Terra Moons Eyeshadow Swatches

Terra Moons Eyeshadow Swatches

Hello, beautiful people. Today I’m bringing you my Terra Moons eyeshadow swatches! Terra Moons sent me their new Summer Solstice 2023 collection to share with you. You’ll also see swatches of my entire Terra Moons eyeshadow collection, which is filled with their multichrome eyeshadows as well as some of their mattes. Please watch the video to see the swatches in action!

Where to Buy
Terra Moons, Amazon

PR + Purchased by me.

Terra Moons Eyeshadow Review Video

Please watch the video on YouTube for Closed Captioning in English.

Summer Solstice 2023 Swatches

Terra Moons Summer Solstice 2023 Swatches

Terra Moons Eyeshadow Swatches of the Summer Solstice 2023:

  • Ultraviolet – Titania
  • Butterfly Nebula – Halo of Stars
  • WR 124 – Star Formation
  • Jovian Storm – Alsephina
  • Mystic Mountain – Galileo
  • Voyager

My Terra Moons Eyeshadow Collection Swatches

Multichrome Eyeshadow Swatches

Here are my Terra Moons Eyeshadow Swatches:

  • Zero gravity – Light Year
  • Euphoria – Lunar Spectrum
  • Lightspeed – Daybreak
  • Terrestrial – Cinnamon Toast
  • Zenith – Terrasphere
  • Antares – Quasar
  • Lost in Space – UFO
  • Fortune Teller – Hydra
  • Interstellar – Moon Tide

Terra Moons eyeshadow swatches on fair skin

And even more swatches:

  • Counting Stars – Artemis
  • Mood Ring – Beyond Apollo
  • Prism Skies – Ophiuchus
  • Critical Mass – Gamma Ray
  • Mirage – Lunar Lavender
  • Cerise Waves – Blood Moon
  • Sangre – Infrared
  • Carnaval – Royal
  • Star Crazy – Moon Reverie
  • Shire – Chestnut

Final Thoughts

I love to build my own palettes and have a collection of high quality eyeshadow singles. Terra Moons offers great value for the price. Their eyeshadows range from $6 for mattes to $18 for multichromes, and the price depends on the ingredients used. I love the variety of finishes offered in the multichrome formulas, so if you like a smoother look you can get it and if you want an ultra blingy one it’s available too.

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  1. I can’t get into Instagram so if I can’t see a blog post then I can’t read the information. Plus I think blogs show great pictures. I’ve been interested in Terra Moons and you’ve given me a guide to what I’d buy. You are always welcome to rejoin the Beauty Spotlight Team to give your blog a boost.

  2. I don’t think I can easily get my hands on TM here in the UK – but I admit, the multichromes and those gorgeous reds are super tempting….

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