Pale Foundation Swatches

Pale Foundation Swatches
about 20 minutes after application, indoors in indirect natural light

Pale Foundation Swatches

Hey friends, I wanted to share some recent pale foundation swatches with you. I also included a few concealers for reference too. All of these products  are cruelty-free foundations or concealers (except NARS). Many of the foundations and concealers are vegan.

PR + purchased by me.

Cruelty-free Foundations and Concealers Swatches

Pale Foundation Swatches
outdoors in strong direct natural sun
Pale Foundation Swatches
immediately after application, indirect natural light
Pale Foundation Swatches
indirect natural light

Every product that has a (v) by it has been marked vegan by the brand. I also listed the brand’s shade descriptions and undertones when available. I consider my skin fair neutral leaning cool yellow. So yes, I’m pale with soft cool yellow to neutral undertones. The * denotes press samples.

I want to do wear tests and reviews for all the products above that I haven’t yet reviewed

Which of these pale foundations would you like me to do a wear test with next?

If you only wear vegan products, you’ll want to check out the best vegan foundations! You may also enjoy the Pale Girl’s Guide to Beauty.

Pale Foundations & Concealers Features


  1. Whoa. In that outdoor light photo the tarts porcelain beige is like you took a square cut out of your skin and laid on top of your arm. It’s perfect! I aspire to be so well matched. 🙏

  2. Oooh! Oooh! Do the Makeup Revolution stick for a wear test. You are my skin doppelgänger (tone, texture, age,) so I wait for your reviews to see if I could use a product as well. Btw, the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil has been, by far, the best foundation I’ve ever tried.

  3. I always had trouble finding foundation that matched my skin because I was yellow-white and everything was pink-white or orange-white. Bobbi Brown was the only company that matched me (shade 11 Porcelain) back in the 90’s. Can you show some drugstore brand options too? I can’t always get to Sephora. Thanks. Your swatches are SO helpful!

    1. Hi Ruby, My problem is that there are very few drugstore foundations that are both pale enough for me and cruelty free. I only buy cruelty free brands. Nyx has the shade pale, which is yellow-white and a match for my skintone but the formula is horrible for my dry skin. However, you can see a bunch of the cruelty free drugstore foundations I’ve owned swatched here https://phyrra.net/cruelty-free-drugstore-foundations.html

  4. Very helpful. The Nudestix melts into my skin and I’ve been told I look like Snow White when wearing it. I am curious about the Becca and Cargp Swimmables.

  5. Ohmygod, YESSSSSSSS. This is seriously helpful. I’m hella pale like you and have only recently branched out into the makeup world. Foundation and concealers have been such a huge pain, this is my new guide for brands to try out.

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