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2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag: Worst Collab? Biggest Regrets? Small or Big?

2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag: Worst Collab? Biggest Regrets? Small or Big?

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I thought it would be fun to do the 2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag by Annette’s Makeup Corner! I added some questions to make it beauty-focused instead of exclusively eyeshadow. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Vampyre Cosmetics Cthulhu Cocktails palette is a PR sample, and I purchased everything else, and all opinions are my own.

2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag Video

Watch the 2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag on YouTube with Closed Captioning!

Watch Annette’s Makeup Corner’s video here!

2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag Questions

2022 Eyeshadow Palette Tag Questions

  • Most innovative release of the year
  • Small Palette that surprised you the most
  • Big Palette that surprised you the most
  • Palette you regret buying
  • Skincare I regret buying
  • Best collaboration
  • Worst collaboration
  • Best seasonal release
  • Palette still on your mind
  • What are you hoping to see next year
  • You DON’T want to see more of next year
  • What are YOUR personal goals to improve on next year?

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette

I wanted to share my swatches of the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette, my Pixie Dust Chrome Flake, and my Twin Flames.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette Swatches on very fair skin

Here are the shade descriptions for the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette.

  • Paradise – glimmering fuchsia to forest green (pressed chrome flakes)
  • Trance – electric sapphire to deep violet (velvet chrome)
  • Awakening – intense teal to regal amethyst (velvet chrome)
  • Heaven – glimmering mint to pastel chartreuse (pressed chrome flakes)
  • Escapism – electric shamrock to hunter green (velvet chrome)
  • Out of Body – jade green to peacock blue (velvet chrome)
  • Zen – beetle green to honey bronze (velvet chrome)
  • Sixth Sense – pistachio green to cool taupe (velvet chrome)
  • Divinity – sparkling citrine (glass metallic)
  • Angels – sparkling diamond (glass metallic)
  • Trippy – rose gold to pine green (velvet chrome)
  • Nirvana – fiery copper to olive green (velvet chrome)
  • Intuition – brilliant cyan to soft lilac (aqua chrome)
  • Aura – brilliant iris to hazy violet (aqua chrome)

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV First Impressions

So far, I don’t use the aqua chrome shades Intuition or Aura very well. I tried spritzing my brush with Urban Decay’s All-Nighter and running it across the pans, but I could barely get any color out. Right now it seems I don’t like a water-activated formula with regular shadows.

I found Paradise difficult to swatch because it kept picking back up on my finger rather than adhering to my arm. However, it applied beautifully to my lids! I mixed Paradise with Awakening to create my gorgeous lid look in this video.

The Pixie Dust Chrome Flake is described as teal with a lilac shift.

My two Twin Flames are stunning; Amour is described as a wisteria purple and periwinkle, and Soul Mate is defined as an opal green and hazelnut. These are a little more tricky to work with on my hooded lids, and they perform the best for me when I apply them with my fingertip, sparingly, in a thin layer, and keep my eyes closed until they dry.

Ulta Thor Love & Thunder Valkyrie Eye Palette – Small Palette

Ulta Thor Love and Thunder Valkyrie Palette swatched on very fair skin

Here are the shade descriptions for the Ulta Thor Love & Thunder Valkyrie Eye Palette. I bought this because I love cool tones and I got it for $15 either through a $10 off coupon or some sale Ulta had. Ulta has great sales and I take advantage of their points multipliers frequently! I love the Ulta Valkyrie palette, and it’s my pick for the best small 2022 eyeshadow palette.

Shade Descriptions

  • Dragon Fang – aqua shimmer
  • Your Majesty – light aqua matte
  • Cosmic Path – silver shimmer
  • Warrior – cool-toned light gold shimmer
  • The Throne – plum matte
  • King of Asgard – grey purple taupe matte
  • Warsong – white matte
  • Armored Up – cool-toned deep brown matte

Vampyre Cosmetics Cthulhu Cocktails Palette – Big Palette

Vampyre Cosmetics Cthulhu Cocktails Palette Swatches

Cthulhu Cocktails is such a fantastic book palette! The only thing I would change about the Vampyre Cosmetics Cthulhu Cocktails palette is that I would group each set of colors by color family, into quads, or from light to dark. I’m weird like that; I like the colors to be aesthetically pleasing next to each other in the pan. It’s the big 2022 eyeshadow palette that surprised me the most and I adore it!

