DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette

DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Thoughts

Hello, beautiful people! Today I’m bringing you my DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette. I created this small red editorial eyeshadow palette with indie makeup lovers in mind.

A Note About Terra Moons Cosmetics

Please note, this diy palette was created prior to the Terra Moons X Krystal Clear Makeup drama and my surgery. In case it needs to be said, I’m pro Science, pro Facts, pro vaccines, and I’m anti Nazis. As a queer Jewish woman, I do not condone or support anyone who is a white supremist/Nazi, nor do I support anti vaxxers. I’m very Far Left, not a conservative, and there is no party in the USA that represents my beliefs in things like universal basic income, universal health care, and socialism.

I’ve received PR from Terra Moons for the first time this year and shared swatches of my entire Terra Moons collection.

I’m not currently comfortable shopping with Terra Moons or recommending them to people, despite me loving their products, because of Terra Moons’ response to to this drama and the person they chose to partner with. There are so many great indie creators out there, why choose someone horrible?

Is Terra Moons beyond redemption? I don’t know. It shouldn’t be difficult for a company to make statements such as “We don’t condone nor support Nazis or anti vaxxers.” It’s honestly shocking to me how many companies seem to find it difficult to say those things.

Why DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette?

Why DIY red eyeshadow palette? Or DIY any palette? I love eyeshadow singles so that I can build my own palette filled with eyeshadows that flatter my skin tone and eyes, instead of having to try to make due with a pre-built palette in unflattering hues. I’m someone who struggles to wear warm browns, so I’d rather put together a palette with cool-tones or some of the warmer hues I can wear. Anyway, that was a long way to say ‘I love being able to customize my makeup to fit me,’ which is why I love to DIY.

Why 8 Shades?

For a smaller palette, I like to use between 8 to 12 shades. That way it’s not too much, not too little, and there should be no redundancy in such a small palette. I found 8 seemed perfect for my diy red eyeshadow palette.

What if I don’t like DIY Palettes?

If you are someone who does not love diy’ing your own eyeshadow palette, I recommend picking up some of the 9 pan edits by Beauty Bay! I own 2 of their palettes and their formula is excellent and affordable. You can also look at Vampyre Cosmetics and their palettes! The Emily the Strange palettes are especially great! I believe Vampyre has a buy 3 get 1 free sale right now.

DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette

DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette

My adorable 8 pan DIY red eyeshadow palette is pictured above! In the top row we have Blood Moon, Jovian Storm, Starfire, Cerise Waves. The bottom row is Moon Reverie, Cascade, Infrared, and Daisy.

Because I have hooded eyes, I find matte eyeshadow a must have for me to create balanced looks. I need my mattes to balance out my shimmers!

DIY Red Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

red eyeshadow palette swatches on light skin
Taken outdoors in direct sunlight.
red eyeshadow palette swatches on fair skin
Taken indoors in indirect natural light
  • Terra Moons Cerise Waves – vibrant red shimmer (try Devinah Salvatore)
  • *Terra Moons Jovian Storm – a dark orange, gold, reddish base and hints of green (try Devinah Frothy Surf)
  • Terra Moons Infrared – red neon matte (try Sugarpill Love+)
  • Terra Moons Moon Reverie – deep maroon matte (try Devinah Virago)
  • Terra Moons Blood Moon – stunning plum, red, orange and black multichrome (try Lethal Dark Matter)
  • Devinah Starfire – red burgundy wine that shifts to purple and orange and has a blue violet glow
  • Lethal Daisy – powder pink satin
  • Lethal Cascade – cool-toned cerise red matte

*denotes PR

See the swatches in action in my YouTube Short video!

Why I Chose These Colors

red eyeshadow palette swatches on pale skin

Let’s start with the mattes first! I wanted both a bright neon red matte such as Infrared as well as a cool-toned red like Cascade to allow for brighter and softer looks. Daisy is an excellent color for blending out the edges and softening shades. Moon Reverie is perfect for deepening up a look without turning to black. I find these 4 mattes necessary for me to create versatile red eyeshadow looks on my hooded eyes.

On to the multichromes and shimmers! Cerise Waves is perfect for a beautiful shimmery red lid. Starfire is such a stunning color! I love to use Starfire at the outer half of my lid to add dimension and depth, as well as color shifts. Jovian Storm has a reddish base but it’s so shifty and I constantly see red, orange, gold, copper, and even hints of green in its shift. Finally, Blood Moon is the best for a smoky liner or to add more depth to a look.

All of the multichromes can be worn on their own for a one and done eye-catching makeup look. They also look great when used together. You can use every single multichrome with every single matte for gorgeous quick statement eye makeup looks.

Blood Moon is awesome because you can take a black, brown, or burgundy eyeliner and line your eyes, then use a smokey eyeliner brush to apply Blood Moon on top of the liner. You end up with a rich, complex black with hints of red, wine, copper and more.

Final Thoughts

If you love eyeshadow but struggle to use every single color in a premade palette, you might want to check out indie eyeshadow singles! You can Build Your Own Palette (BYOP) with colors that flatter your undertones. Below are the brands that I purchase from, recommend, and use for building single eyeshadow palettes.

If you’re open to loose eyeshadows, you’ll fall in love with the following brands.

  • Aromaleigh (use code CORDELIA for 15% off), there are some amazing shifty shadows and beautiful mattes
  • Silk Naturals so many beautiful cream blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks!
  • My Pretty Zombie (use code myprettyphyrra for 15% off) – so many beautiful and unique red eyeshadows
  • Fyrinnae their loose offerings dwarf their pressed!
  • Karla Cosmetics (use code Cordelia to save) – I love their loose and own the most in this format
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics – I love their loose colors like Ghosted, Flora, Brick Toast and Countess

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  1. Your loose powder options are some of my favorite brands, especially MPZ for reds. She makes such rich colors.

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