Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette

Hey friends, today I’m sharing my Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette review, swatches and looks with you. It was love at first sight with this vegan eyeshadow palette. For those of you who don’t know, Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand. They are Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified cruelty-free. The Prelude Chroma eyeshadow palette is 100% vegan.

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Earlier this year, Xenia Vorotovoa (better known as Doe Deere) and her husband stepped down from their board of directors to offer those seats to BIPOC. Lime Crime has made a ton of mistakes since their beginning. However, Doe Deere has apologized for those mistakes and not repeated the same ones, unlike another very big makeup brand with the initials JS.

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette

5 Finishes:

  • Matte: Buttery-smooth and totally matte
  • Sheer Matte: Translucent matte
  • Metallic: Ultra-shiny shimmer
  • Foil: High def and ultra-reflective
  • Iridescent: Opalescent lid topper


  • Nymph (silvery copper – foil)
  • Eros (super gold – metallic)
  • Sea Foam (iridescent blue/green shift – iridescent)
  • Triumph (white silver gold – metallic)
  • Cyprus (royal purple – sheer matte)
  • Saturn (ocean blue – metallic)
  • Olympia (light beige nude – matte)
  • Genesis (deep turquoise – sheer matte)

Here’s what Lime Crime Has to Say About It

From gilded golds to stunning bluish-greens, this palette transforms your looks into glimmering and wild masterpieces as monumental as the waves she created. Revel in beautiful jewel tones that are deserving of high-tide attention with rich-gold Eros or deep-sea teal Genesis. Go deep in plum Cyprus or starry Triumph for a perfectly posh look. Brighten up eyes with copper Nymph and iridescent blue-green Sea Foam.

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Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette Swatches

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette swatches on light skin

Taken when the sky was overcast outside.

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette swatches on fair skin

Taken in indirect sunlight when it was cloudy outside.

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette swatches

Indoors in indirect sunlight by my window in my bedroom.

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette swatches on fair skin

Swatches from top to bottom

  • Sea Foam – Triumph
  • Saturn – Olympia
  • Genesis – Eros
  • Cyprus – Nymph

Taken outside in direct, overcast sunlight.

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette Review

I’m a fan of the Lime Crime eyeshadow formula ever since I fell in love with the Venus III Palette. While this palette contains 5 different finishes, I love the ‘sheer matte’ formula, which I find to be easy to build up and blend out, the best. I really like the metallics, foils, and iridescence as well. The regular matte formula is nice as well. I get all day wear on top of eyeshadow primer. Without primer, nothing lasts on my hooded eyes.

I love the color story for the Prelude Chroma palette so much! It’s teals, purple, and fun metals. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it. I love how easy it is to blend Genesis with with Cyprus to create a cool-toned purple.

Sea Foam and Triumph are nice inner corner highlights. They’re also great shades to layer at the center of the eye for more dimension since they are pretty duochromes. Nymph and Eros do a nice job of making my blue-green eyes pop.

Olympia is a great base shade when applied with a fluffy brush and good as an ‘eraser’ shade to blend out mistakes. I can also use it as a soft transition.

Saturn, Genesis and Cyprus are my favorite shades in the palette. The first two because they’re teal shades. The latter because it’s a purple, of course.

One thing that was not clear when I bought the Lime Crime Prelude Chroma palette was that Cyprus (the purple) says it is meant for the face only, not the eyes. I’ve used this purple on the eyes plenty, without any issues. However, if you have sensitive eyes, use at your discretion. I’m really sick of brands putting products meant for the face in eye palettes. This wasn’t noted anywhere I could see on the packaging or the palette when I bought it. I only found it by clicking on the ingredients list on Lime Crime’s website. I believe that brands should only put eye safe eyeshadows in eyeshadow palettes. I’m sick of brands not being transparent. See more in my Pressed Pigments is Code.

What do you think about the Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette? Would you wear these colors?

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  1. I love all of the shades and you paired them perfectly in your looks. I have yet to try them due to the controversy but looks/sounds like I need to finally try them out.

  2. Those Unicorn swatches are absolutely adorable, seafoam is such a pretty delicate looking shade

  3. I appreciate that they’ve changed their tune and are professing it. It is hard to stand behind them still even though the colors in this palette are beautiful.

  4. This palette started my makeup affair with lime crime 😂 Obsessed with the unique shades, lovely formula and the whole vibe! 😍

  5. I love the colors and looks you created with this! However, the very fact that Doe Deere could dictate the terms of her stepping down from the board (saying who will replace her, etc) indicates she still has a substantial, if not majority ownership stake in the company, though, and as someone with Jewish ancestry I can’t support this brand. It is important for consumers to read through the lines on statements like this if it is an issue of importance to them. I follow economic and corporate news pretty closely and this kind of statement is typical of one where a company owner steps back from direct management but still has an ownership stake.

    1. As a Jewish person myself, I understand your point of view. Here’s what I had to say about Lime Crime in another post:

      “Lime Crime is a 100% cruelty-free and 100% vegan makeup brand. They had a very rocky start to the makeup community as an indie brand because their founder Xenia Vorotova, better known as Doe Deere, did a lot of awful things. However, it seems that she learned from her mistakes and grew into a better person. She apologized for her past transgressions and has not repeated the same mistakes. I see this as important and it shows growth. An apology without changed behavior is just a manipulation.

      I’m glad that Xenia has changed for the better. Once Xenia sold the company in 2018 I decided to give Lime Crime a try. During the summer of 2020, she and her husband left Lime Crime’s board of directors to make room for BIPOC to have a seat at the table. I see this as a very good thing. Lime Crime is PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified.”

      One thing that was pointed out to me a few years ago is that in the beauty community (and the world at large) women are treated more harshly than men. People forgive men over and over for the same things that they won’t forgive a woman for. I truly believe that if someone apologizes and then doesn’t repeat the same bad behavior, they deserve to be forgiven. I understand if not everyone feels that way.

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