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Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette

While I was in New York at the Makeup Show NYC, I visited the Beautylish booth and I had an impulse buy. I bought the Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue eyeshadow palette. It basically took my breath away and I had to have it. Since I got back, I’ve played with it and created several looks, swatched it and now I wanted to give you my review. Swatches are, of course on my pale skin (around Cover FX N0) and looks are on hooded eyes. I do need to say that while I picked this up in person from the awesome people at Beautylish, every time I’ve ordered from their site their customer service has been a dream. Plus, they ship fast!

Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette

Where to Buy

$239 for the 28 Purple Blue Palette
$48 for the 5 Pan Palette
$25 – $29 for Individual Eyeshadows
Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review
Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review

I swatched on primer with a brush. Overall, I felt like the formula of these shades were pigmented and buttery. They do seem sort of loosely pressed, and kick up a bunch of product, like an Inglot eyeshadow. So I recommend running your brushes LIGHTLY on them.

Natasha Denona 28V Electric Violet swatch
28V Electric Violet – blue-toned purple with blue shift
Natasha Denona 82V Nina's Orchid swatch
82V Nina’s Orchid – magenta purple matte
Natasha Denona 24V Aubergine swatch
24V Aubergine – brown-toned burgundy matte
Natasha Denona 22M Maroon swatch
22M Maroon – brown-toned burgundy shimmer
Natasha Denona 23P Smoky Plum swatch
23P Smoky Plum – brown-toned plum shimmer
Natasha Denona 49M Vintage swatch
49M Vintage – light brown shimmer
Natasha Denona 05M Calypso Blue swatch
05M Calypso Blue – red-toned brown base with turquoise shift shimmer
Natasha Denona 12M Glaze swatch
12M Glaze – light beige with brown undertones shimmer
Natasha Denona 38M Gray Brown swatch
38M Grey Brown – grey brown taupe shimmer
Natasha Denona 04M Chromatic swatch
04M Chromatic – bright silver metallic
Natasha Denona 40M Lavender Gray swatch
40M Lavender Grey – brown shimmer
Natasha Denona 60M Golden Rose swatch
60M Golden Rose – beautiful peachy pink with gold shift
Natasha Denona 52M Golden Beige swatch
52M Golden Beige – gorgeous golden beige shimmer
Natasha Denona 80M Piggy swatch
80M Piggy – light warm pink shimmer
Natasha Denona 32P Deep Slate Grey Swatch
32P Deep Slate Grey – deep cool brown matte
Natasha Denona 75P Satin Skin swatch
75P Satin Skin – caramel beige shimmer
Natasha Denona 51M Rosewood swatch
51M Rosewood – red-toned brown shimmer
Natasha Denona 63M Oxide swatch
63M Oxide – coppery orange metallic
Natasha Denona 70P Cool Plum swatch
70P Cool Plum – brown matte
Natasha Denona 89V Koh Tao swatch
89V Koh Tao – light powdery blue matte
Natasha Denona 84V Powder Blue swatch
84V Powder Blue – light turquoise blue matte
Natasha Denona 65V Smoke swatch
65V Smoke – deep cool-toned grey matte
Natasha Denona 09M Quicksilver swatch
09M Quicksilver – rich grey base with silver shift
Natasha Denona 11V Steel Blue swatch
11V Steel Blue – slate blue grey matte
Natasha Denona 11M Metallic Steel Blue swatch
11M Metallic Steel Blue – grey-toned blue shimmer
Natasha Denona 01V Navy swatch
01V Navy – deep navy matte
Natasha Denona 03V Deep Pacific swatch
03V Deep Pacific – deep teal on a charcoal base shimmer
Natasha Denona 92M Petroleum Blue swatch
92M Petroleum Blue – teal blue with deeper blue base shimmer
Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review
Row 1 – 05M – 49M – 23P – 22M – 24V – 82V – 28V
Row 2 – 04M – 38M – 12M – 40M – 60M -52M – 80M
Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review
Row 1 – 89V – 84V – 11V – 11M – 01V – 03V – 92M
Row 2 – 32P – 75P – 51M – 63M – 70P – 65V – 09M
Natasha Denona Golden Rose Aubergine Look
Wearing Golden Rose and Aubergine. See the Look.

Natasha Denona Golden Rose Aubergine Look

Natasha Denona Nina's Orchid
From an upcoming tutorial featuring Nina’s Orchid. See the full face.


