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Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress

Courtney is wearing her Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress, holding a Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in burgundy and Naturalizer Danya Sandals. Her standard poodle puppy Nyx. #plussizefashion #witchystyle #gothicfashion #killstar #LTKCurves

Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress

I wanted to share my Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress with you. This romantic, witchy dress has lovely victorian-style lace with a lace up top. I wore the Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress out when Ray and I spent the evening with his parents. We took them to Nouvelle Cuisine, which is a family-owned Belgian-French cuisine style restaurant in Spring Hill.

Cruelty-free Makeup Look

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette in Snatched, Hunty, Cake Face, Shady, Trade Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette in Snatched, Hunty, Cake Face, Shady, Trade Courtney is wearing the Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag eyeshadow palette Courtney is wearing the Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick in Light 1 Courtney is wearing Too Faced Melted Matte-tallic lipstick in I Wanna Rock With You

Colorescience Total Eye 3-in- 1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 Primer
Milani Prep Set Go Setting Powder
Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette
Wet n’ Wild White Raven – highlight
Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
Idun Minerals Perfect Eyebrows in Dark

Milk Makeup Blur Stick
Smashbox Primer Water in So Chill Coconut
Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick in Light 1
Wet n’ Wild White Raven – highlight
Physicians Formula Plum Rose – blush/contour

Urban Decay Hex Pencil
Too Faced Melted Matte-tallic lipstick in I Wanna Rock With You

Orly Royal Navy

I have to be perfectly honest with you. So far I Love the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag palette! I put together an all-matte look with it, then used my favorite highlighter to illuminate things. The colors blended together easily. I was impressed that Snatched had no fallout for me. This is the most elaborate makeup look that I’ve done in a while, though it’s still pretty simple.

I’m still in love with the Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick in Light 1. Mickey said that he thinks it looks beautiful on my skin, but that the color is a touch too pink for me. So it looks fine in some light, and it’s very obviously pink in other light.

Longtime Phyrra fans will be happy to see UD’s Hex Pencil make an appearance for this look. I used it to outline the edges of my lips before applying Too Faced Melted Matte-tallic lipstick in I Wanna Rock With You. This color is great! It’s so beautiful when worn. I was impressed it lasted all night, even through dinner and drinks. It was also a comfortable matte liquid lipstick formula. If you own Sugarpill Strange Love, this color is probably too similar for you to pick up. If you don’t have a deep red, I highly recommend I Wanna Rock With You.

Customized Burgundy Wrap Bracelet

Burgundy Wrap Bracelet

I bought this really cute burgundy wrap bracelet on etsy. It had a flower charm on the end, which I replaced with a cute little bat charm. It’s really easy to customize existing jewelry like this. Or you can make your own. I’ve been doing a little bit of crafting on and off recently. I just used needle nose pliers to open the o ring, remove the flower charm, and add the bat charm.

Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress Outfit

Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in burgundy Burgundy Oversized Cat Butterfly Hybrid Sunglasses

Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress, a romantic hippie goth dress

The back of the dress is lace, so you can see the sold line of my bra strap. I don’t currently own a backless strapless bra that fits my 36DDD chest.

Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress, a romantic hippie goth dress

The above photos were all taken in direct sunlight. The photos below were in indirect sunlight.

Burgundy Bracelet

Bunny Paige Micro Spiked Heart Necklace in Volcano Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in burgundy

Naturalizer Danya Sandals Heels in Black Courtney is wearing her Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress, holding a Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in burgundy and Naturalizer Danya Sandals. Her standard poodle puppy Nyx. #plussizefashion #witchystyle #gothicfashion #killstar #LTKCurvesDress – Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress
Handbag – Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in Burgundy (similar style in black)
ShoesNaturalizer Danya Sandals in Black
Bracelet – Burgundy wrap bracelet similar style in red & black
SunglassesBurgundy sunglasses
NecklaceBunny Paige Micro Spiked Heart in Volcano

For reference, I’m 5’4″, currently 151 lbs, and a 36DDD chest. I prefer to shop petite cut clothing when I have the option because it fits me better. I like a 29″ inseam for pants. I wear sizes 10/12 in bottoms depending on the brand and the cut. In shoes, I wear sizes 7.5 or  8, but I’ve noticed that most of the shoes I’ve bought over the past year have been 8.

As I mentioned above, I found the burgundy wrap bracelet on Etsy. The creator may make a similar bracelet for you if you request, or you can check out her red & black wrap bracelet. I like this style of bracelet.

I bought the Burgundy sunglasses on Amazon recently, when I realized I was wearing more burgundy in my wardrobe, I figured I might also want some burgundy sunglasses.

My necklace is a Bunny Paige Micro Spiked Heart in Volcano. I LOVE my Bunny Paige necklaces (see many of them here), as you know, and the volcano color is so perfect because it shifts from red to gold to purple to orange depending on the angle. These little necklaces always garner a lot of attention.

