Purple Goth Makeup Ideas

Purple Goth Makeup Ideas and Inspiration

Hello, beautiful people! Today I want to share some Purple Goth Makeup Ideas with you. High-quality purple makeup can often be difficult to locate, but  no one should have to suffer through terrible formulas and pigmentation anymore. I’m sharing my picks for beautiful purple makeup that will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. Everything is listed from the most affordable options to the more expensive ones.

PR + Purchased by me. All opinions my own.

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Purple Lips

purple goth makeup ideas lipstick swatches on fair skin

purple lipstick and lipgloss swatches on pale skin

My list of brands offering purple lipsticks for purple goth makeup ideas has shrank considerably over the past few years. Many of my favorite purples have been discontinued, so I wanted to make sure I included colors that have not been discontinued.

There used to be so many more pretty purple lipstick options in 2019! I’ve swatched my favorite colors that I currently own, while including other colors you may be interested in.

Silk Naturals Bramble Slick Stick – $4.95
Bramble is a sheer creamy medium purple slick stick. (lip balm + lip gloss in a tube) See all my Silk Naturals indie beauty features.

*Silk Naturals Gumdrop Slick Stick – $4.95
Gumdrop is a medium warm smokey purple with pink shimmer.

Silk Naturals Kiki Lip Stain – $5.49
Kiki is a deep plum lip stain.

Covergirl Verve Violet Exhibitionist Lipstick – $7.99
Verve Violet is a soft muted violet hue.

Nyx Berry Bed Sheets Smooth Whip Blurring Matte Lip Cream – $8
Berry Bed Sheets is a deep vivid rich vampy purple. See all my Nyx Cosmetics features.

Nyx STFU Suede Matte Lipstick – $9
STFU is a vivid magenta purple lipstick.

Milani Kink Color Fetish Balm Lipstick – $9.99
Kink is a bright warm purple with pink undertones.

Kaleidos Siren Cloud Lab Lip Clay – $12
Siren is a deep blue-toned purple.

Kaleidos Mercury Wave Cloud Lab Lip Clay – $12
Mercury Wave is a grungy greige purple that is perfectly balanced between blue, grey, and mauve. I love this shade as a sort of neutral lip look. I’m wearing Mercury Wave in these Dossier perfume photos.

Aromaleigh Chione Goddess Gloss – $14.39
Chione is a sheer blue to violet iridescent shifting gloss. It looks stunning layered on top of black and purple lipsticks. See all my Aromaleigh indie makeup features.

Aromaleigh Bury the Hours Lip Gloss – $14.39
Bury the Hours is a vivid magenta berry with blue-violet shift.

Lime Crime Disco Down Soft Touch Lipstick – $15
Disco Down is a bright magenta purple.

Lime Crime Violet Vibes Soft Touch Lipstick – $15
Violet Vibes is a deep violet burgundy.

Necromancy Cosmetica Lydia Lipstick – $16
Lydia is the darkest plum purple matte. See my Necromancy Cosmetica Indie Makeup Brand Review.

Necromancy Cosmetica Purple Hex Lipstick – $16
Purple Hex is a creamy midtone purple matte.

Necromancy Cosmetica Witches Brew Lipstick – $16
Witches Brew is a light muted lilac matte.

*Vampyre Cosmetics Fangria Lipstick – $19
Fangria is a deep, vivid cool blue-toned purple. See Vampyre Cosmetics liquid lipsticks lip swatches on me! See my Vampyre Cosmetics gothic makeup brand features.

* denotes PR sample

Half-Magic Beauty Mouth Cloud Swatches on Light Skin
L to R Half-Magic Self Help (true red, leans warm on me), Excuse Me, Sir (cobalt blue), Angel Rave (lilac violet), Invoice Attached (neon hot pink), Mr. Chic-y Pants (warm beige), and Frosty B*tch (iridescent icy peach) Magic Drip Glitter Lip gloss.

