7 Ways to Stay Active When You Can’t Get Outside

7 Ways to Stay Active When You Can't Get Outside

7 Ways to Stay Active When You Can’t Get Outside

Today I’m sharing 7 ways to say active when you can’t get outside, along with the items in my home gym. Sometimes, life is a little unfair. I live in Florida. That means that from December to February, the northern half of the country is shivering at the mere thought of outside exercise. But I can hang outside on the lanai or take a walk with the dogs. Sometimes, even I can’t enjoy the outdoors. I know that it’s better for my health to be active even if I have to stay indoors. I’ve figured out a few ways to modify my home workout plan so that I’m not just sitting on my butt. Here are seven ways to stay active when you can’t get outside, plus what I use in my own personal gym at home.

1. Stretch

Remember when you were in junior high PE class and your teacher taught you how to stretch? Warming up is good for us, but it’s something many of us skip, even if we are active every day. If you can’t get outside to stay active, hit the floor and stretch your muscles. Holding those stretches for ten or twenty counts can help keep everything working right! Just remember to do a full stretch, not a bouncing one! If you haven’t been stretching before your regular exercise regimen, you may be surprised by how sore you are the next day! A great stretching routine should be implemented into your daily workout plan.

2. Find Workout Vids on YouTube

YouTube gives you no excuse to skip the home workout. Whether you’re into yoga or want some hardcore shredding, you can find inspiration on YouTube. There are videos that cover every type of workout plan, so you can experiment with something new. Because there’s such a wide variety, you can start with a beginner level vid. If you are more experienced in something like Crossfit, then jump to a higher level of intensity! If you are going to use workout vids to continue your health regimen during the winter, start at the same intensity. If you want to move to the next level, ease into the change.

3. Find a Yoga or Barre Studio

Many yoga studios have pay-as-you-go options that are reasonably priced. If you can’t get outside for a run, take a class or two at a yoga studio. If you’ve never done yoga, you may be pleasantly surprised at the intensity of the workout. It’s much more low-impact than your running routine but can still leave you feeling like you got a great workout. You may find that you enjoy it; if you do, yoga is a great alternative. Adding some variety in your workouts is always a great thing.

Barre Studios have become more popular in recent years. I really want to give them a try, but can’t find anyone to take classes with me! Strip Aerobics are also popular and a great way to become more fit.

4. Go Rock Climbing…Indoors

Indoor rock climbing is something that’s been gaining momentum for years. Rock climbing is an unbelievable workout for your core and upper body. If you’re normally a runner, rock climbing may give you a way to alternate your exercise routine if you want to improve your upper body strength. REI has put together a great piece giving advice for first-time rock climbers. You should be able to rent any equipment you need at a local rock climbing center. Proper gear is essential to staying healthy while you exercise! If you fall in love with it, REI offers the supplies for you to add rock climbing to your home workout routine.

I’ve gone rock climbing indoors with friends and had a great time. I went to Vertical Ventures in Tampa.

5. Pick up a Short-Term Gym Membership

I know, I know, the reason many people exercise outside is to avoid the gym. If you’re like me, then you want to avoid the strutting muscle guys who love to grunt and slam weights down. But not all gyms are like that. Today, many gyms have rules that discourage that type of behavior. Most gyms have three or five day passes that give you the chance to try out what’s available. Many pride themselves on being centers where you can come and do a variety of exercise to help achieve your health goals. You can get a feel for the environment and you may be pleasantly surprised! Reading Yelp! reviews may also help you find a gym that you feel comfortable exercising in. I really liked YouFit, the gym I belonged to for four years.

6. Invest in a Piece of Equipment

I have a friend who lives in Colorado. For several months of the year, her running routes are buried under snow. Because she would rather have the chance to go outside if it is at all possible, she didn’t want to invest in a gym membership. What worked best for her was to buy a piece of workout equipment and develop a home workout plan. Something as simple as resistance bands could do the trick, although if you’re a daily runner, you might want a more intense form of exercise. Amazon carries a large variety of workout gear to suit your needs. My friend in Colorado bought an exercise bike that gives her the same level of workout she’s used to. For her, maintaining her workout habits helped her to stay dedicated to her health goals.

Honestly, I keep toying around with the idea of getting a rowing machine because they’re an excellent full body workout.

7. Try Something New

If you have been wanting to try something new, then bad weather can give you the chance to do that. If a new gym has opened near you, stop in and buy a day pass. If you have been curious about Crossfit, then check out a few classes nearby. Different instructors have different styles, so if one doesn’t work for you, try another one. If you’ve thought about integrating weight training into your workout plans, then now is the time to give it a go. Do some research on the internet to make sure that anything you want to try fits into your health goals.

My At-Home Active Gear

I’ve invested in home workout gear because it’s often above 90 degrees in Florida and I just don’t want to go out in the heat. However, I’m sure just as many of you don’t want to exercise out in the cold too.

AmazonBasics Dumbbell Set. I’m  using this to tone my arms. I really miss lifting weights at the gym.

Bosu Balance Trainer. Great for balance work.

Extra Thick Yoga Mat. I use this for planks and other floor work in addition to yoga.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Set. We love the Oculus! My favorite workout game is BeatSaber.

VR Exercise Bike. We bought this a while ago to use with the Oculus Rift. It’s awesome for workouts.

This Balance Ball Chair is on my wishlist because it’s supposed to be great to use while working to improve your core strength.

This black and purple Medicine Ball is on my wishlist because it’s another great way to build up core strength and tone indoors.

Maintaining your exercise routine is important, even on those days when the weather doesn’t allow you to get outside. Using some creativity, you can devise a home workout plan that helps you achieve your health goals. You could even use the time as an opportunity to find a new way to exercise. Adding some variety to your workout plans is never a bad thing, but it’s something we often skip because we’re comfortable in our exercise routines.

What are ways you stay active when you can’t get outside?


  1. Awesome tips. For me, the yoga idea is the most practical and cost effective, although I would love to invest in a treadmill to get my cardio in!

  2. Love all these suggestions. I love that you also included the beginner Bellydance links BUT now I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and I can’t stop watching Bellydance videos!!! Sometimes my Bellydance classes have been the only thing keeping me going!!! (as you can tell by all the exclamation points, it makes me really happy) 🙂 Thank you for putting a big smile on my face!

  3. Yoga is my go-to! The VR workout method is next level though – I could definitely see myself getting hooked on it. Great way to have a fun and unqiue experience while working out.

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