Melt Cosmetics Swatches

Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics Swatches

Melt Cosmetics has been a favorite indie brand of mine for years. I’ve been buying from them for about 6 years at this point. I was thrilled to hear that they will now be available at Sephora. I wanted to share my Melt Cosmetics collection with you. I’ve purchased a ton of Melt over the past few years.

For those of you who don’t know, Melt Cosmetics is a Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free indie makeup brand. They also very clearly state which products are vegan or not vegan. Lora (from LA) & Dana (from Vegas) are two talented makeup and entertainment gals that got together and created Melt to make ultra-matte vibrant lipsticks.

All Melt Cosmetics products purchased by me because I enjoy flinging money at high-quality indie brands.

My Skintone

Since people always ask what my skintone is to determine how useful my swatches are, it’s very fair neutral to cool olive yellow. Current foundation matches for me are:

All of these brands claim that their foundations are vegan. All are cruelty-free.

Melt Smoke Sessions Palette

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette swatches on fair skin
Space Queen (hunter green matte), Blue Dream (mint pearl), Sweet Tooth (jade), Mean Green (emerald green), Sour Diesel (grey olive matte), Gravity OG (yellow gold), Grand Daddy (olive gold foil), Black Widow (olive shimmer)

The Melt Smoke Sessions palette is solely responsible for my green eyeshadow addiction. Here it is swatched above. It’s so freaking gorgeous! Smoke Sessions palette is 100% vegan. I love the buildable formula in this eyeshadow palette. It’s my current favorite eyeshadow formula, tied with Saucebox.

Melt Space Queen, Saucebox Meadow and Lime Crime Dragon eyeshadows

This is my Melt Space Queen look, created with Melt Smoke Sessions and Saucebox Secret Garden palettes. You can see how Space Queen just looks so good with teals!

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

This is all Smoke Sessions in my warm golden green eyeshadow tutorial.

Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

My favorite look ever with Smoke Sessions is this cool-toned green eyeshadow tutorial.

Buy the Melt Smoke Sessions Palette!

Melt Gun Metal Stack

Melt Gun Metal Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Gun Metal (blue black metallic), Industrial (glittery grey brown), Harsh Stone White (glittery champagne white), Assimilate (deep taupe)

I love the Gun Metal stack but it does have a TON of fall out! Still, that bottom right taupe matte shade, Assimilate, looks amazing on fair skin like mine. The Gun Metal Stack is vegan.

Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack Tutorial

I created a Melt Gun Metal Stack Tutorial when it first came out.

Buy the Melt Gun Metal Stack!

Melt Haze Stack

Melt Haze Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Indica (silver), Ganja (gold), Bogart (copper), Haze (red)

The Melt Haze Stack is a set of 4 pretty metallics. I love the silver in it but that’s all I’ve ever worn. The gold is gorgeous too. I feel like the copper is just kind of meh.

Buy the Melt Haze Stack!

Melt Radioactive Stack

Melt Radioactive Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Radioactive (hot pink), Xenon (lime), Radon (orange), Neon (yellow)

The Melt Radioactive Stack is stunning! However, Radon and Radioactive are not eye safe. This stack is vegan. Check out my Melt Radioactive Stack Review.

The Melt Radioactive Stack is currently sold out on their site.

 Melt Rust Stack

Melt Rust Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Classic (vanilla), Antique (peach), Rubbish (mustard), Rust (brown), Rott (dark brown)

The Melt Rust Stack is Melt Cosmetics answer to a warm neutral palette. After swatching it again I want to wear the weird mustard yellow color. This is another vegan stack.

Buy the Melt Rust Stack!

Melt Dark Matter Stack

Melt Dark Matter Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Blurr (light tan), Unseen (caramel brown), Enigma (red-brown), Dark Matter (black)

The Dark Matter Stack was one of the first that Melt Cosmetics ever released. Blurr, Unseen and Enigma are not vegan. Dark Matter is vegan. See my Melt Dark Matter Stack and Melt Love Sick Stack Review!

Buy the Melt Dark Matter Stack!