Half Magic Angel Rave Mouth Cloud – $20
Angel Rave is a lilac violet soft muted purple. I love this blurring formula! It’s so great on my lips. I plan to mix the red and blue together, as well as the neon hot pink and blue together, to see what sort of purple shades they’ll create. When I first tried the lip products I wasn’t happy with them because of the shades I chose. I am much happier now that I have the neon hot pink and cobalt blue, as bold colors look amazing on me. See my Half-Magic Beauty makeup review video.

Half Magic Excuse Me, Sir Mouth Cloud – $20
Excuse Me, Sir, is a cobalt blue and it can be mixed with other colors. I look amazing in this blue lip color.

*Vampyre Cosmetics Precocious Purple Lipstick – $22
Precocious Purple is a vivid purple.

* denotes PR sample

KVD Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick swatches on light skin
L to R Moth Orchid (soft pink), Queen of Poisons (chestnut rose), Wolfsbane (intense blue-purple), and Bloodflower (blue-toned red)

KVD Dark Wisteria Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick – $23
Dark Wisteria is a purple blackberry.

KVD Dark Wolfsbane Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick – $23
Wolfsbane is an intense blue-purple. I love this color and I really enjoy the Hyperlight formula. It’s not kiss proof but it is smudge proof on me. It doesn’t dry out my lips or cause them to peel off like the older KVD formula did. I have the following shades on my wish list – Dark Wisteria (purple blackberry), Black Briar (black), Milk Thistle (vivid magenta), and Scarlet Pearl (vibrant pink). See my KVD Beauty makeup features.

*Urban Decay No Restraints Vice Lip Bond Glossy Longwear Liquid Lipstick – $27
No Restraints is a bold warm purple with a pink undertone.

Urban Decay OG Backtalk Vice Lip Bond Glossy Longwear Liquid Lipstick – $27
OG Backtalk is a mauve nude pink. The original version of this was my favorite MLBB (My lips but better) lip color. This version appears to be slightly darker and more mauve-nude than pink-mauve. See my Urban Decay makeup looks and reviews.

*denotes PR sample

LE Shades

Milani Make Believe Purple Lipstick

Milani Make Believe lipstick was from a Halloween release and it may or may not show up again this year. I love the 3 colors I have from this Halloween collection. It’s such a stunning purple! Milani Make Believe and Moira Extra match each other, both being vibrant purples with red and blue sparks mixed in with the purple shimmer. See my Milani affordable makeup features.

Lime Crime Plum Pudding Plushie Glow is my all-time favorite liquid lipstick formula by Lime Crime. I desperately wish that they would release a full plushie glow line! I’ve barely got any left of my LE Plum Pudding. See my Lime Crime makeup looks and reviews.

Curiouser & Curiouser

I included Copacetic Curiouser & Curiouser liquid lipstick in my swatches. I haven’t had good luck with this liquid lipstick yet but I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve before I give up on it. It’s gorgeous and I thought you’d enjoy seeing it.

Purple Mascara

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara Swatches in Purple, Black, and Green on fair skin

The best purple mascara that I’ve found to date is the Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara in Purple. It’s a blackened indigo eggplant and I wish the purple was slightly more vibrant and less black, but it looks great with purple makeup looks.

I also have the Green, which is a lush deep green.

The original Black color is my go-to daily wear tubing mascara that never flakes and is easy to remove. I wish that the Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara came in a deep burgundy wine, because that’s the other mascara color I love to wear as much as black. Black or Burgundy mascaras are what I want to wear the most, followed by Purple, Blue, & Green. I rarely wear Brown mascara.

Purple Cheeks

purple goth makeup inspiration cheek makeup swatches on fair skin

I love purple cheeks, whether it’s in the form of a highlighter, blush or contour. I hope these beautiful colors will help give you some purple goth makeup ideas and inspiration for looks.

Silk Naturals Phaedra HD Cream Blush – $5.96
Phaedra is a light red-toned purple blush with a strong blue duochrome highlight. It’s a great highlighting blush.

Silk Naturals Instinct HD Cream Blush – $5.96
Instinct is a deep red-toned purple blush with strong blue duochrome highlight.

Aromaleigh Aconitum napellus Loose Multipurpose Powder – $7.79-$15.49
Aconitum napellus is a greyed violet.