My Naturalizer Danya Sandals in Black are my go-to dress heels. I wear them with everything. They’re very comfortable, with only a 3.25″ heel and 1″ platform. I wish they came in burgundy!

My handbag is a Valentino Lacca Fleur handbag in Burgundy. I found it on It’s a very elegant, romantic purse style. I love the deep oxblood color and it holds a surprising amount of stuff! The alternating rose applique is cute. Right now you can find a similar bag in black, bright red, and creamy yellow at is the best place to shop for authentic luxury fashion secondhand. I tend to look at handbags from Prada, Valentino, and Christian Louboutin.

I bought size Large in the Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress and it fits great. I need to pick up a plain belt to wear with it. I felt like all of my belts were too busy for the dress and didn’t compliment it. I might try it with my purple underbust corset sometime soon. (spoiler alert: it looks great with my underbust corset!) I love the length of the Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll dress on me! It’s above the knee and has that romantic lace overlay detail. This Killstar dress is so comfortable but cute for my summer goth wardrobe.

The last two photos are my favorite, but especially the last one with Nyx right by my shoulder. She and Phaedra are always by my side.

Would you wear the Killstar Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress? How would you accessorize it?

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  • What not to love about this post. Loving the dress, your makeup, that bag and yes, your hair color. You are absolutely slaying the look

  • I LOVE your dress!! I’m not a dress person but I could definitely see myself wearing it!

  • You look great! The whole look is very put together from the hair to the shoes! I also love that nail color – I haven’t worn ORLY in so long but they do have some nice shades!

  • I love this dress! Your whole ensemble is so adorable! The back is stunning and I agree – it’s difficult to find backless or strapless bras for us bigger chestical’d girls. 🙂

  • I love how perfect your lips look with your cosmetic look and clothes. Everything about your look is so Courtney. I hope wearing this happy outfit helped cheer you up a bit.

  • I like the overall look. I am also petite, I shop online and sizes are really inconsistent. But so far, I have had returned only a few coz of some hacks I have learned.

  • I’m personally into a lot of killstar’s dresses but it’s so nerve wracking to buy online, scared it won’t fit me right, Most clothes I currently own don’t, I lost a lot of weight in the past two years and I find that I’m going to have to re figure out what sizes I need to buy, not as simple as get a medium pants, medium top anymore (although to be fair it’s not like things always fit right back then, I’m just lazy). Plus I’m hoping to gain the weight back so I’m choosing to miss out on their cute new dresses. I may pick one up in a small and pray it fits anyways it’s so cute on you. It seems now a days I’m an extra small but thats only at certain places, in other stores I’m still a medium! I’m 5’5 but I don’t know my measurements like you do, you lost me at inseam lol I bookmarked your blog, judging from your archives by the time I figure out my measurements (or at lest the basic terms) I’m sure you’ll be review another cute dress. Plus your the first blog I’ve come across to even mention Sugarpills! Two of my favorite brands in one place.

    • Sizes like Small, Medium and Large are really meaningless because they’re not standard from brand to brand, or even within some brands. I’m normally in between Medium & Large for dresses at Killstar. I end up choosing Large to make sure that the length of the dress is where I like it and to accommodate my chest. My bust is around 37-38″, waist around 30″ and hips around 40″. Buy a measuring tape and take your measurements, because it makes shopping online so much easier.

      If you’re 5’5 and have average to long legs, you’ll want normal length pants with a 30″ inseam or more, so the standard size. I prefer the petites because that 29″ is perfect for me, 30″ is a bit long. I try to buy petite shorts, jeans, skirts, and tops if it’s an option. I wear size 12 petite in Gloria Vanderbilt Amanada Jeans and Lee Jeans. I wear size 10 petite in Sonoma shorts.

      Also, dress silhouettes matter. I buy fit and flare usually, which means it’s fitted through my chest and flares past the hips. I think that silhouette works well on my petite but curvy frame.

      Places like HerbanDevi will make clothes to fit your exact measurements, so that may be an option you want to explore. (I talk about HerbanDevi more in depth in this post

      • Most of the pants I buy are way too long, they drag on the ground, I guess I have stubby legs lol I’ll definitely get a measuring tape and at lest take down my numbers. You explaining the dress silhouettes just made me have a “duh” moment. The reason I’m most likely a medium in some dresses is my hips, since my chest is flat as a board thats most likely why I need an extra small for my babydoll dresses. I’ll consider HerbanDevi since I find I can never get a form fitting dress that fits me well. Either too tight in the bum or way too baggy up top. Thanks for getting back to me, think I just had a spiritual awaking for online shopping.

        • No problem! You can always reach out here or in the PhyrraNyx Facebook group if you need help with online shopping. We’re always happy to help 🙂

    • I’ll have my favorite Killstar dress up tomorrow, so you may wanna check it out 🙂

    • Thank you! I haven’t had one like this in years and swooned when I saw this one.

    • The lace detailing is actually all over 🙂 It just has a black slip built in underneath.

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