Melt Love Sick Stack

Melt Love Sick Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Amelie (peachy gold), Promiscuous (violet blue), Love Sick (burgundy red), Fixated (cool-toned grey)

I adore the Melt Love Sick Stack colors! Promiscuous, Amelie, and Love Sick are not vegan. Fixated is vegan. Promiscuous and Amelie used to be vegan.

Buy the Love Sick Stack!

Melt She’s in Parties Stack

Melt She's in Parties Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Meanstreak (deep plum), Skeleton Kiss (cream with a rose gold shift), Last Caress (mauve taupe), She’s in Parties (burgundy with copper flecks)

The Melt She’s in Parties Stack is my favorite of all the Melt Stacks. It’s stunning! Last Caress, Meanstreak and Skeleton Kiss are not vegan. She’s in Parties is vegan.

Glittery Blackened Berry Tutorial

I created a super sparkly berry tutorial with this stack.

Melt She's in Parties Stack Tutorial - A beautiful mauve purple duochrome tutorial for hooded or downturned eyes

I love the way this She’s in Parties look turned out! See the Melt She’s in Parties Tutorial. My Melt She’s in Parties Stack Review is one you might enjoy too.

Buy the Melt She’s in Parties Stack!

Melt BluePrint Stack

Melt Cosmetics Blue Print Stack Swatches on Fair Skin
Skylight (metallic, celestial, baby blue), King Stud (metallic, brilliant sapphire), Hot Wire (metallic orange-copper), Hammered (matte mahogany), Deadbolt (metallic, sparkling cerulean), Dim-Out (matte, midnight blue), Beaming (metallic, bright gold shifting pink), Nailed (metallic, bronzed gold)

I just recently bought the Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack and it’s so beautiful!

Buy the Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack!

Miscellaneous Melt Cosmetics Swatches

Melt Shadowplay, Electra, Honey Thief, Pink Moon, Scammin and Hopeless Romantic swatches on fair skin

Row 1 – Shadowplay & Electra
Row 2 – Honey Thief & Pink Moon
Row 3 – Hopeless Romantix & Scammin

These Melt Cosmetics swatches are miscellaneous cheek products. I have two of the Melt Blushlight Blushes – Shadowplay (iridescent mint green) and Electra (divine lilac). There’s also one normal Melt Blush – Honey Thief (neutral peach). I did buy Pink Moon (lavish rosé) from the Melt Digital Dust Highlight line too.

Pictured above are 2 shades from the Melt Baby Girl Stack too, in Hopeless Romantix (a yellow gold to hot pink shift) and Scammin (hot coral matte)

Melt Cosmetics Lip Products

Melt Cosmetics By Starlight, Shady Lady, 6six6, Belladonna, Bang Bang, Summer! Swatches Review

You can see one of my very first Melt Makeup Inspiration posts here. These are some of my Melt Cosmetics Swatches of lipsticks.

Melt Allday Everyday Lipliner Swatches on fair skin

I’ve reviewed a bunch of their lip products in the past, mainly lipsticks. It’s not my favorite lipstick formula (Urban Decay makes my favorite bullet lipstick formula, Marc Jacobs makes my favorite chubby lip crayon formula, and Black Moon makes my favorite liquid lipstick formula), so I’ve decluttered all but 2 lipsticks from Melt. I can’t find one of them – Chick Habit. I have the other one called Sequel (liquid lipstick, deep plum) in the Melt Cosmetics swatches above. Edit: Since then I’ve added a few more liquid lipsticks to my collection.

I really love the Melt Lip Pencils that I have! They’re so good! Swatched above are 1979 (royal purple), Santeria (blackened cherry), Handcuff (cool-toned grey), and Latex (hunter green).

Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Swatches on Fair Skin

Here are recent Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick swatches!

Buy the Melt Liquid Lipsticks!

What Products Will Be at Sephora?

The following Melt Cosmetics products will be available at Sephora to start.

What Melt Cosmetics products are on your wish list? Did you find my Melt Cosmetics swatches helpful?


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  3. I feel like this palette has a really nice mix of shades that are really pigmented.

  4. Thank you for doing this. I have wanted Melt after your raves and now that it’s at Sephora I’ll use this to decide what to buy.

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