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It’s $239. If you were to buy each of these shades individually it would cost you at least $700 since they cost $25-$29 individually. With this palette you’re getting 2.5 oz of product. Each individual eyeshadow in the palette is full size and .08 oz of product. That’s a ton of eyeshadow. So while these are $25-$29 each, you’re getting a ton of product. By comparison, Urban Decay, who you know I love, charges $19 for their singles which are .05 oz each.

I really feel like this is a luxury eyeshadow palette that is targeted at makeup artists more than your average person. If you have hooded eyes like  me, you may want to use your brush damp like with UD’s All Nighter or a mixing Medium like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to keep transfer to a minimum with the duochromes and metallic shades.

My Must Have Shades
28V – Electric Violet, 82V – Nina’s Orchid, 92M – Petroleum Blue, 09M – Quicksilver, 03V – Deep Pacific, 01V – Navy, 54V – Smoke, 11M – Metallic Steel Blue, 11V – Steel Blue

Really nice shades that I like
60M – Golden Rose (can get a similar effect with Sugarpill Kitten Parade), 52M – Golden Beige, 24V – Aubergine, 04M – Chromatic, 12M – Glaze, 75P – Satin Skin 70P – Cool Plum

The rest of the colors I’m kinda eh about. Lots of brown / plummy brown type shades. Way more than should be in a purple blue palette. There isn’t a true burgundy red or wine, which I feel, should be here. Too much brown toned purple.

If you are a purple fan you absolutely should consider 28V and 82V. If you are a blue fan you should look at 92M and 03V.

Now, what I didn’t like about it were all the brown toned shades with a hint of purple! I’m so tired of people making browns and claiming they’re purple or plum or plum toned. SO. Tired. I understand maybe having 1 or 2 of those, but there are basically 11 shades that are brownish that I’m meh over. I didn’t care for the 2 lighter matte blues either, but at least they fit with the blue theme. Oh, and I also hate that the shade names are on a printed plastic sheet instead of on the palette. Yes the colors can pop out, but I will likely never do that because I don’t want to risk breaking them or gouging them with my nails. I also wish the palette was black instead of white because white shows every speck of dirt.

Now, if you’re asking, do you need this palette? No, I don’t think you need it. I think your average makeup lover doesn’t really need a 28 pan palette like this. I think you would be better off buying 2 to 4 shades that you’ll love in the eyeshadow singles or maybe a 5 pan palette. I think that if you’re a makeup artist, you might benefit from this palette to round out your kit. Do I regret buying it? No, but only because I ended up liking 16 total shades, and really really loving 9 of those, which individually would have cost me more than the palette.

Overall, I like this palette. I think that for the price you’re getting a ton of product, especially if you’re looking at buying all 28 of these shades individually. But if not, if you only want a few, you’ll save more money buy just buying those individual shades.

What do you think of the Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette?

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  • This is a gorgeous palette and it has some shades I’d love but I wouldn’t use enough of them to justify the investment.

  • I have 3 small palettes of these (04, 09, 12). I live in Europe so
    – I can order from Beautylish paying 20% more for each item
    – I can order from ND website in Israel paying custom (it turned out to be 23 euros for a 48 euros palette)
    In a nutshell, I spend for my 3 palettes more or less the same amount for a 28 big palette. I still think that the big 28 is the best deal. I won’t pay 29+6 euros for a single.
    Speaking about quality, I don’t like them. The shimmery shades make the skin appear gritty. I noticed that in everyone that posted a picture (without filters) of their lids with ND. I though it wouldn’t happen to me, but it does happen. I posted some pictures on Instagram showing that. I wish I had spent my money on Tom Ford. I paid he same price for my ND palettes.

    • Sorry to hear you don’t like them! I wouldn’t buy Tom Ford because he tests on animals. None of my photos are filtered.

  • This is a gorgeous palette, but yeah I really don’t *need* something is large. I’ve been eyeing her smaller palettes, with 5 shades, so I might try a few of those!

  • Except for the pale blue and the powder blue, I can use everything in this palette! Beautiful shades and pigmentation.

    • Glad you like them! I think I’m going to try and use those pale shades as blending out the edges of other colors or transitional.

  • The palette is just gorgeous but I see too many colors I wouldn’t wear. I am writing down the numbers of the swatches I like a lot though for my next Beautylish order.

  • These are so much easier to impulse buy in person rather than online. I bought the trio deal at Violet Voss right before so I didn’t splurge on the big palette… but damn did I want it. I ended up wit ha 5 pan and I plan on ordering another 5 pan too.

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