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Pravana Color by Christian

Pravana Color by Christian

Happy Monday! Today I’m back with more Pravana Color by Christian. Below are Christian’s thoughts on the beautiful hair styles he created. You can follow Christian on Instagram to see more beautiful hair. 

Pravana Color by Christian

Hi, it’s Christian! I’m sharing my favorite hair styles from the past month. I do creative cuts and color at iStyleXG Salon.

Pravana Interstellar Galaxy Purple Hair


We left her natural base for easy maintenance and she let me do whatever I wanted with everything else. I’d been listening to the Interstellar soundtrack on repeat so I was inspired by space-y stardust color schemes so I went with purples and varying shades of blue and sand-arted the colors together. Needless to say, space is my favorite inspiration.

Pravana Color by Christian

Pravana Violet Red Sorcerer's Stone Hair

Sorcerer’s Stone

My favorite red head came in to see me after she’d just gotten married, so since she played it safe in her wedding photos she was free to cut her hair and turn the saturation dial all the way up so I set a foundation of violet red permanent color then overplayed with pravana vivids red and violet which gave up this cool glowing red that looked like the Sorcerers Stone from Harry Potter.

Pravana Glow Purple Hair

Glow Light Purple

Purple is the most popular vivid color to start with, a “gateway” color, so this girl wanted to just try it out for the first time so I mixed orchids and violets together and melted it all together. Lighting is everything when photographing purple shades indoors. It’s such a hard color to capture sometimes on an iPhone camera if the lighting isn’t right. So I used my studio lights to help us out to get the glow effect that my natural eyes saw.

Pravana Pink Purple Ripple Hair Pravana Pink Purple Ripple Hair Pravana Pink Purple Ripple Hair

Rose Petal Ripple

First timer with the vivid colors, so like I said, purple is the gate way color, but I added in a lot of pink and orchid and melted it downward. The styling is what really gives this color a pop and showcases it correctly. All done with a Paul Mitchell Neuro Tapered Styling Wand.

Natural Hair Texture Natural Hair Texture

Natural Texture

My good friend here loves her natural hair texture and cut wise, we played off the punk messy look. Tons of layer. Tons of wave. Color wise, all natural permanent copper color and blondes. No vivids needed to still be rad.

Pravana Vibrant Orange Fire Hair Pravana Vibrant Orange Fire Hair Pravana Vibrant Orange Fire Hair

Highlighter Hues

With this one, we didn’t have any ideas in mind. We kind of just winged it and picked a color scheme based on how the hair lifted. I decided to be more deep orange/red at the base and mid length then progressively become lighter where he ends got lighted. The orange mixed with the yellow formula and made a soft yellow orange for a seamless transition of tonal family. My favorite looks are the ones that just happen with no plan. Like this one.

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What do you think of Pravana Color by Christian?

Thank you Christian for sharing your beautiful work with us! If you’re local to Tampa, you can schedule an appointment with Christian at iStyleXG at 813-949-0604.

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