Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Review

Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Review swatches

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m bringing you my Sugarpill Fun Size Palette review, which is long overdue. I never planned to work through burnout for ten months, and because of lack of time, many of my blog plans never saw the light of day. Unfortunately, the Fun Size palette is discontinued, so only the Fun Size Too palette is available.

Regardless of its availability, because I love Sugarpill, I wanted to share my thoughts in the Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Review with you.

Fun Size Palette

The Sugarpill Fun Size Palette

The Fun Size palette is petite but packs quite a punch with eyeshadows.

Inside the Palette

Inside the Sugarpill Fun Size Palette

Here are the shade descriptions for the all matte Sugarpill Fun Size Palette.

  • Cheat Code: seafoam
  • 8-Bit: periwinkle
  • Player One: red-toned lilac
  • Twitch: mint green
  • Level Up: vibrant pink-toned coral
  • Rage Quit: deep magenta rose
  • Continue?: mustard yellow
  • High Score: blazing marigold
  • Game Over: vivid orange-toned red

Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Swatches

Sugarpill Fun Size Swatches on fair skin

I took this photo outdoors in direct sunlight. The colors are swatched from top to bottom:

  • Game Over – High Score
  • Continue – Twitch
  • Cheat Code – 8-Bit
  • Player One – Rage Quit
  • Level Up

Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Review

Sugarpill Fun Size Palette Review and Swatches

I took this photo indoors in indirect sunlight.

The shades I use the most from the Sugarpill Fun Size Palette are Rage Quit, Player One, and Cheat Code.

I adore the pocket-sized, travel-friendly size of the Sugarpill Fun Size Palette. It’s effortless to stick into a small makeup bag for travel, and the simple cardboard packing is sturdy.

I love the Sugarpill matte eyeshadow formula. Fun Size is a nice mix of vibrant shades I can blend into pastels with my skin tone shade eyeshadow. I can use the mattes on their own or top them with a multichrome for a multidimensional fun look.

If you’re looking for fun, colorful mattes to add to your collection, the Sugarpill Fun Size palette or the Fun Size Too palette would be great to add to your collection. You can pick up the Fun Size palette secondhand from someone decluttering their makeup collection.

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