10 Crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths

10 Crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths - I love Halloween! I've rounded up some of the best diy halloween decorations for you to try!

Crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths

It’s no secret I love Halloween. I even got married on Halloween! I rounded up 10 Crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths for you to help spark some creativity since many people in the PhyrraNyx Facebook group love making wreaths. People on Facebook recommend using pool noodles as the base for your wreaths.

Β 10 Crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Feather Boa Halloween Wreath

Feather Boa Halloween Wreath by The Inspiration Vault

I really like the feather boa idea, it’s unique!

DIY Halloween Wreaths - DIY Spider Web Halloween Wreath

DIY Spider Web Halloween Wreath by A Pumpkin And A Princess

I’m not a fan of spiders, but I adore how this DIY Halloween decoration turned out! The flowers and skulls are a nice touch.

DIY Halloween Wreaths - DIY Mickey Halloween Wreath

DIY Mickey Halloween Wreath Copycat by Cutefetti

I know many Disney fans, so I had to include this halloween decoration.

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Halloween Ribbon Wreath by Landee See Landee Do

I thought this ribbon wreath was pretty unique.

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Wicked Wisteria Halloween Wreath

Wicked Wisteria Halloween Wreath by Chicken Scratch NY

I LOVE this one because of the crows and the purple wisteria flowers. One of the cutest DIY Halloween decorations ever!

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Halloween Ornament Wreath by

Halloween Ornament Wreath by Where The Smiles Have Been

I thought this Halloween Ornament Wreath was very creative! I love the purple accents.

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Boo-tiful Halloween Wreath

Boo-tiful Halloween Wreath by Ann’s Entitled Life

I’m a sucker for Halloween decorations with bats.

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Candy Corn Lima Bean Wreath

Candy Corn Lima Bean Wreath by Skip To My Lou

I thought it was fascinating to use beans to create a wreath!

DIY Halloween Wreaths - Black Cat Wreath by Shaken

Black Cat Wreath by Shaken Together Life

Since so many of us love cats, I had to include the DIY Black Cat Wreath!

DIY Halloween Wreaths - How To Make A Spooky Skeleton Wreath

How To Make A Spooky Skeleton Wreath by The Inspiration Vault

I saved the best for last! The Spooky Skeleton Wreath is such a cool DIY Halloween decoration. My husband loved this design!

Let me know if you decide to make any of these DIY Halloween Wreaths! I haven’t decided which I’m going to try to create.

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  2. These are great! Last year, my son and i made a Halloween wreath with eyeballs and bugs on it.

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