See my Vampyre Cosmetics Cthulhu Cocktails Palette Review, Swatches & Tutorial.

Buxom Hot Toddy Palette – Worst Palette

Buxom Hot Toddy Swatches on Very Fair Neutral Skin

The Buxom Hot Toddy palette works well on my fair skin tone, but the two shimmer shades were too close for my taste and were disappointing. I was sad that I missed my return window at Ulta and wasted points on it, and that’s why I am calling it the worst 2022 eyeshadow palette I bought.

Shade Descriptions

  • Maple Cider – buff matte eyeshadow
  • Mulled Peach Wine – terracotta brown matte eyeshadow
  • Appletini – burnt orange metallic eyeshadow
  • Ginger Beer – soft copper shimmer eyeshadow
  • Aspen – cinnamon nude satin blush

Oden’s Eye x Angelica Nyqvist Hela Eyeshadow Palette – Best Collaboration

Oden’s eye x Angelica Nyqvist Hela Eyeshadow Palette swatches on very fair skin

I love the color story of the Oden’s Eye x Angelica Nyqvist Hela Eyeshadow Palette. It’s unique in my collection!

Shade Descriptions

  • River – multicolor diamond shimmer eyeshadow with a light purple base tone
  • Double-side – multi-chrome eyeshadow, a unique color with multiple shifts of golden greens and pinks
  • Fluorescence – firefly-like light yellow-green shimmering eyeshadow
  • Hellfire – pink-orange shimmer, diamond shimmer eyeshadow with sparkles in multiple colors
  • Golden bridge – golden diamond shimmer eyeshadow
  • Venom – green diamond shimmer eyeshadow
  • Hela – matte baby pink eyeshadow
  • Goddess – vintage rose matte eyeshadow
  • Rebirth – matte yellowish matte eyeshadow
  • Underworld – ginger matte eyeshadow
  • Moss – grayish green matte eyeshadow
  • Ouroboros – retro dark green matte eyeshadow
  • Wolf – matte tannish brown eyeshadow
  • Decay – taupe matte eyeshadow
  • Soot – dark purple brown matte eyeshadow
  • Complete – silver diamond shimmer eyeshadow with black base tone

Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette – On My Mind

Lethal 1UP Palette swatches on fair skin in indirect sunlight outdoors

I am so in love with the Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette! Find Lethal Cosmetics at their website and at Camera Ready Cosmetics! If you buy from Lethal’s website, you can use the code PHYRRA for 20% off during December 2022. This is my pick for the best 2022 eyeshadow palette.

Here are the 1UP Palette shade descriptions:

  • Insert Coin – lemon yellow neon matte (UV reactive)⁠
  • Split Screen – sparkly trichrome with yellow/green/red shift⁠
  • 8-BIT – harlequin green neon matte (UV reactive)⁠
  • Final Boss – metallic trichrome with spring green/blue/pink shift⁠
  • Power Up – deep teal matte
  • ⁠Avatar – metallic emerald green/pink duo-chrome⁠
  • Hit Point – deep indigo blue matte⁠
  • High Score – sparkly petrol blue/green duo chrome⁠
  • Joystick – medium violet matte⁠
  • Bonus – sparkly trichrome with mauve/blue/green shift⁠
  • Combo – bubblegum pink neon matte (UV reactive)⁠
  • Game Over – metallic pink/gold duo-chrome⁠

See my Lethal Cosmetics 1UP Palette Review, and I have more Lethal Cosmetics swatches.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia is wearing a red crushed velvet crop top and witch necklace

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing tag videos this year! Let me know if there are other tags you’d like me to film. I hope you enjoyed my best and worst of 2022 eyeshadow palettes, skincare, and hair. What are your picks for the best and worse?


  1. You’re slowly convincing me I should do tag videos. I used to love watching them and I just don’t see them much anymore, but you seem to be on a one woman mission to bring them back 😀

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