Aromaleigh Iris Loose Blush – $7.79-$15.49
Iris is a muted purple with peachy pink shift.

Aromaleigh Psyche Loose Blush – $7.79-$15.49
Psyche is a beautiful purple with muted burgundy tones.

My Pretty Zombie 6-mam Loose Blush – $8.80
6-mam is a muted dusty plum with violet shimmer. See my My Pretty Zombie indie makeup features.

My Pretty Zombie Arsenic Trioxide Loose Blush – $8.80
Arsenic Trioxide is a mauve with a lavender sheen and blue sparks.

My Pretty Zombie Oxycodone Trioxide Loose Blush – $8.80
Oxycodone is a blue violet with pink sparks.

Sydney Grace Co Paris Skies Pressed Blush – $9
Paris Skies is a light lavender with an iridescent gold shift.

Copacetic Halloween Magic Purrfect Glow Highlighter – $10-$15
Halloween Magic is a beautiful purple iridescent highlighter.

Copacetic Water Rabbit Purrfect Glow Highlighter – $10-$15
Water Rabbit is an iridescent blue-periwinkle highlighter.

Jason Wu Beauty Opal Highlighter Stick – $11.99
Opal is an opalescent blue-violet highlighter stick.

Give Me Glow Lilac Euphoria Matte Blush – $12
Lilac Euphoria is a vivid mid tone cool lilac.

Give Me Glow Queen of the Glammed Matte Blush – $12
Queen of the Glammed is deep purple berry mauve.

Lethal Cryostasis Pressed Blush – $15.50
Cryostasis is a shimmery amethyst with lavender pearl. This is my favorite pressed blush formula!

Lethal Aster Pressed Blush – $15.50
Aster is a shimmery lilac blush with lavender pearl. Aster is my favorite purple from Lethal! I also have Hybrid, a lavender matte, which appears to be discontinued.

Purple cheek swatches on very fair neutral cool muted yellow olive skin

Coloured Raine Butterfly Cream Blush – $16
Butterfly is a purple with neutral pink undertone. It’s more blue-toned than Score.

About Face Score Cheek Freak Blush Balm – $18
Score is a pinky lilac purple cream blush. It’s easy to build up.

Danessa Myricks Femme Vision Flush Glow – $20
Femme is a lilac pink opalescent glow.

Danessa Myricks Grape Vision Flush – $20
Grape is a purple grape berry jam color.

Black Moon Cosmetics Catshark Moonlighter – $22
Catshark is a stunning iridescent lilac.

Half Magic Spiritually Complex Light Trap Duochrome Highlighter – $22
Spiritually Complex is a beautiful violet with blue pearls that I use as a highlighting blush but it works as a gorgeous highlighter on deeper skin tones. Enter the Glow (a champagne with lilac pearls) is also lovely, but very subtle for my taste.

Half-Magic Only Drama Cheek Fluff Blush – $22
Only Drama is a magenta plum that is beautiful with purple and pink makeup looks. I especially love the formula of this blurring blush.

Urban Decay Unhinged Hydromaniac Dewy Liquid Blush – $22
Unhinged is a saucy berry mauve.

Rituel de Fille Intuition Inner Glow Creme – $32
Intuition is a mauve grey taupe. See all my Rituel de Fille luxury indie makeup features.

Rituel de Fille Eclipse Inner Glow Creme – $32
Eclipse is a blackened aubergine cream blush.

Rituel de Fille The High Priestess Metamorpihc Highlighter – $32
The High Priestess is an iridescent lilac purple.

Rituel de Fille Air Glow Hybrid Balm

I loved the Rituel de Fille Air Glow Hybrid Balm in Atmosphere (iridescent violet opal)! It’s an awesome primer. I swipe it on my face and then rub it in with my fingers or use a foundation brush. It performs beautifully under the light to light-medium coverage foundations that I prefer. Honestly, I also love wearing it on its own because I love to glow.

I purchased the Airglow Luminous Hybrid Primer + Balm lab release sample for $28 in August 2021. Hopefully we will see this product made available for everyone to purchase, as I’m a sucker for stick makeup. I find this format very easy to apply and use, and it fits into my makeup bag nicely.

