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Favorite Hair for June by Christian

Before Blue Blue Hair by Christian Ariel at iStyleXG Blue Hair by Christian Ariel at iStyleXG

Today I’m sharing some gorgeous hair with you! These are some of the favorite hair for June by Christian, my stylist from iStyleXG. As you know, I think he does amazing hair (see what he did to my hair recently). Christian shares insights into each hair style featured here today. Christian uses Paul Mitchell and Pravana color for hair.

Favorite Hair for June by Christian

Blue Hair (for Teal Thursday!)
With this guest, school was out and she was allowed to have some creative freedom with her hair for the summer. She wanted to be some shade of blue but wasn’t quite sure what kind of blue she wanted to be. She let me have control over that part and I’ve always wanted to do color that reminded me of water in a mystical fountain. So we lightened her to a pure level 8/9 which allowed me to play with Pravana Neon blue at her base and a custom mixture of Pravana Vivids blue, green, yellow, and neon blue. The placement gave me a mix of the neons and vivids meshing into one another giving me a “ripple” effect. Quite happy with how it turned out and she was ecstatic that her hair was blue.

Before Strobe Hair
Strobe Hair - purple, pink red - by Christian Ariel Strobe Hair - purple, pink red - by Christian Ariel

Strobe Lighting Hair
Similar story as the previous guest, school was out for the summer and she wanted to try something she’s never done before and gave me complete control. I decided to try out a Pravana technique called “strobe lighting”, which is a dark base fading out into a lighter shade which fades back to a darker shade essentially. We used a custom mix of Pravana vivids violet, wild orchid, magenta, red, orange, neon orange, and yellow. I was really excited how it turned out and was happy her mom let her do something like this. Props to parents who encourage their children creative expression.  (This is amazing!)

Mermaid Red Hair by Christian at iStyleXG

Mermaid Red Hair 
One of my favorite guests. She wants nothing more than the purest form of technicolor red to match The Little Mermaid’s hair. And Pravana Vivids red wild orchid and magenta allow me to do just that. This time she came in we decided to try out a braid and add on an actual bow that The Little Mermaid wears in the films to make the look come to life. By far one of my favorite moments of making animation come to life in the real world.

Before Purple
Purple Hair by Christian at iStyleXG

Violights Purple Hair
With this guest, it took a few services to convince her to try out some vibrant color. So on this day she finally let me try something different. She wanted to keep her natural mainly for easy maintenance since she has kids and a crazy life, but she decided to try a little color. We did some balayage to give her natural highlights, then top coated the pre-lightened pieces with a mix of violet and wild orchid. “violights”. I also applied some magenta to her natural to give her base a “lipgloss” of pink.

Trigard Hair by ChristianTrigard Hair by Christian

Triangular Layered Hair
At heart, I’m a haircutter first. So I got really excited about this look. She was growing her hair out and just loathed the process of it and decided to keep her short hair. I decided to give her a classic look that reminded me of Marilyn Monroe but more modern era. For the cut I went with a triangular graduation with triangular layers and cut a straight across fringe to keep her hair out of her face and her big blue eyes exposed, and styled some loose curls with a Paul Mitchell Nuero Style.

A big thank you to Christian for sharing his gorgeous work with us! I love seeing what he’s up to and really enjoy looking at such beautiful hair daily. Follow Christian on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed!

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