Shop My Stash for Fall Palettes

Shop My Stash for Fall Palettes

Hello, beautiful creatures! Join me as I shop my stash for Fall palettes and singles to swatch and share with you! This video is directly inspired by the 12 Colorful Palettes for Fall (I Shopped my Stash!) by Angelica Nyqvist. I love shopping my makeup stash and had been working on the Pretty singles section of this when I decided to add the palettes as well. Be sure to check out Angie’s video!

Autumn hues for me include harvest tones, golds, oranges, yellows, reds, wines, berries, grungy and cool greens, coppers, jewel tones, bronzes, rose golds, and moody mauves.

Fall Palettes Video

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About My Skin Tone

Cordelia's very fair bare skin

My skin tone is a very fair neutral to cool yellow undertone for my skin tone and when exposed to sun I turn a cool olive.

I Shopped my Stash for these Fall Palettes

  1. Sugarpill C3 Black palette
  2. Melt Gemini II palette
  3. Natasha Denona Zendo palette
  4. Black Moon Black Metal Vol. 1 palette
  5. Black Moon Full Moon palette
  6. Nabla Wild Berry palette
  7. Nabla Coral Cutie palette
  8. Natasha Mini Gold palette
  9. Natasha Mini Zendo palette
  10. Tarte Fall Feels palette
  11. Too Faced Peachy Mattes palette
  12. Lime Crime Greatest Hits palette
  13. Lime Crime Prelude Chroma palette
  14. Linda Hallberg Enchanted Secrets quad
  15. Melt She’s in Parties palette
  16. Sigma Cor-De-Rosa palette *PR
  17. Urban Decay Aphrodisiac palette *PR
  18. Game Beauty Adventure palette *PR
  19. Buxom Hot Toddy palette

Pretty Singles Featured

  1. Tarte Wild at Heart, Unleashed, Steel the Show Caramel Apple, Frose, Top Yacht chrome paint pots
  2. Ciate Entwined, Wicked pot eyeshadows
  3. Silk Naturals Spitfire, Scream singles
  4. Aromaleigh Kupala, Depths of Erebus loose eyeshadows
  5. Sugarpill Moneymaker, Brick Toast loose eyeshadows
  6. My Pretty Zombie Brisket loose eyeshadow
  7. Fyrinnae Aphrodite’s Evening Gown single eyeshadow
  8. Darling Girl Mistress

Fall Palette Swatches

Swatches of the Sugarpill C3 Black Palette on fair skin

Sugarpill C3 Black palette

Melt Gemini II Swatches on Fair Skin

Melt Gemini II palette

Natasha Denona Zendo palette swatched on pale skin

Natasha Denona Zendo palette

Black Moon Black Metal and Orb of Light Swatches

Black Moon Black Metal Vol. 1 palette and Black Moon Full Moon palette

Swatches of the Nabla Wild Berry and Coral Cutie palettes on very fair skin

Nabla Wild Berry palette and Nabla Coral Cutie palette

Natasha Denona Mini Gold and Mini Zendo Palette Swatches

Natasha Mini Gold palette and Natasha Mini Zendo palette

Tarte Fall Feels Palette Swatches on Fair Skin

Tarte Fall Feels palette

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Swatches

Too Faced Peachy Mattes palette

Lime Crime Greatest Hits Swatches on pale skin

Lime Crime Greatest Hits palette

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Swatches

Lime Crime Prelude Chroma palette

Linda Hallberg Enchanted Secrets swatches

Linda Hallberg Enchanted Secrets quad

Melt She's in Parties swatches on light skin

Melt She’s in Parties palette

Sigma Cor de Rosa Swatches

Sigma Cor-De-Rosa palette *PR

Urban Decay Aphrodisiac Swatches on Fair Skin

Urban Decay Aphrodisiac palette *PR

Game Beauty Adventure Swatches on Fair Skin

Game Beauty Adventure palette *PR

Buxom Hot Toddy Swatches on Very Fair Neutral Skin

Buxom Hot Toddy palette

As you can see in the photo above, the two shimmer shades are nearly identical to my eyes. Such a disappointment.

Pretty Singles Swatches

Indie eyeshadows for fall swatched on pale skin

Tarte Wild at Heart – Ciate Entwine
Tarte Unleashed – Aromaleigh Kupala
Tarte Steel the Show – Sugarpill Moneymaker
Tarte Caramel Apple – Sugarpill Brick Toast
Tarte Frose – My Pretty Zombie Brisket
Tarte Top Yacht – Aromaleigh Depths of Erebus
Fyrinnae Aphrodite’s Evening Gown – Silk Naturals Scream
Darling Girl Mistress – Ciate Wicked
Silk Naturals Spitfire – Meow Santa Baby

Fall indie single eyeshadows swatched on fair skin

Final Thoughts

Shop My Stash for Fall Palettes and Singles

I had so much fun putting together this video. I was already working on a shop my stash for pretty singles when I saw Angie’s video and decided to include Fall Palettes. As you can tell, berries, reds, wines, harvest metallics and jewel tones are plentiful in my collection. If you love berries and reds, make sure to check out my DIY Cool Berries palette.

What are your favorite colors for Fall? What palettes and singles are you reaching for?