Soothing Yourself: Top 10 Self Soothing Techniques

Self-Soothing Techniques

Soothing Yourself: Top 10 Self Soothing Techniques

Hi fam, today I’m bringing you soothing yourself: top 10 self soothing techniques to help you cope with anxiety, stress and panic. These are techniques that I have learned from my therapist over the years in therapy. I’m a big believer in mental health and wanted to share what I’ve learned to help during this difficult time.

Top 10 Self Soothing Techniques Video

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Self Soothing Techniques

Self Soothing with Nyx

  • medication
  • sensory deprivation
  • hot baths
  • swing chair
  • pet your pets
  • positive self talk
  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • work through the worst case scenario to the best case scenario
  • weighted blanket
  • exercise
  • hug yourself for 30 to 60 seconds
  • music

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Soothing Swing Chair

Soothing Swing Chair

This is my soothing swing chair that I bought right after my Grandma passed away. I use it as needed during the week to soothe myself. My therapist says that the gentle rocking in it mimics the womb.

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  1. Thinking about it I do like to snuggle with my cat and bearded dragon when I’m feeling down and they do make me feel better. That’s one technique!

  2. What I really envy is your sunshine to use your chair. That would be so great but it will be months til I see it. Thanks for all of your ideas.

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