Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual is Available!

Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual is Available!

My book, Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual by Courtney Nawara (now known as Cordelia Frost), is available! The physical print edition has launched, and the kindle version is now available.

Who Is This Book For?

Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual is Available!

It’s for you, my friends! If you have hooded eyes like me and you’ve been hooded your entire life, this book is for you! It’s also for people with more mature hooded eyes, saggy hooded eyes, and all the different types of eyes! If you’re a makeup beginner, you will benefit from this book, too, because of the tips, tools, and tutorials.

As a 40-year-old woman, I think it’s essential to show what makeup looks like on people my age rather than just seeing a younger individual. It’s lovely to get inspired by all different types of people of all ages, but it’s also comforting (to me) to see what things look like on people around my age too. I hope you enjoy it too.

Where Can I Buy It?

Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual

Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual is available exclusively at Amazon.com & the other Amazon official sites. Click Here to Buy the Book!

What Formats Are Available?

You can buy my book as a paperback book right now. The Kindle version is also available.

How Much Is It?

My Makeup Manual is $19.95 USD for the paperback and $16.95 for the kindle version.

Makeup Manual Video

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I’m so very happy to have finally published my book. It was indeed a labor of love. I wish I’d shown it to my Grandma before she passed. I can’t remember if I told her I was working on the book because I kept it secret. Very few people knew about it. What would you be interested in seeing me write next?

The best makeup book for people with hooded eyes.

I hope that you love my book, Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual!

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  1. I love makeup tutorial books. love that you did this–Congratulations! You deserve something positive with everything you’ve been through lately.

  2. I put it straight onto my holiday wish list!!!!! I am so thrilled for you and excited that even more people will now get the benefit of your terrific advice and expertise!

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