Purple Eyes

There are countless purple eyeshadows that exist, so I’m going to share some of my absolute favorites with you. I’m gutted about Terra Moons, and will not mention my favorite purples from them for any purple goth makeup ideas. I’m also sad that I only own 1 awesome purple eyeshadow named Brainwave from Urban Decay right now (in the UD Chill Happy palette).

Silk Naturals Purple eyeshadow swatches on very fair skin
1 – Silk Naturals Tour & Silk Naturals Smoke Show
2 – Silk Naturals Mermaid & Silk Naturals Scream
3 – Silk Naturals Siobhan & Silk Naturals Stinger
4 – Silk Naturals Currant & Silk Naturals Dead Ringer

Silk Naturals Brimstone Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Brimstone is a smokey purple with copper highlights and a dupe for MAC Slate.

Silk Naturals Siobhan Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Siobhan is a deep red plum shimmer.

Silk Naturals Breathe Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Breathe is a lavender purple duochrome with a blue shift, similar to Urban Decay Asphyxia.

Silk Naturals Mermaid Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Mermaid is a red-toned purple with strong teal blue duochrome shift.

Silk Naturals Scream Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Scream is a medium-deep cool-toned purple with teal shift.

*Silk Naturals Calypso Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Calypso is a bright, nearly neon vibrant purple matte.

*Silk Naturals Currant Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Currant is a deep dark purple satin, perfect for smoking out looks.

*Silk Naturals Dead Ringer Loose Eyeshadow – $4.95
Dead Ringer is a deep blue violet with slighty shimmery blue highlight. If you like Anastasia Beverly Hills Soul, you’ll love this color.

* denotes PR sample.

purple goth makeup ideas eyeshadow swatches on fair neutral to muted cool yellow olive undertone

Aromaleigh Mythical Weaver Loose Eyeshadow – $7.99
Mythical Weaver is a vivid warm purple magenta matte.

Devinah Seance Pressed Eyeshadow – $9
Baby Bat Beauty makes my favorite intense purple multichrome that shifts to royal blue, magenta pink, and coppery orange, but it’s been out of stock forever from them. Devinah Seance is a very similar color!

Lethal Cosmetics Purple Single Eyeshadows in a magnetic stackable palette

Lethal Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadows $6-$16.50
I love all my Lethal eyeshadows, so here are my favorite purples. Mercury (ultra metallic mauve), Foxglove (medium deep violet matte), Noodle (purple base that shifts to rose gold metallic), Retreat (neon purple matte), Exosphere (metallic purple multichrome that shifts to teal, deep blue, and olive and orange), Midnight (deep eggplant matte), Nox (metallic purple with red specks), Undone (warm mid-toned purple matte), Nightcall (deep purple matte), Sequence (pastel lavender matte), Unity (deep grape matte), and Release (midtone dusty lavender matte).

See swatches of my Lethal pink and purple eyeshadows, reds/peaches/neutral eyeshadows, yellows and greens and blue eyeshadows, and ghost iridescent eyeshadows. Lethal Cosmetics mattes are my go-to matte eyeshadow formula. They also make beautiful shimmers and multichromes.

Aromaleigh Ostara Loose Multipurpose Powder – $7.79-$15.49
Ostara is a soft sheer peach with a strong purple highlight. I love this color so much because of the purple shift.

Aromaleigh Nyx Loose Multipurpose Powder – $7.79-$15.49
Nyx is a smoky grey-purple base with rich violet iridescence.

Moira Extra Starshow Shadow Pot – $9.95
Extra is a vibrant shimmery purple with blue and red sparks. Moira Extra and Milani Make Believe match each other.

Clionadh Noble Glitter Vibrant Multichrome Pressed Eyeshadow – $13.65
Noble is a stunning multichrome warm violet base with pink-peach-lime-aqua shifts. This is my favorite eyeshadow that I own from Clionadh.

Lime Crime Whatever Electric Slide Eyeshadow Stick – $14
Whatever is a lavender purple matte. It’s insanely easy to blend out! Apply this and then pop a sheer iridescent multichrome on top and it’s a 5 minute quick and easy statement makeup look.

