Missha BB Cream Swatches

Missha BB Cream Swatches and Review

Hello, beautiful people! Today I wanted to share my Missha BB Cream Swatches and thoughts with you. I love lightweight BB creams with adjustable coverage and flexible shade formulas. Missha is a Korean beauty brand that launched in 2000. Elizabeth Olsen is currently their global ambassador.

Where to Buy
Missha US, Amazon, YesStyle

$7-$18 depending on where you buy it

This post contains a mix of products I’ve purchased and PR samples.

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What I’m Looking For in a Complexion Perfection Product

What do I want in a complexion perfection product? I want my complexion product to be a flawless shade match. It needs to be longwearing for at least 12 hours on primer. I love light to medium coverage that blurs imperfections, so I rarely need or want full coverage. Foundation sticks are my preferred formula because of their customizable coverage, ease of use, and portability. I love a glowy finish, so anywhere from radiant to skinlike is what I’m looking for. See more foundation features.

About My Skin and Skin Tone

My skin tone is a very fair cool neutral to muted yellow olive, and when I’m exposed to sun I turn olive. I have dry skin and my main concerns are blurring fine lines and hyperpigmention, as well as evening out my skin tone. While my skin used to be Sahara Desert dry, it seems to be slowly making its way more towards being more normal, less dry.

About Perfect Missha Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

BB Creams are the OGs of skincare-makeup hybrids. Missha BB Cream touts to brighten, even, sooth, and cover skin imperfections. It’s medium to high coverage, and has a lightweight formula.

Migraine sufferers beware; it does have a light fragrance. While it doesn’t trigger migraines for me, it might for others.

Shade Range

Dave with Cordelia and Carlye in kitsch outfits
Cordelia, Dave, & magical bestie Carlye at the kitsch photoshoot, all 3 of us are wearing Missha #13

Now, it needs to be said up front that these BB creams have a very limited shade range that goes from very fair to light-medium or medium at best. That said, I’ve found their foundation shades to be very flexible.

I took Shade 13 with me to Las Vegas for my honeymoon. I used Shade 13 on myself, Dave, and Carlye in the photoshoot above. Even though I consider Shade 13 to be slightly too pink-toned for my taste, it works quite well on me. Dave has a reddish-pink undertone to his skin and it was seamless for him. Carlye is quite cool toned and it worked perfectly for her as well.

Wear SPF

I put Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50+ PA++++, aka my daily spf product, on every single day before wearing makeup. I do not rely on any makeup product that has SPF to fully protect my face, because I apply my foundation sparingly and may not apply enough of it to reach the recommended SPF dose to protect my skin.

How to Wear

I prefer to use one of my favorite primers with any makeup. However, I’ve found that Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50+ PA++++ makes a decent primer with my skin while visiting family this past weekend. My current favorite primers are:

* denotes PR sample


Missha BB Cream Swatches on fair skin

Missha BB Cream Swatches on pale skin

Missha BB Cream Swatches on Light skin

Here are swatches of the three shades that I own.

  • BB Cream in 13
  • BB Cream in 17
  • BB Cream in 21

Missha BB Cream in 21 looks like it’s one shade darker than my very fair neutral cool skin with muted yellow olive undertones. It blends into my skin beautifully.

Missha BB Cream in 17 appears to be a very fair neutral leaning yellow, while the BB Cream in 13 is a very fair neutral leaning pink.

In my opinion, Missha BB Cream in 17 matches me best in terms of depth and saturation while BB Cream in 21 matches my undertones perfectly but is a shade or two too deep for me.

Comparison Swatches

Very Fair Foundation swatches on very fair skin

Pale foundation swatches on pale skin

Missha BB Creams Comparison Swatches on light skin
Indirect Natural Light indoors and direct sunlight outdoors

Products Featured:

* denotes PR samples

Products That Aren’t a Great Match

It Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40 Foundation in Fair Ivory, e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter in 1 Fair, Smashbox Halo Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 in Fair (Neutral Fair), and Idun Minerals Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30 in Gamla Stan Light are not good shade matches for me. They run dark and peachy orange.

Of these, the Idun Minerals Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30 in Gamla Stan Light has a fantastic formula, I just don’t know what happened to the shade range! In Idun Minerals foundations I wear Jorunn and it looks amazing on me. It’s just more full coverage than I want to wear.

e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter in 1 Fair was disappointing to me because I desperately wanted it to work! I love the doe foot applicator.

Smashbox Halo Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 in Fair was disappointing because of how orange it is. Shade .1 in their hydra foundation looks great on me so I don’t know what happened with this. I wish it had more muted undertones instead of being so orange.

Packaging I Hate

The award for the most frustrating packaging is the Surratt Dew Drop Foundation in 1 Very Fair. You need to press down on the top of the foundation lid on the sides while pressing the bottom to get it to dispense. While I love the color and finish, I despise the packaging so much. I regret not trying their stick foundation instead.

Great Complexion Perfection Products

Beautyblender 12-Hour Always on Radiant Skin Tint in Light 1 Fair Neutral is my newest favorite foundation to wear. It is almost perfect for me. The only way it would be better is if it was in a stick format. It looks best to me when I apply it with a damp makeup sponge, which I don’t enjoy doing anymore. I prefer a brush. You can apply it with a brush but it doesn’t look nearly as good with it.

