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Unicorn Hair: Am I Too Old?

Unicorn Hair: Am I too old? Do you know want to know what I think about anyone saying you're too old for unicorn hair? You can shove that opinion where the sun doesn't shine! You should wear your hair the way you want to!

Unicorn Hair: Am I Too Old?

Recently a magazine, no I’m not naming which one, published an article that said women above 30 shouldn’t have unicorn hair or do a lot of other things. I took offense to this. Do you know want to know what I think about anyone saying you’re too old for unicorn hair? You can shove that opinion where the sun doesn’t shine!

Wearing the Ittse Glambition Collection

I’ve seen 60-year-old women at the grocery store recently with purple hair. There’s a famous septuagenarian in New York who has green hair. And of course, here I am, almost 39, with pink hair. If it makes you happy and it works in your life, you should embrace unicorn hair.

I totally understand how some people can’t have rainbow hair because of their jobs. With the exception of one job, I’ve always been able to have creative hair and makeup. It’s something I truly appreciate and value.

Mermaid hair is not something that the under 30’s crowd owns. Anyone who wants to wear it should do that. And don’t let some magazine with antiquated views on beauty and fashion dictate your lives. If you want to have unicorn hair, wear mini skirts, leggings, or crop tops, you should do it!

My own personal style is pretty eclectic and I prefer it that way. I don’t let fashion magazines dictate what I wear. I didn’t stop dyeing my hair unicorn colors at 30. I’m not about to let them stop me now. I feel confident with my hair the way it is and I love it. I always get compliments on it when I’m out in public, as well as online. I definitely think that people are more accepting in this day and age than they were 10 or 15 years ago.

If you’re looking for unicorn hair inspiration, follow my Hair Inspiration board on Pinterest.

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What color is your hair? What color do you want your hair to be?

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  • I’ve stayed at my subpar job mainly because of the laxed dress code. I don’t deal directly with any customers, so the dress codes is all “safety” based. My degree is in Mortuary Science aka ultra conservative. I do not want to sacrifice being myself for a job.

  • One of the ways I celebrated my 50th birthday was by getting hot pink streaks in my hair. I would have done more, but I work in a very conservative environment, so it had to be hideable during the work day. When it faded out (as fantasy colors always do), I missed it. I’ve since learned how to do it at home. Not quite as spectacular as a pro job, but still satisfying and pretty!

  • I’m 57 and have had various colors in my hair off and on for the past 40 years. My company just changed their policy on haircolor (nothing unnatural) and tattoos (must be covered) to no mention of haircolor and no visible “vulgar” tattoos. I’ve only been working there 6 weeks and didn’t want to rock the boat, even though I don’t work at the main office. The day the new policy came out, I promptly put my fave purple in my hair and feel much more like myself.

    These fashion rules are ridiculous and pulled right straight out of someone’s hat. However, I do admit to being physically incapable of wearing white linen after Labor Day. 😉

  • I still wear wild makeup, weird clothes, and do what I like. I am sick unto death of so-called authorities on beauty telling women that fun has an age limit and that once you turn 35 it’s the end of life as you knew it and time to embrace your inner mouse. My eloquent response? HELL NO! I have never been a conformist and the number of pages torn off my calendar won’t change that one bit.

    • Oh, and let me add that I come by my attitude honestly: When I was a teen, my grandmother used to borrow my funky peasant skirts, ask me for makeup tips, and she more than once wore a feather boa. A great role model, I’d say!

  • I think any age or gender can do whatever they feel. Age is a number. I love the look. And there are people who judge you for Tattoos & piercings. I say do what you want .

  • Pffft! I say never mind the bollocks! I started coloring my hair at age 10 with packs of Kool-Aid almost 35 years ago, and bought my first jar of Manic Panic in 1984. What if I said people under40, who are too young to remember when the craze started shouldn’t wear it? I’d sound crazy, right? And so do they. Ah, the young, who think they’re the inventors of everything…some of us have been dippin’ it and doin’ it since before your existence. Unicorns come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. Has anyone ever heard of an old unicorn? No, because we’re alllll magical! 🙂

  • Thank You, Darling! I am 50 and personally, I hate people saying what I can and can’t do because of my age. I also have something to all the people that say those things…and that would be: I am 50 and I have EARNED the right to do anything and wear anything that I want! I followed my parent’s rules while I was growing up, society’s rules while raising my children and working and now it’s time for ME to SHINE!!! If you don’t like it look the other way. Life is short so do and wear what makes you happy!

