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How I Became Goth: Welcome to the Dark Side!

How I Became Goth: Welcome to the Dark Side!

How I Became Goth

Today I’m sharing how I became goth! My husband Ray is a guest in this video because he’s the one who got me into the gothic music scene and he’s the one who helped me get into blogging and YouTube too. We talk about the goth scene in 1999 when I joined it, Convergence convention for goths (Convergence 1, 2, 3, and the most recent in Boston), the goth cruise, and more. I am not someone who takes myself so seriously these days, which is why Aurelio Voltaire is my favorite gothic musician.

How I Became Goth Video

What is Goth?

Are you new to goth and need help to understand what it is? Start with my favorite gothic music like Aurelio Voltaire, the Sisters of MercyBauhausJoy DivisionCollide or the Crüxshadows. Check out my gothic music playlist for more! You may find Voltaire’s classic book, What is Goth? helpful. And there’s always Jillian’s Gothic Charm School!

More Gothic Inspiration

Want to find more goths to follow? My friend Dawn, StygianSiryn, is a beautiful plus-size gothic fashion model. My friend Tori, BiohazardousBeauty, is also gorgeous and does great bright and gothic makeup tutorials too.

Favorite Gothic Features at Phyrra

What I’m Wearing

Glam Goth Makeup Look Glam Goth Makeup Look

How I Became Goth How I Became Goth Glam Goth Makeup & Hair Wearing a Hot Topic Bat Bun Pin in a high pony tail Glam Goth Makeup Look Romantic Goth Makeup & Outfit

Spellbound Stitches Black Gothic Fantasy Top
Black Ripped Leggings
Open the Cellar Door Medusa Hoop Earrings
Open the Cellar Door Medusa Pendant
Hot Topic Bat Bun Pin
Enso Mermaid Rings
Purple Coffin Pinky Ring
Triple Goddess Ring
Oura Ring

Stila Smoky Silk Suede Eyeshadow
Black Moon Full Moon Palette
Smashbox Crystalized Palette
Sugarpill Silverlake
Milk Boss Pencil
Milk Kush Lash Primer
Milk Kush Mascara
Lime Crime Smokey Brow Pen
Milk Cypher Brow Gel
Rituel de Fille The Sorcerer (LE discontinued)

Milk Hydro Grip Primer
Milk Flex Foundation Stick in Porcelain
Nudestix Sculping Stick in 1
Rituel de Fille Nymph
Rituel de Fille Moon Pillar (LE discontinued)
Rituel de Fille the High Priestess (LE discontinued)
Rituel de Fille the Enchantress (LE discontinued)
Rituel de Fille the Sorcerer (LE discontinued)

Bite Beauty 54 lip pencil
Black Moon Sorrow Liquid Lipstick

I hope you enjoyed listening to Ray and I talk about how I became goth. Darkwave is definitely what I think of as ‘my’ gothic music, even though I listen to a wide variety of music these days. If you’re into the scene, how did you get started? Let me know!

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  • I still love all my old school goth music. It really is great! Have you listened to The Super Heroines? I love how you two met and how you were lured to the dark side! Also, thank him for me because your blog and videos are LIFE!

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