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How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

I’m sharing an extremely personal story about my early 20s today: How Planned Parenthood saved my life. I’m also sharing the real stories of women from the PhyrraNyx Facebook group anonymously. We want to show you that Planned Parenthood is about comprehensive women’s health.

Planned Parenthood Saved My Life Video

How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

In light of the war on women and abortion, I felt compelled to share my story on how Planned Parenthood saved my life, along with the stories of like-minded women. With everything going on, I found this article on Vice helpful -- How to get the morning after pill for free. They recommend stocking up on a few at home because it may become harder for people to access birth control.

Another cool resource I found is Flushable, Biodegradable Pregnancy Tests.

With everything happening in the news I feel like I’m living in an alternate dark timeline. It really depresses me, so I had to do something to counter everything that was making me so sad, so I shared my story with you.


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  • Thank you for writing about this and for making your Youtube video. People need to know how important Planned Parenthood is to our society. It needs government funding. It needs to be applauded and not demonized.. Women need a non-judgemental place to get healthcare. My friend got treated for her cysts at Planned Parenthood. She was not sexually active yet, and young, but felt uncomfortable talking to her Dad who was all she had after her Mom’s death, about it. Her older sister knew just where to take her. I know of so many other stories of where Planned Parenthood was someone’s only way of getting any treatment. I personally would have never been able to get the pill when I first became sexually active if it wasn’t for this organization.

  • When men who believe that a woman can receive a gynecological exam by swallowing a camera (true fact, an Idaho state rep believes this), that an ectopic pregnancy can be reimplanted, and that Planned Parenthood forces women to have abortions are allowed to make policy, disaster is the only result. Thank you for sharing your story about what Planned Parenthood actually does and injecting some reality into the discussion.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and information. I feel like something has become terribly misaligned in the universe right now. Instead of progressing forward with advances in science and technology, we are regressing when it involves the rights and representation of women and minorities in general. It’s a very scary time.

  • It is great to use your voice and channel and blog to talk about this for everyone to hear. Well done and thanks for sharing. I will share it too.

  • I have not had any situations that took me to planned parenthood but am so glad to hear the good that they do. I can not even put into words all I am feeling currently especially since Alabama’s ruling. It makes me mad and fearful and I can’t even have children anymore because I am 51 and I’m menopause. Anyway, great post and video. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  • It makes me so mad that these old men are making so many rules on what WE can do as women with our body’s. Planned Parenthood is one of the best things that ever happened for woman and they are trying so hard to get rid of them.

  • i feel like we are going back to the dark ages, taking away women’s rights. it is a tragic event that is going on in many states. however, i heard that even with the supreme court chiming in soon, roe vs wade would not be turned over. i hope that dont take away our voting rights soon, we get less salary. Sheryl Sandborn ? was on cbs this am and was talking abt the problems with no women moving up, less ceo, because men are chicken. they still degrade women on 1 to 1 talks abt moving up in companies, asking questions to women that men never get asked. we still have a long way to go. i think with all of the backlash over the sexual abuse charges men have become scared and even less to appoint or promote women.

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