Best Gothic Clothing Brands on Etsy

I wanted to share my Best Gothic Clothing Brands on Etsy with you all. I know there's been a ton of interest in it since I shared my best gothic clothing on Amazon, so here are 16 of the best gothic clothing and accessory brands you can find on Etsy.

Best Gothic Clothing Brands on Etsy

I wanted to share my Best Gothic Clothing Brands on Etsy with you all. Shopping on Etsy means that you’ll find people who custom make clothing to fit your exact measurements, which I love. It makes it easier for me to find clothing I love. While it doesn’t have the nearly-instant gratification that you get from shopping on Amazon, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting small indie businesses. Here are 16 of the best gothic clothing and accessory brands you can find on Etsy.

Purchased by me.

Best Gothic Clothing

HerbanDevi is one of my all time favorite eco-friendly clothing brands on Etsy. Everything they make comes in black, from size 0 to size 24, custom to your measurements. They have simple skirts (check out the black No Worries Skirt) and tops (La Sirene Tunic or Asymmetrical Top) that are some of the best gothic clothing pieces you can use to layer and accessorize. I’ve spent a ton of money with them over the past 3 years. My favorite tops are the La Sirene Tunics. Currently on my wish list are the Black Magic Hooded Dress and the Belladonna Dress.

MoWestCreations creates eco-friendly gothic clothing with a post-Apocalyptic feel. They use 100% recycled materials to create their 100% custom clothing. They cover all sizes, you just have to give them your measurements. Make sure you check out their Apocalypse Dress, which is adorable. I have a custom black and purple Apocalypse top.

Hilary’s Vanity
Hilary’s Vanity has some ornate gothic, steampunk and fetish couture pieces. I love my Merle Dress. The Adapt Skirt looks extremely versatile.

KMKDesigns creates gothic and steampunk fairytale apparel. I have a Purple Gothic Lolita Jumper from them. Their alternative bridal gowns are stunning.

SkyCreation makes lolita, costumes, and cosplay. I have a cute black and hot pink bustle skirt from them.

The Kawaii Machine
The Kawaii Machine makes fairy kei, creepy cute and pastel goth fashion. Their dresses range from size 0 to size 26. They have some of the cutest pastel goth dresses and skirt I’ve seen. I own their Graveyard Shift Dress. I’m currently lusting after their Pastel Oracle and Spider Queen skirts.

Deranged Designs
Deranged Designs makes a ton of cute clothing but their black velvet circle skirt, mesh & grommet cage skirt or vinyl skirts might be more what you’re looking for.

AuroraWear is another eco-friendly shop on Etsy. I have a cute pair of black ruffled shorts by them. The Dreamcatcher Top and Tribal Tunic Dress are both eye-catching.

Devinto has some perfect simple black clothing pieces that can be dressed up or down. I own a black skirt from them. The skater dress or high low skirt, both made from organic bamboo and cotton, would be great wardrobe staples.

PaperCatsPL makes a lot of unique clothing. I have their Gypsy Blouse. They also make a classic velvet blouse with huge sleeves, perfect for a corset.

MTCoffinz makes some awesome clothing and cosplay pieces. I own a Supernatural Skirt. I think their Glow in the Dark Ribcage Apron Skirt is really cool.

Best Gothic Clothing Accessories

Bunny Paige
Bunny Paige is my ultimate favorite jewelry maker. Her spiked pavèd heart necklaces are amazing! She also has some skull jewelry too. I own so many different pieces from her and I treasure them all.

Rogue & Wolf
Aside from Bunny Paige, I’m sure Rogue & Wolf designs are the most recognizable pieces of jewelry that I own. I have several of their black 3d printed rings.

Kadabra is where I bought my see-through spiked headband. They have all kinds of custom collars, chokers, harness tops, and more. They even have an entire Harley Quinn collection.

Of Stars and Wine
Of Stars and Wine has gothic jewelry with an occult twist. I love all their moon chokers.

Hysteria Machine
Hysteria Machine makes unique headdresses and accessories such as tentacle or horned headbands (see my tentacle headband), as well as ornate skull home decor.

So now you know all the places I’ve shopped to find the best gothic clothing on Etsy, mostly custom made to my exact size. Wearing clothing that’s tailored to my not-quite plus size (I typically wear size 10-12) body makes me feel more confident with how I look.

Where are your favorite places to shop for gothic clothing?

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  1. Hi Courtney I Hope You are Having a Great Day Today! Thanks So Much for Sharing These Awesome Etsy Stores With Cute Goth Clothes With Us, I Think Some of These Outfits are Just Adorable! My Style or Sense of Fashion is Kind of All Over the Place Because One Day I Might Be in the Mood to Rock a Goth Outfit & a Cat Eye and the Next Day I Might Want to Wear a Sun Dress & Pastel Eyeshadow! I Like to Have a Good Variety in My Wardrobe and I Like Fun Colors & Really Cool Prints! I Really Love to Shop on Etsy Too Because You Can Really Find Some Cool, Unique Finds That are Actually Affordable and I Like to Shop at These Small Stores That are a Trying to Get the Foot and in the Door and Get Their Business Started! I Checked Out a Few of These Stores and I’m Going to Have to Add Some of These to My Favorite Etsy Stores Because Some of These Stores Have the Cutes Things But I Haven’t Gotten to Check Them All Out Yet! Well Thanks Again for Sharing This With Us Courtney, I Have Found Some Great New Places to Shop Because of You & I Really Appreciate it! Have a Wonderful Evening Courtney! – XO – Jana

  2. Thank you for this! Such a great list–I definitely need to check some of these out. I love Etsy.

  3. Etsy is the best. My step-daughter is sending me a bday gift from an Etsy shop, and I am psyched for it to arrive. Years ago, I would have loved to have the black and purple dress – so cute

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