The Number One Thing You Can Start Today to Be a Happier Person

The Number One Thing You Can Start Today to Be a Happier Person: Gratitude Journaling

The Number One Thing You Can Start Today to Be a Happier Person

Today I’m letting you in on the best thing I’ve done for myself in 2020. The number one thing you can start today to be a happier person is to begin gratitude journaling. I’m into biohacking and life hacking to the best of my abilities. Last summer when I took Erika Viera’s awesome Youtube course, one of the sections in it was with Dr. Shannon Irvine. I fell in love with Dr. Irvine’s podcast and brain priming to help positively rewire your brain.

This led me to start gratitude journaling In January 2020. In just 1 month I saw the most significant change in my daily outlook on life since I went on daily anti-anxiety meds. Gratitude journaling helps you to biohack your brain and rewire it. The definition of gratitude is appreciating what is valuable and meaningful to you. A general state of thankfulness.

Gratitude Journaling Video

Watch the Gratitude Journaling video at Youtube with Closed Captioning in English!

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Gratitude Journal Supplies

Gratitude Journaling

Like I stated in the video, you can get started with gratitude journaling fast and free! All you need is a pen and paper OR to speak it out loud. It’s one of the best, quickest 5 minute journal styles out there. Have you tried gratitude journaling? Or do you do another type of journaling? Let me know!