Natasha Denona Mini Palettes

Natasha Denona Mini Palettes

Hello beautiful creatures and Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sharing my Natasha Denona Mini Palettes with you. The mini palettes ignited my love for Natasha Denona. This post will tell you why, as well as share swatches of the ones I own.

Where to Buy
Sephora, Natasha Denona, Beautylish

$25 per mini palette

About Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona is a luxury cruelty-free beauty brand. They are also an independent brand (indie), meaning they have no parent company.

About My Skin Tone

My skin tone is a very fair neutral to cool yellow undertone, my natural hair color is a very dark brown mistaken for black, and my eyes are blue-green. I’m a high contrast individual.  I find my best foundation matches are neutrals or cool yellows.

Currently my best matches are Urban Decay Hydromaniac in 10, Supergoop CC Screen in 105N, Milk Makeup Flex Stick Foundation in Porcelain, Nyx Born to Glow Radiant Foundation in Pale, Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in .1, and Juvia’s Place Shade Stick in Tokyo.

Mini Palette Swatches

Natasha Denona Mini Palettes

The above photo was swatched with indirect sunlight indoors.

Natasha Denona Mini Palette Swatches

I took these swatches outdoors in natural light on a cloudy afternoon.

Mini Gold

Natasha Denona Mini Gold Swatches

  • Antheia (taupe with green reflects)
  • Bia (matte olive green)
  • D’or (high shine vibrant yellow gold)
  • Dark Sepia (dark taupe with pink shimmer)
  • Lodge (matte light tawny brown)

The Mini Gold is my most used mini palette right now. It just looks so good with my green hair! For quick looks I like to put Bia all over and then pop D’or onto the lid.

Mini Zendo

Natasha Denona Mini Zendo Swatches

  • Uncovered (matte dusty coral)
  • Dazz (shimmering coral with light bronze shift)
  • Stripped (shimmering warm silver)
  • Bare (matte pastel pink)
  • Stark (shimmering, dark, cool burgundy)

Uncovered is my go-to color in my crease, Bare to blend it out, and pop a duochrome or multichrome on my lid. The Mini Zendo makes my blue-green eyes appear more blue. See my original Mini Zendo Review & Tutorial for Hooded Eyes.

Mini Glam

Natasha Denona Mini Glam Swatches

  • Faye (metallic gold)
  • Seed (matte brown)
  • Anjo (metallic bronze)
  • Harlow (matte nude)
  • Golden Flesh (metallic gold)

I like using Faye and Golden Flesh on my lid with Harlow in the crease. The Mini Glam is super cute if you’re a neutrals lover.

Mini Lila

Natasha Denona Mini Lila Swatches

  • Flint (nude sand matte)
  • Linen (nude champagne metallic)
  • Raisin (medium cool burgundy matte)
  • Blue Dahlia (purple with blue duochrome sparkle effect)
  • Poison Berry (vibrant fuchsia matte)

Mini Lila was limited edition. You can see my original Mini Lila Review, as well as a Mini Lila Tutorial for Hooded Eyes. Blue Dahlia looks great layered on top of Raisin or Poison Berry to create a vibrant look. Linen + Flint is an effortless neutral combo.

Other Natasha Denona Features

Cranberry Palette

Natasha Denona Cranberry Swatches

  • Daisy (sparkly pink)
  • Sakura (red matte)
  • Botanic (sparkly orange with pink shift)
  • Blossom (berry matte)
  • Nude (golden peach sparkle)

The Natasha Denona Cranberry Palette is not a mini, but I believe it was one of the first 5 pan palettes I purchased from ND and I included it in my set of swatches. I believe this palette was $48 and was limited edition. I like Nude or Botanic on the lid with Sakura in the crease.

Mini Retro

Natasha Denona Mini Retro Swatches

  • Pixie (pink with champagne shift)
  • Vintage Taupe (antique rose)
  • 60s (greenish grey)
  • Industrial (green taupe with silver reflect)
  • Galaxia (light nude with green and blue sparks)

I like to apply a wash of Vintage Taupe all over and pop Galaxia onto the lid. The Mini Retro has such an interesting mix of colors with the greenish grey + pinks.

Mini Love

Natasha Denona Mini Love Swatches

  • You (mauvey rose gold)
  • Are (matte antique lilac)
  • My (aubergine)
  • True (matte icy pastel pink)
  • Love (matte medium pink)

The Mini Love evokes not only the Natasha Denona Love palette for me, but also the Melt She’s in Parties palette! I love to apply Are all over, deepen the crease with My, pop You onto the lid, and highlight with True at the inner corner.

Why I Love Minis

Natasha Denona Mini Palettes

I love mini palettes for so many reasons! First, because they’re so easy to use to create quick eyeshadow combos. Only 5 shades to choose between, so that makes it easy for me to come up with fast looks to make my eyes pop. Second, because they’re ultra portable and sturdy. I love the simple, small case because it fits in any size of my makeup bags. Third, the price tag. At $25 each they’re a very affordable way for you to get a taste of Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows. Fourth, they also make great gifts.

On a personal note, I’m still adjusting to my new job and it sucks up most of my time and energy. Right now when I have time, here’s who I’m watching on YouTube and whose blogs I read:

  • Robert Welsh – I’m addicted to his videos, especially the ghost stories. Love his aesthetic, fashion, and makeup.
  • The Neidharts –  My friends Nattie & Jenni. I’m doing their 5 Pounds Dance daily!
  • Slashed Beauty– My friend Miranda is so funny! She does so many great drugstore beauty reviews and tests.
  • Angelica Nyqvist – I love her taste and bright colors! I ordered her Kaleidos palette and it finally got here yesterday.
  • Glitter Fallout – She has so many great tutorials and videos, check them out!
  • Alex the Alchemist – Lots of fun videos, including discussing WandaVsion!
  • Blushing Noir – My friend Brooke does so many great reviews, including on the new brand, Auric.
  • My Beauty Bunny –   You know I love Jen! She does so many great cruelty-free skin care reviews.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


  1. Thank you for your informative post. I was not sure to decide between the Zendo and the Retro Palette…. now I think the Retro is more on my side.

  2. Ohhh yes, it’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of buying mini Natasha Denona palettes. It’s an affordable way to sample the brand. My favorites are the mini gold and the mini star. The first one works great with my warm skin tone and hazel eyes. It’s a perfect way to wear color without going overboard. With mini star palette, I can create neutral looks that aren’t boring.

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