Sydney Grace Alexandrite Cream Shadow – $15
Alexandrite is a purple multichrome that shifts to blue, teal, pink and purple. This shadow formula is excellent and it’s a great one and done color. See me in Alexandrite here!

Purple Cream and Liquid Eyeshadow Swatches on pale skin
AF = About Face Beauty

About Face Matte Fluid Eye Paints – $16
There are several purples in this line! Dionysus (soft orchid purple), New Karma (bright purple), Morning Glory (indigo purple), and Infinity (eggplant purple).

Danessa Myricks Journey Color Fix Metallic – $18
Journey is a metallic violet purple, so stunning.

Danessa Myricks Parade Color Fix Foil – $18
Parade is a mauve purple with seafoam teal glitter and a foil finish. I have this beautiful color on the way to me. You can see Mermaid (teal foil with purple shift, the purple shift is subtle) in the swatches above.

Danessa Myricks Royalty Color Fix Matte – $18
Royalty is a bright warm purple matte.

Clionadh Oculus Jewelled Multichrome Pressed Eyeshadow – $18.97
Oculus is a deep jewel toned multichrome that shifts purple to blue to violet to turquoise to pink to red to orange and gold.

Black Moon Cosmetics Nebula Cosmic Eyedust – $19
Nebula has a smoky black base that shifts to multidimensional purple shimmer.

P. Louise Eye Paints – $19
P. Louise Eye Paints are great to work with. Ecstasy is a deep blue-toned purple and Ibiza is a light lavender purple.

Danessa Myricks Lilac Flame ColorFix Liquid Metal – $20
Lilac Flame is a silvery lavender metallic. People are obsessed with this color this year!

Ciate London Wicked Marbled Metals Metallic Glitter Eyeshadow – $24
Wicked is a stunning deep purple base with strong golden turquoise green shift. It’s the closest color I’ve been able to find to my long discontinued Darling Girl Mistress. Mistress has more of a berry base and stronger green shift. Both of these colors are beautiful. The Ciate London eyeshadows are the same type of formula as the Moira Starshow and Tarte Chrome Paint Pots.

Half-Magic Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paint + Eyeliner swatches on fair skin

Half-Magic Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paints – $25
I own every single shade of the Half-Magic Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paints because they’re awesome for adding extra sparkle to your makeup looks. Main Character (violet with silver reflects) and Spirit Guide (periwinkle with lilac reflects) are the most purple shades, but Fairies are Real and Baby Bunny both look great when worn with purples!

Half-Magic Crown Plz Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint – $25
Crown Plz is a beautiful deep lilac. It’s easy to mix it with the cobalt shade Off the Deep End to make a more blue-toned purple.

Karla Shadow Potions $36.68
The Karla Cosmetics Shadow Potions are a unique multichrome formula that applies easily to the eyes and lasts all day. Slumber Party is a purple multichrome that shifts to indigo, blue, bronze, and hints of magenta. Midnight is a vivid purple that shifts to midnight blue and pink. I love that these never budge or crease.

Rituel de Fille Flora Eye Soot – $39
Flora is described as a dimensional lavender. To my eyes Flora has a light taupe base with multidimensional icy iridescent lavender twinkles. I love Rituel de Fille’s Eye Soots and Gelee Eye gloss, but the colors never set fully on my oily, hooded eyelids. If you have hooded eyes like me, you need to be aware that these always end up creasing on me. I love the new jars and Flora is a lovely sophisticated subtle lavender purple.

Final Thoughts

Purple Makeup Inspiration

Purple makeup can be very difficult to formulate properly. Purple lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows are often the weakest formulas in a makeup brand’s lineup. I’m picky with my favorite color, so I’m happy to be able to share so many great purples with you to help inspire purple goth makeup ideas.

Indie makeup brands have the best purple eyeshadows in my experience. They work hard to create purples that are wearable in a good formula that wears well and blends well.

I love purple makeup and I hope you love these purple goth makeup ideas! I need more unique purple lid shades, as I have plenty of beautiful purple mattes to work with. With all the purples I’ve showcased, which did you like best? What are your favorite purples?

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