshadow Sticks Review

I decided I really wanted the blue so added OMG to my Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks collection. Swatches from top to bottom:

  • Whatever
  • OMG
  • Let’s Bounce
  • Mega
  • XOXO
  • BFF
  • As If

OMG is a sky blue matte.

Why Lime Crime

I’ve had people ask, why do you review Lime Crime now? As someone who has been a content creator for 15 years, I was there in the beginning when Lime Crime was selling repackaged TKB pigments. I watched debacle after debacle with Xenia Vorotova, better known as Doe Deere. I also watched her make mature decisions to step off of the board of Lime Crime so that her seat would be given to someone for diversity. Once Xenia stepped away from the company, I felt comfortable enough to give them a try.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan beauty brand. They are not indie, but they started as indie. I’m not a fan of their velvetines liquid lipsticks, they’re too drying a formula for me. I did enjoy their plushies and plushie glows, I love their lip pencils, I love their lip toppers, and I love their bullet lipsticks. As far as their eyeshadow palettes go, I own and love their Venus XL, Venus XL 2, Venus 3, Greatest Hits, Venus Immortalis, Prelude Chroma, and Prelude Exposed. I also have their neon rainbow palette which is ok but not the best. I loved their liquid eyeshadows.

Sustainable Packaging

I want to talk about the packaging for a moment. Lime Crime has made moves to be more sustainable with their packaging. The Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks are made from 100% PCR plastic.

PCR plastic is recycled plastic that can be widely recycled and then reprocessed into a resin, used to create packaging and giving plastic another life. This reduces the amount of plastic waste. Lime Crime’s Soft Touch Lipsticks are also in 100% recyclable paper packaging and I love them. They have a great small form factor.

More companies in the beauty sphere need to focus on using PCR plastic and recyclable paper packaging. Other options for sustainable packaging include glass, aluminum, bamboo, and refillable packaging.

How to Use the Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks

There are several different ways you can use the Lime Crime Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks.

  • As a color eyeshadow base
  • To create graphic eyeliner looks
  • As a wash of color
  • Paired with multichromes

What I Love About the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks

Because of my love for most of the eye products I’ve tried from Lime Crime, I gave the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks a try. I purchased 7 of the 8 shades available. Lime Crime claims the eyeshadow sticks are: 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, long lasting wear, supercharged color, and smooth application.

The Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks formula is great! I always use with eyeshadow primer because I have oily hooded lids. The eyeshadow sticks excel as a colored base for makeup looks. I also recommend always using eyeshadow primer to get the best results possible when doing your makeup. The formula does have a very smooth application, whether you apply it with a brush or directly from the stick.

They claim ‘supercharged color’ and how I interpret that as is good color payoff. I find these pigmented, but because of their blendability, they have less pigmentation than a stiffer, harder to blend formula. I prefer their blendability over stiff, unblendable pigmentation.

As far as long wearing goes, they are very longwearing for me, with my oily hooded eyelids, on primer. That’s the way I wear ALL eyeshadow.

BFF is a goof proof light brown matte for me. It’s perfect for a no-makeup makeup type color.
XOXO is a subtle champagne shimmer shade that is also perfect for no-makeup makeup.

Mega and Let’s Bounce are gorgeous and bright, which is nice! I picked Mega, the yellow, because I thought it would be fun to incorporate into more blue and green looks. Let’s Bounce, the green, is a stunning base, especially when paired with multichromes.

Whatever and As If are both lovely colors, Whatever especially. But I’m into purples and berries with my skin tone and eye color.

What I Don’t Love

I don’t care for the built-in brush. I’d rather that be excluded and see a lower price or more product instead of the brush. I don’t love the limited shade range.

What I’d Like to See

I’d like to see some iridescent highlight shades added to the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks, like a sheer base with a blue violet shift, a sheer base with a gold shift, and sheer base with a green shift. I’d also love to see a deeper vibrant blue, purple, and red.

Product Value

At $14 for .04 oz of product, the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks are slightly under the .05 oz of product for your average eyeshadow. They’re not as inexpensive as some indie brands that are $4.95 for an eyeshadow single, but certainly less expensive than brands such as Urban Decay that are $21.95 for a single eyeshadow.

Final Thoughts

I feel the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks are worth their $14 price tag. I applaud Lime Crime for switching to more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and lowering their prices when other brands are gouging us.

What do you think of the Electric Slide Eyeshadow Sticks?

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  1. I made the same move you did, buying Lime Crime after Doe Deere left the company. I am a fan. I do love the Matte Velvetines, but I understand why you find them too drying. I have to try these shadows!

  2. I love the green! I’m trying not to buy a lot these days, but if I order from Lime Crime, it might be in there.

    1. So happy you love the green! I would definitely only purchase it if you have a need in your collection and it’s a fit for your budget!

      1. hello phyrra! could you recommend me purple eyeshaadows? i havent found one i like yet, theyre all super patchy!

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