15 Gothic Black and Stiletto Nail Ideas and Inspirations

15 Gothic Black and Stiletto Nail Ideas and Inspirations

Today I’m sharing 15 gothic black and stiletto nail ideas and inspirations. Black is the essential color of the goth style. Even with outfits that include other colors like red or purple, most goth outfits still have at least one black element in them. For that reason, black nail designs are a popular choice for the style.

Of course, it should be noted that not all gothic looks are the same. People’s individual preferences have created a wide variety of variants for the gothic look. Some prefer a cute, gothic look, while others prefer a more elegant one.

Knowing where to begin when creating a gothic nail look can be challenging, considering all these possibilities. But no need to worry! Let’s look at some of the best gothic black and stiletto nail design ideas and inspirations

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15 Gothic Black and Stiletto Nail Ideas and Inspirations

Sparkle Black Stiletto Nails 

You don’t need elaborate nails to make a gothic statement. Keep things simple with some solid black nails with glitter accents.

15 Gothic Black and Stiletto Nail Ideas and Inspirations

Sparkle Black Stiletto Nails

Black Stiletto Nails With Spider Web 

These nails are also on the basic side, but they still evoke subtle gothic themes thanks to the predominantly black color palette and the addition of the spider web on the middle finger.

Spider Web Design

Stiletto Nails with Spider Detail

Black Smokey Stiletto Nails  

Smokey effects aren’t just for eye makeup! With a bit of color mixing, you can get striking smokey nails with a beautiful yet mysterious vibe. 


Black Smokey Nails

Smokey Black Nails

Black Stiletto Nails With Red Marble and Line Details and Rhinestones 

The red against the black in this nail design makes for some striking contrast. Adding rhinestones is just what this needs to bring it from bold to positively glamorous.


Black and Red Nail Art

Red & Black Stiletto Nails

Black Marble Stiletto Nails With Glitter 

Thanks to the dark colors used in this design, the marble effect is subtle and gives the nails almost a smoky vibe. The glitter is also a nice touch to make the design stand out without going overboard. 

Black Marble Nails

Marble Black Glitter Stiletto Nails

Black Lace Stiletto Nails 

Lace and goth go hand in hand, evoking images of beautiful black lace dresses traditionally associated with the style. 

Putting the lace effect over another dark color makes for a subtly elegant look rather than being bold with contrast. 

Black Lace Nails

Stiletto Black Lace Nails

Black and Nude Stiletto Nails With Moon and Stars

Another style element that often goes hand in hand with goth style is celestial items, mainly the moon and stars, and they coordinate perfectly with the color palette since they already belong in the night sky.

I also love the jewelry look of the nail design with the small chains painted around the moon and stars. 

If you already have jewelry like black moon and star earrings, they would look perfectly coordinated with this design.

Moon and Stars Mani

Black and Nude Celestial Nails

Matte Black and Red Ombre Stiletto Nails 

Ombre nail designs are a personal favorite of mine, but they also look great with a gothic style. They’re great for adding a subtle splash of color and coordinating a bicolor outfit with your nail look.

Black and Red Ombre Nails

Red and Black Ombre Nails

Black V French Tip Stiletto Nails With Black Bats 

V french tip nails put an angular spin on the classic french tip nail design. One remarkable thing about them is that they look different depending on whether you have stiletto or coffin nails.

With coffin nail designs, both sides need to be filled in at the top to form a V. Meanwhile, with stiletto nails, the V shape naturally follows the nail shape, giving it a look similar to classic french tip nails. 

Black Bat French Tips

Bats and Black French Tip

Black and Gold Stiletto Nails With Skull 

Black and Gold Skull Mani

Gold and Black Stiletto Nails

These nails are gorgeous with their luxurious gold and black color palette, and the skull gives this design a distinctive gothic flair. 

Black and White Marble Stiletto Nails With Rhinestones and Glitter 

White and black marble stiletto nails show off more of an elegant gothic aesthetic with additional elements like glitter and rhinestones.

Black and White Marble Nails

White and Black Marble Nails

Silver Black and Grey Ombre Nails

Black and silver are excellent gothic color combinations, and it adds a lighter element for visual interest without having the stark contrast of white on black. It also coordinates well with gothic jewelry.

Black and Grey Ombre Nails

Silver and Black Ombre Nails

Black and Gold Celestial Glitter Nails With Rhinestones 

These nails go all in on the celestial vibes, which adds to the design. The stars and glitter give it a colorful flair while still fitting with the dark theme.

Celestial Witch Nails

Gold and Black Celestial Nails

Black Stiletto Nails With White Stitch Detail

This nail design goes for a cute goth style with the white cross-stitch pattern on top and the hearts on both middle fingers.

Barbed Wire Nails
Source: Cactus Claws on Instagram

Black and Nude Spiral Nails 

The hypnotic spiral in this design gives the nails a spooky feel, primarily because of the wavy linework.

Black and Clear Spiral Nails
Source: Strawberry Nailz on Instagram

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these gothic nail designs? From horror goth to cutesy goth designs, there are practically infinite possibilities. I love how these nail designs turn a simple neutral into a stunning nail look. 

Of all of these, my three picks are:

  • Smokey & Black Stiletto Nails: I love the realistic smoke effect on these nails — it’s gorgeous and would coordinate well with pretty much any gothic outfit. 
  • Black Lace Stiletto Nails: The lace details on this design are beautiful and give it an elegant look overall. 
  • Gold and Black Celestial Glitter Nails With Rhinestones: I like how the celestial elements add visual interest and a pop of color to this predominantly black design. 

But I’d love to know your thoughts. Which of these nail designs were your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! 

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