Missha BB Creams are awesome. I still can’t get over the flexibility of shade 13 and how wonderful it was for the photoshoot we did. I picked up shade 21 on sale for around $7 from YesStyle and I’m very glad I did. While it is a shade or two darker than my skin tone, if I use it around the perimeter of my face it helps to give me depth and dimension that I sometimes find lacking in my finished looks.

Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder in Shade 1 is such a great product, I just wish it was in a stick! I don’t like having to stick my fingers in the jar, but that’s the way I find it applies and looks best. The blurring properties and slight coverage are great for everyday effortless makeup in my opinion.

Salt New York Sneaky Balm Hydrating Skin Tint in N13 is another great product like the Danessa Blurring Balm. And like it, I think it would be better in a refillable foundation stick package instead of the zip up magnetic 4 pan palette that I have for it. In the 4 pan, even my small foundation brush feels too big. I love the muted undertones of this one and think it looks great for effortless makeup too.

Urban Decay Hydromaniac Tinted Moisturizer in 10 Ultra-Fair Neutral is a long-time favorite because it’s so comfortable to wear, it lasts well on top of foundation, and it’s an excellent formula for me.

Under Eye Brightener vs. Concealer

Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener in Light Neutral is a product that I’ve been waiting for someone to make for a very long time. I have darkness under my eyes and a bit of hyperpigmentation that I find annoying. under my eyes is the only place that I ever feel like I need full coverage on my face, and with my fine lines, it doesn’t look flattering. The Positive Light Under Eye Brightener is lightweight and light reflecting, so I get the look I want of blurring and brightening without heavy coverage.

Otherwise, I don’t conceal much around my face right now. When I do, I use the Nyx Bare With Me Concealer in Fair.

What I Wear the Most Right Now

Right now, when I’m fighting with depression over my health issues, I haven’t been feeling makeup that’s a lot of effort. I’ve been wearing Missha BB Cream in 21 around the perimeters of my face with Beautyblender 12-Hour Always on Radiant Skin Tint in Light 1 Fair Neutral at the center of my face and Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener in Light Neutral.

In lieu of blush, I use Huda GloWish Soft Radiance Vegan Bronzing Powder in 01 Light on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I’ve never really been a bronzer or tanner girl, but this gives me a bit of effortless color.

I’ve been using rom&nd Han All Fix Mascara in Long Ash (deep cool ashy grey brown), as this isn’t as stark as black and it brings out the blue of my eyes. KVD Dazzle Eyeshadow Sticks have been great because I just run the tip across my finger and then tap that on my lid quickly. Nyx’s Thick It Stick It Brow Gel in Cool Ash Brown is great for giving my brows some natural definition.

About Face Fractal Glitter Lip Color in Sudden Shift (bright red with red and gold sparkle) and Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liner in Real Red has been my go-to lip combo. The Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liners don’t visibly plump my lips, nor do they sting, but I love the formula. It does stay put and make my lips look nice! I own most of the shades in this formula because I love how it works for me.

Bold Beige (light beige), Real Red (true red), Dangerous Dolly (mauve), Hush Hush Henna (cinnamon), Powerful Plum (plum), Recharged Red (ruby), and Rich Rose (rose pink) are the ones in my collection. I wish this line included a black, green, purple, and teal, but you never see exciting colors like that from Buxom.

Final Thoughts

I miss creating content and interacting with you. I’m sorry I’m struggling so much with my health issues. I’m doing the best that I can. I still love makeup and want to talk about it, which is why I wanted to share Missha BB Cream Swatches and Makeup thoughts with you. I hope you find my thoughts and swatches helpful.

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  • MISSHA US – Another place to find Missha


  1. I thank you for such a thoughtful review! My skin is on the fair side with pink undertones so it’s tricky to find a match that doesn’t make my face look different from my neck. And your swatches are perfection!!

  2. cordelia, you are still cordelia despite the circumstances you’re going through. other than a double a masstectomy, have you ever hear of a lumpectomy if you decided to keep your chest the way?

    1. I’ve had cysts cut our previously. I want to lower my lifetime risk of breast cancer. With my family history, I feel my best chances are the double mastectomy.

  3. Love hearing your thoughts, comments whenever you feel up to it. Thinking of you and yours often and sending love and all the good vibes in the world to you!

  4. Loved the updates on what you’re currently wearing. I’ve been favoring a five-minute face these days, so your recommendations are just in time!

    1. That’s definitely a 5 minute face, super quick and non fussy! The part that takes the longest for me is the lips and that’s because I like a bold lip. Happy you enjoy it!

  5. I don’t think you ever have to feel bad about updating after an absence. We’re all just happy to read your updates when you can! I’ve heard about this product before, and I’ll keep my eye out for it when I look for new complexion products (as a lazy, colorful makeup user, I only use complexion products less than half the time I play with other things).

    1. I love the Missha BB Creams for lazy day complexion with bright and colorful makeup! I have been so down that I haven’t felt like putting on bright and colorful eyeshadow, only bright lips.

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