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The Best Gothic Highlighters: Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters

The Best Gothic Highlighters: Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters

The Best Gothic Highlighters: Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters

Today I’m sharing the best gothic highlighters: Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters with you. Black Moon Cosmetics makes my all-time favorite highlighters! I’ve even hit pan on my favorite Catshark. Do you want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening? Black Moon’s got that covered! Do you desire to be a demure sylph? We’ve got that too!

Where to Buy
Black Moon Cosmetics


While I love that Black Moon Cosmetics is carried in Ulta, so you won’t see the highlighters there. They have a limited range of products available. You can find Deville, Haunting, Sleepwalker, Warrior, Armageddon and Castle liquid lipsticks, as well as the Orb of Light palette.

What I Want in a Highlighter

I want my highlighter to give me the lit-from-within ethereal pearlescent glowy skin that I crave. Yes, I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening. I want my dry skin to look glowy and gorgeous.

What I Don’t Want in a Highlighter

I do not want chunky glitter in my highlighter that emphasizes any texture on my cheeks. I have great skin, but I still feel like glittery highlighters make my cheeks look strange, not sexy.

What Black Moon Cosmetics Says About Their Moonlighters

Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters

Clockwise from top left – Catshark, Squid, Centipede, Shroom, Jellyfish, Glow Worm

Our bioluminescent pressed highlighters were created to give a mysterious glow from within, even in the darkest of settings.

  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Paraben-Free.
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Striking glow in one go or layer for blinding effects.
  • Blends seamlessly and becomes one with your pretty skin.
  • Luxuriously high quality pearls.
  • Lightly scented with cranberry-orange.

Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter Swatches

I bought Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter in Catshark first, then realized I was all about this formula, so bought several more shades. I should have just bought the bundle and saved, because I’ve bought every color except for Dragonfish.

Best Gothic Highlighters

T to B – Catshark, Squid, Glow Worm, Jellyfish

Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters Swatches on Fair Skin

T to B – Glow Worm, Jellyfish, Shroom, Centipede

Here are up close swatches of the best gothic highlighters by Black Moon Cosmetics, swatched on my fair skin.

Wearing Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters

Braided Hair for the Highlands
Catshark. See my Trip to Scotland and Glasgow.
Modern Vintage Witch
Catshark & Squid. See the makeup look. See the gothic fashion lookbook.
Moonslice Beauty Moonshake Peachy Nude Makeup Look
Squid. See the look.
Courtney is wearing Black Moon Orb of Light Palette plus ET and Hydrogen on the eyes, Murmaider on the lips, and Shroom and Squid on the cheeks
Shroom as blush. See the tutorial.
Medusa Costume Makeup
Glow Worm – See the tutorial.
Black Moon Catshark

I wanted to share some photos of me wearing the best gothic highlighters: the Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters. Catshark was the only highlighter I brought to Scotland. It’s the one I wear the most.

Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters Review

Best Gothic Highlighters swatched on fair skin

L to R – Centipede, Shroom, Glow Worm, Jellyfish, Squid, Catshark

  • Catshark – an iridescent lilac highlighter
  • Squid – a glorious diamond white highlighter
  • Jellyfish – an iridescent jellyfish blue highlighter
  • Glow Worm – an iridescent lime green highlighter
  • Shroom – a pink and light gold iridescent highlighter with pink reflects throughout
  • Centipede – a stunning pale banana yellow highlighter

As I mentioned above, Catshark is my favorite shade and I’ve hit pan on it. It’s my daily wear highlighter because I’m purple obsessed. Jellyfish is an awesome otherworldly blue. Squid and Centipede are great for everyday ‘normal’ highlighter shades on all skintones. Glow Worm is perfect for when I want to channel my Slytherin side. Shroom is a slightly different formula and on the chunky side. I typically use Shroom as a highlighting blush. Centipede I’ve experimented with but generally find it too dark for my skintone.

Which highlighter would you hit pan on first? What’s your current favorite highlighter? What’s your pick for the best gothic highlighters?



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