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What Are Your Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

Tea Cups at the Empress Tea Room

What Are Your Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

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Question of the Week: Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What Are Your Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? Share with us some of your favorite gift ideas for the moms, sisters, aunties, besties and other badass women in our lives.
Answer: We typically take Ray’s mom out for Mother’s Day. Sometimes I also send flowers. I’ve bought kindles in the past as gifts.

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  • Hi Courtney I Hope That You Have Had a Lovely Day Today! Thanks So Very Much for Sharing These Really Cool Ideas for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, I Really Appreciate it Because Sometimes Buying Gifts for People Can Be Difficult! I Know That My Mom Would Love Anything That I Give Her But I Really Want to Get Her Something Special! It’s Actually Not Too Hard to Buy for My Mom Because We Have Almost Identical Taste in Things Like Clothes, Makeup, Jewelry, & Perfume, So I Can Just Pick Out Something That I Love and I Know I That She Will Last Very it Too! There are So Many Cool Gift Ideas Out There Right Now But I Would Like to Do Something Different & Unique for My Mom This Year! Well Thanks Again for Sharing Courtney, Have a Blessed Day! – XO, Jana

  • Aweee that’s sweet..I’m sure your mom in law loves that! Kindles are great gifts, I’m sure she enjoys that, there’s so much you can do with it and so much you can read with Amazon! .We used to go out to brunch-me, mom, and grandma…I don’t know how my mom will feel this year, but I do really want to get her something special. We are working to get Alice crate trained so we can go out at the sae time and not have to worry…but she told me that she wants “my own nude lipstick” 🙂 she loves Bite Beauty and there’s this pretty set with two multi sticks, one is a nude, and one has more color, and then one liquid…she also needs a new moisturizer…Since there’s the sale at Nordstrom, I might pick her up the Basqiuat blush palette-she really liked it. I do want to pick her up a complexion product that’s really easy application wise at some point- I’m also going to order her some fabric/sewing stuff on Amazon. She’s taken up sewing and loves it. & maybe order in some favorite food if we don’t go out. She says to tell you that your new site layout is “really beautiful, you have so much style and great taste! ” She always loved your original one too. I’m also looking for a makeup gift for my beautiful friend Gina(she’s a mom)

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