  • Your never too old . I myself am a bit what you could call alternate and the amount of ageism I see alternate people cop once they hit 30 is horrible, there is this goth girl I follow on IG shes 43 and married with kids and I saw someone comment to her “it’s time to grow up love your not 16 anymore” like wtf? anyway yeah I say wear and do what you want wether your 16 or 80 it’s your life you might as well do what makes you happy

  • Your never too old I really hate that idea. I myself am a bit what you could call alternate and the amount of ageism I see alternate people cop once they hit 30 is horrible, there is this goth girl I follow on IG shes 43 and married with kids and I saw someone comment to her “it’s time to grow up love your not 16 anymore” like wtf? anyway yeah I say wear and do what you want wether your 16 or 80 it’s your life you might as well do what makes you happy

  • Well said !! And way to stay true to yourself ! I love this. I’m 36, a natural blonde and I dye my hair dark brown…that’s bold enough for me…and my job wouldn’t allow unicorn hair even if I wanted. My sister however is 37 and she has had bright purple hair for at least 5 years. She gets compliments all the time !! She’s always been way more daring than me though…she even got her jeep in a bold purple colour lol

  • I’m gonna be 40 in a couple months and this makes me sad!! I have always been extremely quiet and shy and would have never colored my hair any crazy colors!! After 30 I just decided I was gonna do what I want and have never looked back! It’s been all the colors of the rainbow and is now purple….my favorite color and go to! I’m off work now for a couple of surgeries but when I get back and am able to do it I plan on a rainbow/unicorn explosion on the underside of my hair! Thank you for being a place where I can come and feel excepted! ??????????

  • love this! In my town, San Francisco, I regularly see this look on mature women in their 40s, 50s 60s70s?? hard to tell how old they are when they are rocking a look they love. I am waiting for my own grey to fully take over, love that look for awhile and go for some fun color/s.

    • Hah, I live in the South Bay, I’m 34, and I dye my hair colors all the time! I work in Tech and tons of women around here, my age and older, dye their hair all the time. You know what? It’s time society stops this attitude that women “should” do anything with their appearance. People should do what they like.

  • If you don’t have a corporate job do whatever the hell you want! I’m nearly 60 and follow every trend. Most of my friends are single, incredibly well-educated and very political. Try to stay fun and do no harm!

  • My favorite new trend is gray haired women rocking streaks of bright colors in their hair. Any magazine that tries to tell women what to wear or how to look based on age is crap. They need to stop telling us how to be woman right. That’s bullshit from a past era we don’t need that. It’s especially sad when messages trying to keep women away from joy come from women’s magazines, but it happens all the time.

    As long as your circumstances allow it and it isn’t harming anyone, do what you like.

    • Totally agree with everything you said ‘And it harm none, do what thou will.’

    • Well I’m definitely above a certain age and am wearing leggings, a short tight skirt, and a colorful asymmetrical top at this moment. Recently I hosted a panel and I have a long streak of gray hair at the back of my head. I was thinking about just coloring that. Because I don’t want to dunk my whole head in peroxide or ammonia. Is that possible?

      • You can definitely try! I don’t know how grey hair holds color, but experiment with it 🙂

  • i asked myself this question at 35, and decided that as long as it looks well done and is in a color that suits me then no, I’m not too old, and then I stopped asking it. I’m 40 this year in september and have had crazy colored hair with rare exceptions for almost 20 years. It’s part of who I am. I’ve changed how I do it, started paying attention the colors with my skintone, become more cautious about what shades are near my face, but it makes me happy, happiness has no age limit. thanks for bringing up this subject, its a good conversation to have

    • That’s a great quote ‘happiness has no age limit.’ Glad you feel the same!

  • I totally agree. Speaking of your 30’s-or let’s say 35 and over-there’s always a you should and a you shouldn’t and why don’t you…whether it’s about where you are in your life, if you’re married and have kids or not, career…but for me, in my 30’s, or now at 35 I feel the most free and confident in my own skin than ever. And I’m glad that you do too-it shines in you. And guess what? You look absolutely so gorgeous and elegant-and there’s another term but you look fantastic. It’s about being comfortable being YOU. And I think that that comes with perspective. There’s no age # on it but it’s a life experience thing, and I think, at least with me, it took me going through going through what I did medically-yes, I suffered a lot and I don’t have it super easy. I have people tell me, well don’t you wish you could get those years back, don’t you wish that you could do this(stuff I can’t do) No. I love who I am, and I cherish what’s important and who is important to me. I live for what is important to me. My faith is important to me, I have dear friends and family-but I used to be, out of love, a major people pleaser-and I actually have the strength(because no I wouldn’t go back) I’m stronger, I’m my true self-taking care of myself matters-and people who truly love you will respect who you are. And although rainbow hair isn’t my personal style-I love haircolor too, it’s part of self expression, I’ve gone from chunky blonde lowlights and highlights to richer reds that I do now-I adore makeup and being creative like you do. And I read those magazines filled with “influencers”-and something interesting to do is look back at old issues-there is never any growth or adaptation. And I can be just as critical and say-you are perpetuating a standard of beauty in a sense of perfection that isn’t achievable-and I know the impact that that can have on girls, especially younger girls, because I was one of those young girls. I stood out because I have more ethnic looks, I was tall, I wasn’t skinny-so it’s so funny that the same people who can tell you what is in or out as if they are the be all and end all. That’s why I think that what you do on your blog is great, and I always have. Like one of my best friends says, do you!

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