9 Las Vegas Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Looks

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Hello, beautiful creatures! Happy Caturday! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Today I’m sharing my 9 Las Vegas Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Looks video. Since the perfect palette didn’t exist, I created my ideal DIY indie makeup palette for my vacation by shopping my makeup stash. I brought my Nabla Wildberry Cutie palette and several fantastic singles from Lethal Cosmetics and Terra Moons Cosmetics. I added glitter and shimmer with Stila’s Fairytale Glitter & Glow eyeshadow and About Face Eye Glitters. Please be warned this is a very photo-heavy feature.

I purchased everything because I love indie makeup brands, multi-chrome, and duo-chrome makeup. All opinions are my own.

9 Las Vegas Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Looks Video

Watch the video on YouTube with Closed Captioning in English!

I use Rev.com’s transcription services to add closed captioning in English to my videos to make them more accessible for everyone. While you can watch videos directly on my blog, you’ll have a better experience watching them on Youtube, especially if you prefer closed captioning as I do. It cost $45 for captions for this 29-minute-long video, but I consider them necessary.

Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Looks Combos

Las Vegas Makeup Look 1
Makeup Look 1
Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Look 2
Look 2
Vacation Makeup Looks
Vacation Makeup Looks 1 and 2
Las Vegas Makeup Look 3
Look 3
Vacation Makeup Look 4
Makeup Look 4
Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Looks
Vacation Makeup Looks 3-4
Las Vegas Makeup Look 5
Look 5
Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Look 6
Makeup Look 6
Vacation Makeup Looks
Vacation Makeup Looks 5-6
Honeymoon Vacation Look 7
Look 7
Makeup Look 8
Makeup Look 8
Terra Moons Moon Tide and Nabla Midnight Blue and Lethal Calcination
Terra Moons Moon Tide, Nabla Midnight Blue, and Lethal Calcination
Nabla Venom, Terra Moons Moon Tide, and Nyx Epic Ink Liner
Nabla Venom, Terra Moons Moon Tide, and Nyx Epic Ink Liner
Smoked Out Cat Eye Wings Makeup Look 9
Kitsch Photoshoot Makeup Look 9

Cordelia is wearing Kaleidos Fiamma a bright red cool toned lipstick

  1. Nabla Incense + Stila Fairytale + About Face Tin Pan Alley
  2. Nabla Botanic Juice + Stila Fairytale
  3. Lethal Calcination + Terra Moons Blood Moon + Nabla Water Dream
  4. Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow + Terra Moons Blood Moon + About Face Tin Pan Alley + Nabla Calcination
  5. Lethal Remission + Nabla Botanic Juice + Nabla Blackberry + Terra Moons Terrasphere
  6. Lethal Remission + Terra Moons Antares
  7. Nabla Midnight Blue Cupid’s Arrow + Terra Moons Moon Tide + Lethal Calcination
  8. Nabla Venom + Fenty 105 (skin tone shade) + Terra Moons Moon Tide + Nyx Epic Ink Liner
  9. Nabla Venom + Lethal Remission + Fenty 105 + Terra Moons Moon Tide + Lethal Calcination + Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow + Terra Moons Blood Moon + Missha BB Boomer & Perfect Cover BB Cream #13 + Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Universal + Aromaleigh Kupala & Ostara + Lime Crime Pony + Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions + About Face This Bliss + About Face 4ever Flame + Kaleidos Fiamma

Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Swatches

Honeymoon Vacation Makeup Swatches on fair skin

  • Row 1 – Terra Moons Moon Tide – Terra Moons Antares – Terra Moons Terrasphere
  • Row 2 – Lethal Remission – Lethal Quicksave – Terra Moons Blood Moon
  • Row 3 – Lethal Calcination – Lethal Nymph – Nabla Water Dream
  • Row 4 – Nabla Incense – Nabla Alchemy 2.0 – Nabla Bucolic Baby
  • Row 5 – Nabla Botanic Juice – Nabla Venom – Nabla Blackberry
  • Row 6 – About Face Tin Pan Alley – Stila Fairytale – About Face All About the Benjamins

Vacation Makeup Looks Makeup Products

Kitsch Las Vegas Photoshoot Makeup Look

Smoked Out Cat Eye Wings Terra Moons Moon Tide and Blood Moon Kitsch Photoshoot Makeup Look Multichrome eyeshadow makeup Indie Makeup Multichrome Look Las Vegas Kitsch Makeup Look Headshot of Cordelia Cordelia looking serious in indie makeup Las Vegas Kitsch Photoshoot Look

I love this makeup look so much! This is the only look where I’m in a full face of makeup. No foundation or anything in the other photos.

Final Thoughts

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I hope you enjoyed seeing my vacation makeup looks from my Las Vegas honeymoon vacation. I’m still working on my Las Vegas-related posts, as I want to share my favorite things I did in Las Vegas and the kitsch honeymoon photoshoot we did. You can read about my stay at theΒ Mandalay Bay Hotel. See photos from the fun photoshoot we did with our girl Carlye on my Instagram.Β 

I’m still drowning in work and feeling burnt out, which sucks. My boss is great, at least, but I struggle to have the energy to do any of my hobbies after work. I hope you enjoy this long-form video that’s about a half hour in length. I filmed it after work Thursday evening, so I tried to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. I also made my studio lights warmer than usual to imitate sunlight. Please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I loved these photos….the dual eye looks are very Gemini & I’m definitely here for that!
    My favorite, of course, is the red/purple look…you did an amazing job on these makeup looks.
    You’re not alone on the low energy train these days, trust me. It’s just a different world than what we grew up in.
    And I, for one, am very grateful for CC on videos, so Thank You, Cordelia.

    1. You know I can’t pass up a Gemini moment! So glad you love the red/purple look! I think these shorter mini-tutorials interspersed with talking and ‘slice of life’ moments seem to be things people want to see these days. As you said, it’s not the world we grew up in. I see all of the progressive moments as awesome progress, but many other things are just so draining and awful. So glad you find the CC helpful! Everything I watch at home, I watch with closed captioning.

  2. One and two make your eyes pop so well! And none is so gosh darn glamorous! Thank you so much for sharing! Such great inspiration!

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