Barbie Makeup

Barbie Makeup - Inspiration by Cordelia Frost

Hello, beautiful people! Today I’m sharing my Barbie makeup look with you!  I’ve been quarantined for the past two weeks because I can’t get sick before my surgery or it will be moved. This is the last makeup look I’ll be able to do before my surgery.

Dave took the body photos on his new Google Pixel Fold phone, which has an awesome camera. Unfortunately, one of the features on it shrank some of the images in unexpected ways. I’m wishing Apple would bring out a fold phone similar to the Pixel, but on Apple’s platform, which I prefer.

Barbie Makeup Look

Pink Makeup Inspiration on blue-green eyes Barbie Makeup Inspiration on hooded eyes

Barbie Makeup Barbie Makeup Look on Cordelia Frost

Sigma Prime + Control brow wax
KVD Aubergine Super Pomade

Concrete Minerals Glitter Eye primer
P. Louise Glow Girl eye paint (bright Barbie pink base)
*Vampyre Masque (Vincent Price Palette) (code CORDELIA to save)
Lethal Crossroads, Remedy eyeshadows
Terra Moons Lost in Space, *WR 124 eyeshadows
Karla Moody Cow eyeshadow (code CORDELIA to save)
Smashbox Javelin cream eyeshadow (LE, discontinued, try Ultramarine)
P. Louise Touch of Frost eye paint
Devinah Starfire eyeshadow
Fenty Lavender Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder
Rom&nd Long Ash Han All Fix mascara
Eyeko Lash Alert mascara
Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow Longwear stylo
KVD White Out Cake pencil (discontinued, try LA Girl Snowflake)
Moira Crystal Star liquid liner

Elf Power Grip primer
Danessa Myricks Gold Prism FX hydrating lotion
Rare Beauty Light Positive Light Under Eye brightener
Danessa Myricks Shade 1 Yummy Skin Serum skin tint
Jouer Sunset Bloom, Bronze & Glow
P. Louise Legally Pink blush
Silk Naturals Light Meld Setting powder
Physicians Formula Light Butter bronzer
Aromaleigh Blodeuwedd blush (code CORDELIA to save)
Flower Sunrise Heatwave bronzer
Patrick Ta She’s a Doll powder blush
Kaleidos Star Surfer highlighter
Beyou Green Tea setting spray

Buxom Recharged Ruby Powerline plumping lip liner
Half-Magic Invoice Attached mouth cloud
Karla Drama Queen eyeshadow (code CORDELIA to save)

*denote PR

I’ve had a few people ask about my angels & devils neon sign. It’s currently 10% off at Amazon.

About the Eye Makeup

  1. I used P. Louise Glow Girl eye paint for my vivid pink eyeshadow base on the lid and lower lid.
  2. Vampyre Masque (Vincent Price Palette) was layered on top to make it more vibrant.
  3. Lethal Crossroads was used to blend out the edges.
  4. Fenty Lavender Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder further blended out the edges.
  5. Terra Moons WR 124 eyeshadow was applied all over the lid.
  6. Devinah Starfire eyeshadow was applied to the outer lid.
  7. Terra Moons Lost in Space eyeshadow was applied to the lower lid.
  8. Karla Moody Cow eyeshadow was applied to the inner v and lower lid.
  9. Smashbox Javelin cream eyeshadow was mixed with P. Louise Touch of Frost eye paint to create the liner.
  10. Lethal Remedy eyeshadow was applied on top of the liner.
  11. KVD White Out Cake pencil was used on the lower waterline.
  12. Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow Longwear stylo tightlined the upper waterline.
  13. Moira Crystal Star liquid liner applied as an accent under the outer part of the eyeliner wing.
  14. Rom&nd Long Ash Han All Fix mascara was used as the mascara base.
  15. Eyeko Lash Alert mascara finished the look.

Fashion I’m Wearing

Cosmic Aura Celestial Mesh Velvet Twofer Dress

I am obsessed with this mesh top from Hot Topic! The velvet dress is cute, but the mesh top is why I wanted this outfit. You can see a cute photo of the mesh top in the 4th photo of this Instagram post. It was too small to add to the blog, but I’ll take more photos with it post surgery.

*denotes PR

Kuromi Pom Pom Corset Top Hot Topic Kuromi Pom Pom Corset Top worn by Cordelia Frost Cordelia is

The Kuromi Pom Pom Corset Top is the other item I’m featuring from Hot Topic. Awesome bat canvas art from etsy.

*denotes PR

By the way, I only have my thumb and pinky nails painted, as the rest must be bare for surgery. It makes things easier for the anesthesiologist. I’ve taken out all my metal jewelry and have plastic retainers in until after surgery. Glad I’m not healing a new piercing right now! I decided to wait until after surgery to get the other side of my nose done, which I’ve been waiting to do since January 2020.

Dave adores this top! It looks great with high-waisted pants as well as cute skirts like the Kuromi Roses skirt. See me wearing it in my Kuromi Aesthetic Fashion Inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Nyx & Cordelia cuddling in bed in the morning
Nyx & I cuddling in bed before getting up in the morning

I’ll be having my prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery tomorrow. Please send good vibes my way. I look forward to seeing you on the other side of it!

If you’re missing me while I’m gone, please read my blog posts, watch my videos on YouTube, check my Instagram for updates, or chat with me on Threads. I’ve been blogging for 15 years and I’m trying to keep it going despite Google’s repeated attempts to kill off blogs.

Thank you all so much for the love and support over the years! I’ll be back as soon as I can, but I’m definitely in recovery for the next several weeks. Oh, and what did you think of my Barbie Makeup?

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  1. Will certainly send all the good vibes your way! I hope it goes well, and that your recovery is easy.
    I love your blog!
    I’m not a Meta or Twitter fan (hubby has a masters in computer security, so I know too much to be comfortable with social media, lol) So I will do whatever I can to help keep your blog afloat! Long live blogs!!!
    <3 for tomorrow and beyond!

  2. You look amazing in this makeup, and I love the cute Hot Topic outfits! I will be thinking about you all day! We love you!

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