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Anxiety: I Had a Panic Attack!

Anxiety: I Had a Panic Attack!

Anxiety: I Had a Panic Attack!

Hey friends today I wanted to bare my soul to you and share that I had a panic attack at Electric Daisy Carnival, and what I did to handle it. This video is full of tips on how to handle anxiety and panic attacks. To be clear, I am not a doctor. I am sharing what I do and what has been recommended to me by therapists.

Anxiety: I Had a Panic Attack! Video

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Normally I can tell you what I’m wearing in every video but I can’t find my notes on this makeup look. I think it may have been the UD Aphrodisiac palette or the Natasha Denona Mini Lila palette.

Other Mental Health Features

Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million adults in the USA, age 18 or over. It’s like 18.1% of our population. Anxiety is treatable, yet only around 1 in 3 seek treatment. (source) I truly believe that by talking more about mental illness and mental health, it will help to normalize it and remove the stigma surrounding it.

My New Book

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My anxiety makes it challenging to put myself out there, but I wrote a book! It’s the Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual, exclusive to Amazon.

My book is for makeup beginners, makeup enthusiasts, and all the hooded eye babes out there. In my comprehensive guide I discuss eye anatomy and terms, makeup brush choices, application techniques, troubleshooting tips and more. The tutorials in it feature myself and two of my friends with hooded eyes. I include a ‘Shop Your Makeup Stash’ section with every tutorial that has generic color terms so you can use makeup you already own rather than feel pressured to buy something new.

Thank you for encouraging me to overcome my fears and write this book! I hope you love it as much as I do.

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  • Great post and video. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time and it is scary when you have a panic attack. People need to talk about this more so others are informed.

  • I think my son will benefit from watching your video. He does get anxious at times and when he feels overwhelmed, he gives me a call.

  • I am going to watch your video next but wanted to thank you for this post. I have had very few true anxiety attacks in my life however I do suffer from major depression. I don’t go around talking about it to people unless the situation warrants. I do believe, as you stated, the more mental health is talked about the less stigma will be attached to it. It can be difficult though.

    • You’re welcome! I’ve been battling my anxiety for about a decade and it breaks my heart about how the USA is currently in such a mental health crisis.

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