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Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty

Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty

Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty

Today I’m sharing 18 cruelty-free alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty. For when you love the aesthetic of Victoriana but not the diseases, as a friend put it. While Kat Von D is cruelty free and vegan, she’s also still anti-Semitic and anti-vaxx. As a Jewish person, I’m not comfortable shopping from someone who is anti-Semitic. I realize that Kat Von D made a video that said she’s not anti-Semitic, but she didn’t really address the elephant in the room, as they say.

If she had only had one or two incidents, I would have continued to give Kat the benefit of the doubt as I did for years. You KNOW I love her products and have raved about them in the past. It was only after my grandmother died last summer, which happened around the time of the anti-vaxx stuff, that I tried to look more deeply into these incidents and was disgusted by what I found. It would have been easy for Kat to say she doesn’t hate the Jewish people. She didn’t. Also, just because she is Latina, it does not mean that she is not racist. That’s like saying ‘I’m not a racist because I have black friends.’

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Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty Video

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People have asked me many times now if I will change my opinion on Kat Von D and the truth is if she were to literally publicly say ‘I love the Jewish people. I support the Jewish people. I stand against anti-semitism’, yes. But she already took an opportunity to make a video and didn’t do that. Count me disappointed as I’d brushed off the handwriting thing in the past and thought that she wasn’t anti-Semitic for years.

I looked up to her and loved her brand and style. But well, when a group of people wants you dead, you let that go and move on. At least I still have Dita von Teese and Avelina de Moray to look at for inspo.

I didn’t think it needed to be said, but just in case it does. I’m only speaking for myself, not the entire Jewish community. I’m not asking anyone to boycott Kat Von D Beauty. I’m explaining why you will no longer be seeing me review Kat Von D Beauty on my blog, because I get asked about it weekly.

Gothic Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

1. Black Moon Cosmetics – LB, v, i
2. Rituel de Fille – LB, vo, i
3.Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, v, i
4. Fyrinnae, v, i
5. Melt Cosmetics – LB, vo, i
6. My Pretty Zombie vo, i
7. Aromaleigh vo, i
8. Sugarpill – LB, vo, i
9. Lime Crime – LB, v
10. Manic Panic, v
11. Darling Girl Cosmetics vo, i
12. Saucebox Cosmetics, v, i
13. Necromancy Cosmetica, v, i
14. Cryptic Cosmetics, v, i
15. Notoriously Morbid vo, i
16. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics vo, i
17. Strobe Cosmetics – LB, v, i
18. Urban Decay vo

LB – denotes Leaping Bunny Certification
V – denotes 100% vegan
vo – vegan options
i – denotes indie brand

Leaping Bunny Certification is my gold standard for cruelty-free beauty. I’m fully confident in all Leaping Bunny Approved Makeup Brands. I do love that all of these brands have vegan offerings, too. And yes, most of them are indie makeup brands.

Which of these cruelty-free alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty have you tried? Which do you want to try? Are you into the goth aesthetic?

My therapist has been training me to look for patterns of behavior in people (to help me identify whether they are safe for me to be around or narcissists or abusive). So I look at behavior and if it’s something I don’t like, I look to see if the person has addressed it. If they’ve addressed it and never had another issue since, I usually think they have grown and fixed their issues. If they had bad behavior, addressed it, but then do it again, I don’t think they’ve grown. I’ll be watching to see if Kat Von D – and Jeffree Star for that matter – apologize and show growth afterwards. So far I haven’t seen either of them show growth.

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  • I really appreciate this article! I am an autistic woman and as you can guess I have my own dislike for those who are antivaxx and cannot support those who are and who promote pseudoscience. I wasn’t aware that she is also anti Semitic and that’s absolutely horrible. It’s sad that people with such a big platform/influence have such hurtful and hateful viewpoints. I’m bookmarking your article and will have to check these products out! Thank you.

  • Thanks for making this video and post! They were really helpful as I’ve been trying to find alternatives for Kat Von D after the problematic issues. Thanks again!!!

  • I never really got into the goth look. It kind of came in after my time but you sure make it look so beautiful. 🙂

  • From the things I’ve seen you say, I really want to try Black Moon Cosmetics. I feel bad saying it but I think the only one on this list that I’ve actually tried is Urban Decay.

  • Really loving the content lately. As a Jewish person, I completely agree with your stance and I feel it’s a fair assessment based off god provided evidence. Hopefully, she grows and changes things, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • I totally agree with you. Her video was the perfect opportunity to set the record straight and she did NOT which is really sad. There are plenty of other companies I can give my cash to. Thanks for the post!

  • Thank you for this! I feel the same way. What a major disappointment as a person Kat von D is. I can’t look the other way either and keep buying her products. I have tried Darling Girl, Melt and Urban Decay so I have lots more to try from your list!

  • I like the good ole days when we didn’t know what most owners and CEOs of companies were thinking. It makes being a consumer very confusing.

  • I think Kat Von D has expressed views that are completely out of touch with the rest of society and that speak of an arrogance and a sense of superiority on her part. Being against any race or creed is unacceptible and divisive in a world where, too often these kinds of attitudes can lead to conflicts and poverty.
    I commend your stance re Kat Von D Phyrra, there is no room for hate in this world.

  • The last thing we need in this political climate is someone who’s recognizable being anti-semitic. There is so much negativity in the world that someone like Kat isn’t one I can admire. The anti-vaccine was just the cherry on the cake for me. Bye bye KvD,

  • Wow, I had no idea. I have never bought anything of hers but for sure never will.

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