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Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review

Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review

Today I’m sharing my Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows review with you. As you know, I love Sugarpill to bits and I bought these eyeshadows quite a while ago. Sugarpill released 9 new shades and I have 6 of them to show you. I have not yet picked up Holy Ghost, Clickbait or Penelope. I also have an LE shade, Pastelle, shown.

Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review

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Sugarpill is proudly cruelty free and all of these Chromalust eyeshadows are vegan.

Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review Sugarpill Spring 2015 Eyeshadows Review

Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows

Sugarpill Spring 2015 Chromalusts Countess, Hug Life, Mint Soda, Strangeling, Charmy, Grand Tiara, Pastelle Sugarpill Spring 2015 Chromalusts Countess, Hug Life, Mint Soda, Strangeling, Charmy, Grand Tiara, Pastelle


All of the eyeshadows are swatched on Coastal Scents Step One primer. I swatch on primer because I have oily, hooded eyes. Without primer, my eyeshadow is gone in less than 20 minutes. I really feel like eyeshadow primer is necessary to make your eyeshadows pop, blend better, and last all day without creasing.

Sugarpill Charmy

Sugarpill Charmy Swatch

Sugarpill Charmy Swatch


This peach has hints of pink tones. It has fuchsia and gold sparks.

Sugarpill Pastelle

Sugarpill Pastelle Swatch

Sugarpill Pastelle Swatch

I’m so sad this baby pink with gold iridescence and sparkle is LE.

Sugarpill Countess

Sugarpill Countess Swatch

Sugarpill Countess Swatch

pretty burgundy with bright turquoise blue sparks.

Sugarpill Strangeling

Sugarpill Strangeling Swatch

Sugarpill Strangeling Swatch

Deep metallic violet with aqua reflects. It makes my heart sing! So pretty! More blue-toned than Hysteric.

Sugarpill Grand Tiara

Sugarpill Grand Tiara Swatch

Sugarpill Grand Tiara Swatch

Grand Tiara
bright metallic silver with silver sparkles

Sugarpill Mint Soda

Sugarpill Mint Soda Swatch

Sugarpill Mint Soda Swatch

Mint Soda
yellow-toned mint green with golden sheen and sparks.

Sugarpill Hug Life

Sugarpill Hug Life Swatch

Sugarpill Hug Life Swatch

Hug Life
Vibrant seafoam turquoise with green and gold undertones. I love my aqua / teal / turquoise shades.

Sugarpill - Buttercupcake - Flamepoint - Goldilux - Kitten Parade - Charmy - Asteria - Supercharged Swatches

Row 1 Buttercupcake – Flamepoint – Goldilux
Row 2 Kitten Parade – Charmy – Asteria (LE)
Row 3 Supercharged

I really love all the peachy tones.

Sugarpill Birthday Girl - Pastelle - Frostine - Hysteric - Strangeling - Weekender - Paper Doll - Elemental Chaos - Poison Plum Swatch

Row 1 Birthday Girl – Pastelle (LE) – Frostine
Row 2 Hysteric (discontinued) – Strangeling – Weekender
Row 3 Paper Doll – Elemental Chaos – Poison Plum

Seeing all the purples together makes me happy.

Sugarpill Candycrush - Acidberry - Tipsy - Midori - Mint Soda - Absinthe - Junebug - Sparkage - Subterranean Swatches

Row 1 Candycrush – Acidberry – Tipsy
Row 2 Midori – Mint Soda – Absinthe
Row 3 Junebug – Sparkage – Subterranean

Sugarpill has a great assortment of greens! Sparkage makes me think of Leesha from xSparkage. Love her!

Sugarpill Afterparty - Mochi - Starling - Lucid - Hug Life - Darling - Tiara - Grand Tiara - Lumi Swatches

Row 1 Afterparty – Mochi – Starling
Row 2 Lucid – Hug Life – Darling (discontinued)
Row 3 Tiara (discontinued) – Grand Tiara – Lumi

I love Afterparty so much. I’ve gone through 2 or 3 of them. I think the only shade that’s really missing that I would love to see would be a deep teal blue similar to Illamasqua’s Intense. I’m sad that Darling was discontinued but I’m excited to see what Sugarpill will bring out to replace it.

Sugarpill @#$%! - Love+ - Asylum - Magentric - Countess - Poison Plum - Hotsy Totsy - Smitten - Dollipop Swatches

Row 1 @#$%! (LE) – Love+ – Asylum
Row 2 Magentric – Countess – Poison Plum
Row 3 Hotsy Totsy – Smitten (LE) –  Dollipop

I did swatch the new shades next to other Sugarpill colors. You can see that Charmy is deeper than Kitten Parade, and less orange than Asteria. Strangeling is more blue-toned than Hysteric, more purple than Weekender and lighter than Elemental Chaos. Mint Soda is lighter than Acidberry and Absinthe, but definitely a yellow-toned green with gold. Hug Life is deeper and more green than Mochi, less green and less gold than Lucid. Grand Tiara is lighter than Tiara, as well as more metallic. Countess is definitely deeper than Asylum and a very happy addition to the Sugarpill shades.

Sugarpill updated their packaging and logo. I love the white tops and the new sort of bubbly new logo design. You’re still getting an amazing value for the price. Pastelle, Hug Life, Countess and Mint Soda are all .19 oz of product. Strangeling, Charmy and Grand Tiara are .14 oz of product. These are HUGE jars and they will last you forever!

What do you think of these colors from Sugarpill? See any must haves?

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